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The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 1

October 12, 2021 9 comments

As many regulars readers know, I have written more than a few posts about how ‘liberals’ in western countries have now lost almost all touch with physical reality. Recently, I wrote about how social media is causing serious and long-term damage to liberalism. This series will pick up from that post and use the stuff which liberals post on social media to show their level of extreme detachment from reality. I first noticed this trend almost two decades ago, but it had not reached the extreme levels we have seen over the past 5 years. Some of you might say.. but was there social media before FakeBook, Twatter, InstaThot, TikTok etc? Well.. UseNet groups have been around for a long time and the precursors for FakeBook, Twatter etc were well and alive even 20 years ago. The world of today is fundamentally not different from 1999.

Having said that.. there has been an acceleration of some trends- from chicks sending their nude selfies, people lying on the internet to get attention and the rapidly diminishing contact of western liberals with physical reality. While I do have still have nude digital selfies sent by chicks I used to chat with in late 1990s, let us focus on the less interesting but consequential trend which have accelerated over past two decades. While I could give you many examples to illustrate this shift, let me start by using a very contemporary example. Over the past year and half, I have noticed a peculiar change in online venues frequented by garbage.. I mean liberals. In that past, western liberals used to hide (or at least try to hide) their contempt for people who worked with their hands. The COVID-19 pandemic, or more precisely the botched response to it, has pushed it out in the open for everyone to see.

I first came across this particular manifestation in April-May of 2020 when numerous users of various reddit forums (which I troll) started complaining about all those construction workers who did not wear face masks or follow “COVID-19” guidelines. What struck me was how these keyboard jockeys who have never worked an honest job in their real life were dismissive and contemptuous towards people whose jobs are actually necessary for human civilization to function. Think about it.. would we miss garbage who spend their lives on Reddit, Tumblr, Twatter etc if they all died on one day. Apart from the stench caused by their unattended decaying corpses, their deaths would be inconsequential. Can you say the same thing about people who build and repair houses, install electrical wires, plumbing, HVAC etc? What about people who drive trucks, delivery vans, stock store shelves and harvest their food?

My point is that the vast majority of jobs which can be done remotely or over zoom are.. for the lack of a better word.. fake jobs. Nobody needs them and they are parasitic in nature. But what about all those computers and IT jobs? Well.. the 737, 747 and SR-71 were designed by engineers using slide rules, as were rocket launcher such as Soyuz, Proton and Saturn-5. Even the computers used for developing the most advanced deployed nuclear warheads today had less computational power than the CPUs found in the malfunctioning printer at your office. Multinational corporations, airlines, large-scale cargo shipping and credit cards also worked just fine in an era when the average CPU was a 8-/ 16- bit thing running at a few MHz. Affordable cell phones have been around for over two decades. And this is just the beginning.

Did you that huge multi-national corporations worked just fine without all those parasites in human resources and all those other parasitic administrative jobs who were involved in ensuring compliance with an ever-increasing jungle of bureaucratic rules. And it is not just corporations and government departments as every modern western institution from hospitals and universities to “charities” and other equally bullshit organizations have become full of these parasites, at least since the 1990s. But there is a big difference between the attitude displayed by such liberal parasites in the late-1990s and 2021. In that era, garbage had enough contact with physical reality to acknowledge their parasitic existence would not be possible without people who actually worked with their hands.

However something has clearly changed between the late-1990s and now that these PMC (professional managerial class) parasites have lost the self-awareness to understand their role and importance in keeping civilization working. Perhaps this has something to do with large-scale outsourcing which removed many real jobs out of USA.. maybe it has something to do with having essentially disposable Mexican immigrants to do manual labor in this country. In any case, these parasites seem to believe that they are the “chosen people” and everybody else who does real work is an idiot whose job will shortly be displaced by computerization or outsourcing. Curiously, they lack the ability to articulate how a society of the type they believe as inevitable will function. Then again.. parasites are not known for their ability to think strategically. Curiously, there is a strong overlap between garbage and people who worship charlatans like Elon Musk and other techno-utopians.

In the next part, I will go into my personal hypothesis for why garbage increasingly believes bullshit with no connection to reality and, more importantly, why they also ignore physical reality at levels that are darkly comic. Yes.. we will go into the reason why liberals are so willing to believe the latest nonsense about gender, why they love to show support for drag queen story hour and many examples of their hilarious disconnect with reality.

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