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The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 2

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how liberals, but especially the professional managerial class, have lost almost all touch with physical reality over the past two decades. While large-scale immigration from central America to fill manual labor jobs, outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to other parts of the world and residual system inertia caused by existing infrastructure have helped these morons avoid contact with reality for some time, there is much more to this story. Have you ever wondered why garbage.. I mean liberals.. increasingly believes bullshit with no connection to reality? How, for example, did we reach a point where they can openly pretend that sexual differences in human beings do not exist or how “gender is a social construct”? Or how does garbage come up with the brain fart such as believing that people of South and Central American descent want to be to called “LatinX”?

To better understand what I am going to talk about next, let me start with a simple question: Are liberals, especially those “educated” at “elite universities”, capable of independent and rational thought? Many of you might think that the very fact that those people got into those “exclusive” institutions suggests that they are not stupid. Well.. let us assume that they are not brain damaged, but the original question still stands- can they think on their own? Let me explain it with an example. See.. in the 15th-17th century, many tens of thousands of women were tried and executed for witchcraft in Western Europe.

Notably these witch trials were often conducted under the leadership of the most learned men in that village or town. Do you see what I am getting at? Or here is a more recent example. Until the end of WW2, Eugenics was a very respectable and widespread idea among elites and scientists in Western countries. However after that war, the entire field of Eugenics was discredited to the point where even its most ardent public proponents pretended that they never really supported that idea. Heck.. the guy who “invented” lobotomy got a Noble prize for his “discovery”- but today almost nobody in the establishment wants to talk about it.

The point I am trying to make its that mindless groupthink among so-called “intellectuals” and “elites” is far more common than in the rest of population. Let me remind you that a lot of German professionals who pretended to dislike Nazis before they came to power changed their tune after 1933 and once again after 1945. The same can be said of the “professional” and “intellectual” class of many other countries who went through tumultuous times. But if this sort of bullshit is part of human history, why did it not reach the extreme levels of absurdity we see in 2021. For two reasons- firstly, the number of percentages of people with desk and bureaucratic jobs was pretty miniscule (even in Western countries) until the 1970s.

Having jobs which do not require extensive contact with people outside your curated social bubble is a prerequisite for believing in bullshit. Secondly, in pre-1980s western societies the structure of institutions (from corporations and universities to government departments) was such that it encouraged internal promotions over horizontal jobs changes. So the average person who had a management job in a car company had risen through the ranks and knew something about the products made by that company and knew the people below them at a personal level. Today, managers who “worked” into a corporation making potato chips get hired into another corporation making generic drugs and then move on to another “job” at some startup hawking fashion brands on InstaThot.

Even though who supposedly stayed in their fields have almost never been with a corporation through all stages of product development and launch. And this fuckery is not just restricted to a few fields. Have a look at the resume of middle- and upper- management in everything from hospitals to even government agencies. You will see the same pattern of people who are good at faking knowledge and spouting meaningless word-salads getting repeatedly promoted to the point where aspirants for such jobs now mimic and adopt these behaviors. But what does any of this have to with the rapidly diminishing contact of western liberals with physical reality? As it turn out.. a whole fucking lot!

Let me ask you another question: If a person got through decades in their life by spouting meaningless bullshit, empty virtue display and manners, fellating powerful people above them and using legal chicanery to screw over others- what makes you think they will change or even want to change? Do you actually believe that western universities recruit by merit or demonstrated ability? Do you think corporations do that? Do you think other large institutions and even most government agencies do that? Nope.. they all hire the same kind of ambitious bullshitter with no real knowledge of whatever they claim to be “experts” in and with a strong aptitude for overwrought acting. Basically the current crop of western “elites” are D-list actors who managed to get into “elite” universities by acting smart and having rich or connected parents who then helped them get plum internships or positions which then helped them climb the institutional ladder. But hasn’t it been always like that..

Yes, but with a major difference. In the past, the world was a much more unstable place than today and those who were promoted beyond their abilities either got killed, ruined, bankrupt or discredited pretty quickly. If you don’t believe me- have a look at how many military leaders in all participating nations in WW1 lost their jobs before it ended. Contact with harsh physical reality has a amazing ability to separate the competent from the incompetent. Even the Cold war kept the West from promoting too many D-rate actors into positions of power or encouraging others to mimic these morons. Ironically, it was period of relative peace in West after 1991 which allowed this garbage to dominate institutions in both private and public sector. And this brings us the bigger question: are liberals capable of rational or independent thought? The answer is.. NO, they are not capable of rational or independent thought.

But why not? Well.. think of it this way- why would a group of people selected for their ability to act, repeated fashionable “consensus” behavior and spout meaningless word-salads be capable or rational and independent thought? It is like asking if a class of brain damaged kids contains geniuses. I mean.. it is not completely impossible, but let us be honest- it is rather unlikely. What makes this problem much worse than in previous eras is the relative peace of past 30 years have allowed this garbage to increasingly colonize many hitherto functional institutions. Furthermore, aspirational elites (in their head at least) mimic this highly dysfunctional behavior because they see it as their ticket to success. This is why stupid fads which start in “ivy league universities” spread so quickly and infect far more obscure universities. Now you know why all those stupid policies spread across universities.

I will leave you with a clip that shows the amazing amount of groupthink and lack of ideological diversity in opinions exhibited by liberals and people who desperately want to be seen as liberals. Note how the majority of comments she talks about fall into 3-4 template style replies. In the next part I will go further into how the general inability of liberals to think rationally and independently has already doomed their future.

What do you think? Comments?

  1. A Texan
    October 18, 2021 at 7:15 am

    Another great post. It is amazing how many of these overpaid shitheads, especially in public institutions, have no clue about a number of things. Both the public and private institutions are pozzed entities.

  2. Arjun
    October 18, 2021 at 10:04 am

    “Basically the current crop of western “elites” are D-list actors who managed to get into “elite” universities by acting smart and having rich or connected parents who then helped them get plum internships or positions which then helped them climb the institutional ladder. But hasn’t it been always like that..”

    wait, what, Trump da Chump is now D list, even Mike Caca’s His Pants wouldn’t say that…


  3. Arjun
    October 18, 2021 at 10:09 am

    “Today, managers who “worked” into a corporation making potato chips get hired into another corporation making generic drugs and then move on to another “job” at some startup hawking fashion brands on InstaThot.”

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game…


  4. MikeCA
    October 18, 2021 at 1:02 pm

    It is interesting that you try to make this BS argument when anyone that is not trapped in the right wing disinfo/entertainment bubble can see that conservative discussion has totally lost all connection to reality.

    Take for example this reply I got from A Texan on your previous post:

    To be a Democrat like MikeCA, is you have to believe some impossible things:

    1. Obama was a competent and intelligent negro who improved the economy.
    2. That none of Obama’s energy policies were disastrous for the US working class. Remember that gas was at least $4 or more per gallon. His cap and trade policies would make electricity more costly.
    3. That Eric Holder is not a criminal for the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun running scandal that left a border patrol agent dead.
    4. Illegal and legal immigration is always good.
    5. That America is inherently racist. How many minorities does MikeCA live next to? Probably zero like any other liberal. They only matter if they are mowing his lawn.
    6. Democrats support pedophilia and bestiality and reject biological sex. In other words, MikeCA is anti-science.

    Remember, if you are not a feminist/sexually repulsive female, cop hater, former KKK, believe in multiple genders, a pedophile/queerdo/transweirdo, a murderer, a rapist, metrosexual male/mangina, vegan, have mental health issues, or all around loser, then you ain’t Democrat.

    This reply is so disconnected from reality, it only makes sense inside the right wing disinfo/entertainment bubble. In that aspect it tells us much more about the person who wrote this comment than it does about Democrats or liberals. The author lives in the fantasy world created by the right wing disinfo/entertainment programming.

    One of the techniques used by the right wing dis-informers and illustrated in this blog post is to pick the most bat shit crazy idea of a small number of silly progressives and try to represent it as the policy of all Democrats. Democrats do the same thing of course, but their scare tactics have turned out to be much closer to the truth. Something like two thirds of the Republicans in the House voted against recognizing Bidden’s win in Arizona and Pennsylvania, even after thousands of crazy Trump supporters, egged on by QAnon fairy tails, sacked the capital in the belief that Trump was some sort of a god king sent to save America from the Democratic pedophiles that drink children’s blood for breakfast or something like that.

    There is really no way to have a discussion with someone that writes a comment like A Texan or the author of this blog post. They exist in a different reality. Of course AD is a semi-professional dis-informer who is actively trying to create an alternate reality where Republicans think they are fighting for some noble cause against the evil Satan worshiping Democrats rather than realizing they are just white supremacists.

    • Parker
      October 18, 2021 at 9:27 pm

      The evil right wing media is so butthurt over the fact that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever that they’re bleeping out the word ‘go’ in all footage of sports crowds chanting “Go Joe Biden!”

    • A Texan
      October 19, 2021 at 6:32 am

      Actually MikeCA, I’m for extremely limited government and low taxes, so neither party does much about that. But hey, thanks for admitting that as a Democrat you do support pedophiles and deviant sex like bestiality.

      I recall paying $4 per gallon for gas in 2010 and the Zero Negro admitted on camera that his cap and trade policies would increase the cost of electrical energy, so he knows it will, but does not care. So maybe you can explain to me how this was good for American consumers? You still do suck that Obama penis, right?

      All Mike could do is offer some diatribe, but could not provide any documentation that what was pointed out was true.

      • MikeCA
        October 19, 2021 at 5:21 pm

        Your posts says so much about you.

        You do realize that Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and became president in 2009 when the economy was in free fall collapse. He turned the economy around and got it going again. Obama was able to win re-election to a second term.

        In spite of Obama’s accomplishments and after Trump’s shambolic presidency, you think it is an impossible thing to believe Obama was a competent president who improved the economy.

        Go crawl back into your Fox hole. The talking heads on Fox will tell you lies to make you feel good. When you say things like that out in the real world it just looks like ignorant prejudice.

    • A Texan
      October 19, 2021 at 5:09 pm

      Here is a 30 second clip of Zero Negro acknowledging cap and trade will increase energy cost. So it knows that this will hurt working class America, but does not care. Keep in mind this simian has two mansions one of which is on the ocean.

      • MikeCA
        October 19, 2021 at 6:13 pm

        Duh …. thank you Captain Obvious.

        At the time cap and trade was discussed, there were various proposals to off set the higher costs for low income people via tax cuts or tax credits. Since no plan was ever adopted, you cannot really say what would have been the proposal.

        I’m not sure why you think this is such a damning admission. Obama was being honest about what his proposals would do. Trump on the other hand just lied about his tariffs and claimed that China was paying them. American consumers paid those tariffs though higher prices and there was no offsets for low income people. American farmers saw crop prices drop because China retaliated by cutting purchases of US agricultural products. Of course Congress rushed the farmers emergency relieve to try to offset, but low income people just suffered with higher prices.

    • A Texan
      October 20, 2021 at 3:40 am

      I was never convinced that Obama was that smart. He was a very stupid half negro and example like you of why abortion can be a good thing for society. I’m not ashamed to use the word ‘nigger’ to describe him.

      I was paying $4 per gallon gas under Zero Negro and I am not exactly a rich person. Obama’s green energy plans cost the country billions. He really should be executed. So you are another idiot who wants to make energy more expensive for the working people, but then create a government bureaucracy to channel some funds to offset that? Your stupid is amazing, but you are shitlib.

      Trump, for his faults, did more for America’s working class than anyone in a while. I paid less taxes under Trump. Small businesses paid less taxes; I know because I saw a spreadsheet created by an accountant who know this stuff. The job market was less bad, at least for me under

      Trump was right to do what he did with tariffs. China came back to the table to buy agricultural products because otherwise their population would start to go hungry, and that’s not good even if the government is filled with capitalistic commies. At least Trump was trying to put some thought into how to get jobs back here to US instead of shifting them overseas.


      • MikeCA
        October 20, 2021 at 12:21 pm

        I was never convinced that Obama was that smart. He was a very stupid half negro and example like you of why abortion can be a good thing for society. I’m not ashamed to use the word ‘nigger’ to describe him.

        You have made who you are very clear.

        I was paying $4 per gallon gas under Zero Negro and I am not exactly a rich person.

        You were paying over $4 per gallon in the Summer of 2008 too, when Bush was president. In fact prices were higher in Jun/July 2008 then any time during the Obama administration.

        I wonder why you are not so upset about that?

        Obama’s green energy plans cost the country billions.

        Improved auto mileage standards, hybrids and all electric cars have reduced gasoline consumption per mile driven. Without those programs, gasoline prices would be even higher.

        I’m confused. Do you want higher gasoline prices?

      • Jack Donovan
        October 23, 2021 at 6:11 pm

        oh lala, only steers and queers cum from tex-ass and you don’t look like no steer son…

    • A Texan
      October 20, 2021 at 1:44 pm

      Mike, the CAFE standards have done little other than to make cars more expensive to buy and repair. You save nothing on gas use when it requires more oil and other materials for a car with a crap load of electronics in it. There are also higher fatalities from the lighter cars despite alleged safety features like airbags. All that was done is transfer one pollution problem to another. I’m for abolishing the CAFE since the federal government has no authority to do this under the Constitution, but I realize you are an Obama cocksucking communist with too much money. You have shown your self to as to what you are. I’m proud call Obama ‘Stupid Nigger President’ but no have no problem with blacks like Allan West for example.

      Under Trump, I was paying less than $2 per gallon for gas. Also, nice of you to deny that the tax cuts put more money into working people’s pockets, but you are a shitlib, so dishonesty is a moral code with your kind.

  5. doldrom
    October 18, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    Post WW2 studies on propaganda in the wake of the Nazis and the beginning of the Cold War showed incontrovertibly that the people most influenced are intellectuals.

    It remains a popular thought that it is the ignorant and the uneducated that are easily influenced and misled by the media and misinformation, lacking the critical thinking skills to weigh sources & evidence, and to compare points of view. But empirically, it is farmers who are most impervious to propaganda (and don’t imbibe). It is the intelligentsia that follows new trends, new paradigms, and new ‘thinking’.

    The word ‘elite’ is interesting, just as the word ‘earn’.
    When we say somebody earns so much, it always remains ambiguous whether they really deserve it and create value, or whether we are just reporting how much they are ‘getting’.
    In the same way, ‘elite’ refers on the one hand to people who are at the top of their game (music, sport, research, teaching) but can just as well refer to people who are simply appointed or by chance have been installed to positions of power and authority. The ambiguity between elite as competence or elite as power affects those in charge, leading them to reverse causality, assuming that because they are in charge, they must be exceptionally competent. (The nobility in days or yore also suffered from this syndrome, thinking they were high born and exceptional while their underlings thought of them as incestuous decadent retards). If the elite are also intellectually formed, possessed of learned arrogance, you have an unbeatable combination of conceit combined with a flat-lined learning curve.

    • bonzo
      October 20, 2021 at 10:37 am

      Of course the intemallectuals follow intemallectual fads, no matter how crazy: it’s the path to career success. They would be stupid to do otherwise. Farmers are impervious to intemallectual fads because there is no personal advantage to them in following the fads, not because farmers are smart or stupid.

      “It’s very hard to get a man to understand something when his paycheck depends on not understanding it.” Or something like that. I’m quoting from memory.

      Reality should impinge on the various bubbles starting later this decade. Combination of aging populations in developed countries, rising strength of China/Russian/Iran axis, climate change, overpopulation/starvation/pestilence/war in developing countries, waves of refugees from those countries moving north, inflation, rising interest rates popping the housing/stock bubbles.

    • A Texan
      October 20, 2021 at 1:47 pm

      A lot of this has to do with the education system being much better in some ways a 100 years ago. I peruse the obituaries sometimes over the years. I always like the story of the guy who came back from WWII, worked at the warehouse, and then retired as VP of production. Now everything is a credential like an MBA, and we know the poor training these guys receive and not a one hardly had worked on a factory floor or did some sort of manual labor.

  6. A Texan
  7. Adam
    October 22, 2021 at 6:05 am

    It isn’t clear to me that this is an exclusively Western phenomenon. China can’t keep the lights on right now because the CCP decided to “punish” Australia for some “anti-China” sentiments by banning imports of Australian coal, the same high quality Australian coal that Chinese coal fired plants had spent the last few years adapting to and that cannot easily use lower quality coal. From where I sit government systems world wide are failing because social media gives unlimited rhetorical cover to any idiotic scheme that the government of the day wants to implement and the media has imploded away from long form investigative work into click / rage bait to grab the increasingly limited attention span of the general public. Combine that with the fact that education long ago moved away from equipping people with useful intellectual tools like reading, writing and arithmetic to whatever the hawt propaganda of the day is and you have a stew of retardation that will take a decade or more of busted supply chains, falling bridges and rolling blackouts to unwind. The fact that the rich are increasingly prepping for the partial breakdown of society should be a tip off as to where this is all headed. The smart money is in guns, gold and canned foods.

    • doldrom
      October 22, 2021 at 10:56 am

      » exclusively Western phenomenon «
      No. It’s more a modern culture phenomenon.
      However, the dislocations in the supply chains are the result of on the one hand globalization and on the other the notion that you can flat-line the economy for a while and then just start ‘er up again. Just as with GDP (which measures final sales), there is an immensely complex chain of intermediate products, all of which has their own labor, financing, investments, multi-year planning & ROI, etc. etc., which escape casual observance and the view of politicians. Many of these chains are interrelated and have single points of failure, e.g., no redundancy and resilience, as in Nature — everything has to work perfectly.
      In the US many people had their labor contracts broken. They are not going back to the same job … all these people need to find a new employer, new contracts, new hours, new conditions, new locations … it’s not just a matter of shoving puppets into open slots.

  1. October 24, 2021 at 1:27 pm

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