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Response to COVID-19 Destroyed the Credibility of Social Democracy

November 30, 2021 15 comments

In the past few months and weeks, readers of you might have about increasingly tyrannical laws and regulations being passed in many European countries in their comically sad attempts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. I am not going to give you a long list of every stupid idea being proposed or already implemented in European countries since that list keeps on growing with very passing day. It is however important to recognize that nothing from very high rates of vaccination, dumb mask mandates, ill-thought curfews and lockdowns, vaccine passports and many other equally dumb ideas have had any effect on the rate of case increases seen throughout this autumn. Respiratory viruses.. you see.. are seasonal, even if bureaucrats are delusional enough to believe they can control them.

However this topic is not going to focus on the delusions of these bureaucrats. Instead we are going to talk about how the authoritarian and increasingly tyrannical actions of these morons have destroyed the credibility of center-left model of European “social democracy”. So let us start by first defining what this whole “social democracy” scam was about and why it seemed a good alternative to the American system. The modern version of what we refer to as “social democracy” in Europe became a thing as that continent was trying to recover in the aftermath of WW2. The underlying idea was simple and outwardly reasonable.. in exchange for lower material living standards and much greater governmental interference in everyday life than the more free-wheeling Americans, citizens of many west-European countries were promised universal and decent healthcare, free or inexpensive education, long paid vacations, good infrastructure and public services and a generous safety net.

While Americans typically associate such a system with Scandinavian countries, the reality is that almost every single west-European has (or had) some version of this- at least for the first four decades after WW2. However after 1991, for reasons that should be obvious, things started changing and all those benefits were pared back to the point where all that sacrifice and submission to government did not not translate into a more secure or better life for the median citizen of those countries. Sure.. it is probably still better to be poor in Germany and France than West Virginia or California- but not by as much as it used be in past. My point is that neoliberalism is as much a fact of life in western Europe as it in this country. However there is one big difference between this country and those in western Europe.

Remember when I said something about how “social democracy” requires paternalism and governmental interference. Turns out that all that governmental interference requires a lot of parasites’.. I mean.. bureaucrats. To make matters worse, as those government pared back their services for median citizen, they kept hiring more parasites.. I mean.. bureaucrats who had to find some way to justify their continued existence. This is why the patchwork of stupid laws and rules becomes worse with each passing year and nothing gets done on time. Have a look at how infrastructure projects in Germany are now routinely substandard, delayed in planning and execution in addition to being full of graft. This collapse of competence and ability to build and maintain things is especially obvious when you compare west European countries to Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, China.. and even India.

Many people think that this decline is linked to western European countries undergoing a slow demographic collapse, but the reality is much worse. What we are seeing is largely due to bureaucratic parasitism with adverse demographic trends being a distant secondary factor. If it was just demography, Japan would be in a much worse state than west European countries- but it is doing much better than them. But what does any of this have to do with how the botched response to COVID-19 pandemic in European countries destroying the credibility of “social democracy”. Well for starters, the incredible amount of bad and stupid decisions made without any real acknowledgement of failure by European bureaucrats shows that the main underlying justification for letting “credentialed experts” make decisions is based on the myth of competence. While it has become increasingly obvious over past two decades that they are incompetent, the sheer amount of fail (still ongoing) displayed by these parasites in response to the pandemic makes it impossible to ignore or look away.

How hard do you have to try to keep believing morons who consistently fucked up and made increasing outrageous lies to explain their failures. Takes a lot of effort to keep the faith in status quo, doesn’t it? But wait.. it gets worse. During the still ongoing process of trying to pretend they can affect the course of pandemic, they have shown their true authoritarian colors. From closing down national borders, interminable lockdowns, strict mask mandates, cancelling normal medical procedures, forcing mediocre vaccines which do not prevent transmission, implementing “vaccine passports”, suppressing freedom of speech and much more- these parasites have shown that they are authoritarian and incompetent, which is not a good combination. See.. people in this country and many other parts of world saw “social democracy” as a relatively good system because it did not screw up badly for many decades.

Sure.. the cracks were widening, the paint was peeling off and it was making weird noises- but most people still thought that European “social democracy” could be repaired. Now we know how it behaves under real stress and it is not a pretty sight. Not only is it not “social” but it is not even a “democracy”. Instead we are left with having to watch the ugly and putrid innards of a system which is nothing more than a way to ensure continued employment for corrupt, incompetent and authoritarian bug-men and bug-women. A system serving nobody except the very rich and the parasites employed by it. Suddenly all those dreams about how “social democracy” could provide good quality universal healthcare, good and inexpensive education, decent housing and other utilities at an affordable price.. not to mention a good social safety net appear hollow. Nor can “social democracy” provide the other things it promises such as freedom of speech, human rights or democracy. Think of COVID-19 as a strong flashlight which illuminated the hidden underlying dysfunction and rot in supposedly “good” systems.

What do you think? Comments?

What is Your Explanation for Delusional Behavior Shown by Liberals?

November 27, 2021 17 comments

Over the past few weeks, I wrote a six-part series of how western liberals have lost touch with physical reality to levels that would be comical if they were not also tragic. I have also written multiple posts about how current crop of western elites are also unusually out of touch with reality– and yes, there is some overlap between the two categories. To be clear, elites losing touch is nothing new and we have seen numerous examples of this phenomena over the past century, and it always ends the same way. While I have received numerous comments on the posts discussing those topics, too many of them are either reactive (to what was in the posts) or about something not related to the topic. So I have decided to devote a post specifically to get your theories, especially from lurkers, about why western elites are so comically out of touch with reality. You know my views, let me hear some more of your views.

I mean.. think about it. How did we reach a point where supposedly “educated” liberals openly say that biological sex is not real? Since when is cheering on teenage girls with obvious mental illnesses cutting off their tits and injecting themselves with testosterone a good idea?
Where do they get their bizarre and laughable ideas such as “land acknowledgements”, “safe spaces” and that whole Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) ideology? How can these morons confidently believe that warfare, slavery, genocide etc were somehow absent from non-white societies? Why did these innumerate idiots start believing that “man-made global warming” now rebranded as “anthropogenic climate change” was real? How can dumbfucks who don’t understand basic concepts of electric power grids such as base load, load following, peak demand, availability factor etc opine so confidently on economics and engineering feasibility of grids powered by solar cells and windmills?

How can people who lack even a basic understanding of chemistry, mining and fabrication tell us about how easy it is to build lithium battery packs on an industrial scale? Do these losers understand the hard physical realties which led to internal combustion engines displacing all other power sources for automobiles, ships and airplanes? Do the brain-dead cultists lionizing scammers like Elon Musk understand the economics of spacecraft launch or electric cars? More importantly, how come all these supposedly “highly educated” people don’t even have an undergrad level understanding of the subjects in which they claim expertise? How can these charlatans believe that face-masks with holes which are at least 10-20 times larger than an airborne virus stop them? How can people who have credentials pretend that vaccines which do not elicit local mucosal immune responses and secreted IgA antibodies prevent infection by, or spread of, a respiratory virus? Are you seeing a pattern of though and behavior?

Let me know what you think. Comments?

NSFW Links: Nov 25, 2021

November 25, 2021 1 comment

These links are NSFW. Will post something more intellectual tomorrow.

Amateur Outdoor Cuties: Nov 1, 2021 – Amateur cuties posing among grass and trees.

Amateur Balcony Cuties: Nov 12, 2021 – Amateur cuties looking outside from balconies.


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How Biden Could Still Save Democrats from a Massive Defeat in 2022

November 22, 2021 7 comments

By now, it is pretty obvious that the democratic party is headed for an unprecedented historic ass-kicking in 2022 elections. And you do not have to be some poll-obsessing political junkie to see the writing on wall for that party. More than a few of their non-delusional supporters have seen saying that for past few months. Chris Arnade recently wrote a short, but broad article about it in the past few days. Other like Taibbi, have also written about the ongoing political realignment. Even the democratic-shilling cohost of Breaking Points show, Krystal Ball, nowadays has almost one segment a day where she admits that democrats are screwed for 2022 and maybe even 2024. I can think of at least a dozen more pro-democratic party (but not delusional) political twitter celebrities who make almost daily comments or jokes about how badly the democrats will lose in 2022. So could this outcome be changed, short of stealing.. I mean.. “fortifying” the election?

At this stage, things are so far gone that even I could not guarantee a win for democrats in 2022. However there are still some ways for Biden to reduce the margin of their upcoming defeat from catastrophic to meh. Of course, I do not for a minute believe that Biden has the mental presence to anything beyond what his puppeteers tell him. It does not help that they themselves are very disconnected from physical reality. And let us be honest, the people who run democratic party have gone down that path of solipsistic make-believe for at least past two decades, so reversing course is now basically impossible. Did I mention that their major supporters, aka the parasitic PMC class, are also equally disconnected from reality. But this is also why I am writing this post. See.. I want to show you, the readers, how disconnected the current democratic party is from anything resembling real politics and physical reality.

So here is are my Machiavellian recommendations for what Biden should do within next three months to reduce the monumental ass-kicking his party is about to receive in 2022.

1] The first order of business would be to fire, humiliate, investigate and imprison Fauci. It is no secret that this mountebank has used the past 18 months to raise his public profile and fame. To achieve this he has lied and confabulated to levels which are dangerous to the people employing him- aka the government. Then again, he did something similar during the AIDS crisis in 1980s but was unfortunately saved (ignored) from public disgrace by the arrival of effective anti-HIV drugs in early to mid 1990s which took the focus of attention away from him and the organization he was heading. His intimate connection to approving NIH and other grants for Gain-of-Function research on Coronaviruses in China does not help matters. Nor does his addiction to prolonging the crisis by going on any mainstream TV and news outlet who will still listen to him to spin more gloomy stories.

The unpleasant truth is Fauci will not stop until is systematically humiliated and discredited in a very public manner. It is therefore absolutely necessary that he along with his protegees and co-conspirators such as Francis Collins be discredited in a very public manner. Perhaps an “inquiry” implicating them in funding GOF research on coronaviruses in China by bending rules, lying about their role etc should be started immediately. While Biden is too brain-dead to understand this, only something as dramatic and satisfying such as public human sacrifices of Fauci, Collins etc can begin the process of repairing the relationship of democratic party with electorate. This is not about due process and fairness, it is about political expedience and making sure you still retain a decent chance of not getting crushed in next election.

2] Biden will also have to find ways of destroying the careers of many people now associated in public mind with pandemic restrictions, vaccine mandates etc. Some of the people who will have be sacrificed to appease the electorate include big names such as Rochelle Walensky, her proteges at the CDC and many people at FDA associated with approving currently available vaccines. This is necessary because she is now too associated in public minds with ineffectual measures such as face-masks and vaccine mandates. She was also a very big promoter of discredited ideas such as the vaccines being able to stop transmission and infection. Biden cannot hope to save his party in 2022 if that woman and her protegees are not removed from their post in a humiliating manner. Luckily she has made tons of false statements which can be used against her during any future inquiry.

Biden also has to ditch the people currently running the ineffectual COVID-19 response. Fair not not, democrats are too linked in public mind with people who want to keep “crisis” going forever and those who want to push vaccine mandates. This is about winning elections or at least not losing them badly. I should add that merely letting these people resign and fade away is not sufficient, as the electorate is too pissed off to be satisfied by anything short of humiliating inquiries, public firings and watching a few famous assholes getting wrecked. Biden, of course, is too stupid to organize a nun-shoot in a nunnery.. but if he wasn’t, this is what he should be doing. It is also necessary he publicly admit that he was systematically misled about vaccine efficacy, side-effects in youths and legality of vaccine mandates.

3] Biden has to make it known to democratic politicians in coastal cities that he will actively oppose any attempt by them to prolong the C19 “crisis” through measures such masking mandates, vaccine mandates etc. Any action which prolongs the appearance and feeling of “crisis” in those states will wreck the chances of democrats running in other parts of country. He also has to publicly distance the democratic party brand from public school teacher unions who were the major force being unnecessary year-long school closures and other unpopular bullshit like CRT and “Trans right” and “gender fluidity”. While publicly disowning teacher unions will be hard for democratic party, the option is much worse for their political future. In politics, it is always better to throw the most unpopular of your supporters to the mob rather than continue to be associated with them.

Democrats also have to prepared for the almost inevitable wave of death and disability in children caused by C19 vaccine mandates. They better have a viable plan to deal with the equally inevitable wave of tens of thousands of previously healthy people who were disabled or killed by currently approved C19 vaccines. They may not want to admit this, but both issues are going to be become much bigger public liabilities within next few months. Unless they have a very well though plan, the resulting extra public outrage caused by both will make things much worse than they are right now. My point is.. they better start making lists of scapegoats to blame for death and injury due to C19 vaccines, otherwise they are screwed.

4] Biden has to find a way of making sure that the various “green programs” in the various legislations being passed by democrats are killed or diluted to the level where they are totally meaningless. He has to also publicly dissociate himself from idiots who are pushing for such measures. See.. many voters like to pretend they are virtuous environmentalists until the cost of filling up their cars and SUVs or heat their houses goes up by more than a few bucks. Given the problems of unprecedented inflation, supply chain “issues and association of democratic party with environmentalism, voters will blame any serious increases in fuel prices, food prices etc with implementation of the so-called “green deal”. Biden would do much better if he went around the country expressing his love for coal miners, approving every oil and gas project he can find and going after hedge funds who are promising to divest from fossil fuels.

The thing is.. a lot of people in this country make a decent living working in the Oil and Gas industry. Pushing idiotic ideas such as “green deal” will convert all of them into determined single-issue voters who will vote for Republicans. Did I mention that many non-whites in certain swing states work in those industries? Many of these non-whites won’t forget how their jobs and small business were sacrificed due to government restrictions to save members of ‘Zoom’ class from inconvenience during pandemic. Perhaps those hundreds of billions allotted for the stupid “green deal” would be better spent on compensating those who lost their jobs and small businesses during past 18 months. It is about winning elections or not losing them too badly. Of course, Biden is too brain-dead to do any of this and his handers are too busy complimenting each other on the smell of their farts to appreciate reality.

What do you think? Comments?

The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 6

November 18, 2021 3 comments

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how the current obsession of western liberals with climate change, environmentalism and “green energy” is one more example of the extent of their disconnect from physical reality. It never ceases to amuse how me how liberals who support “green energy” usually lack even a very basic idea about the many things which have to work properly for a modern electric grid to function. Consider, for example, the importance of stable and reliable baseload capacity in usable electrical grids. Or why load following plants and peaking power plants also have to very reliable and responsive. Now some of you might counter- what about countries which claim to be able to run for days without using backup coal powered plants? Well.. so why do they require those backup plants in the first place?

The simple fact is that other than hydroelectric power, currently available renewable energy sources are totally inadequate for providing baseload power. In other words, even if money was no issue “green” or “renewable” energy sources are incapable of supporting the energetic demands of a functional industrial civilization. The very fact that liberals cannot grasp the fact that majority of their electricity will never be “green” and “sustainable” tells you a lot about their level of connection with physical reality. But why stop there? What about the energy needed to build windmills and solar cells- down to the fraction needed to extract or make their physical building blocks? Is it “green” or “sustainable”? What about mining and processing the lanthanides used in electric motors? Is it “non-polluting”? Also, isn’t it ironic that the people who claim to “follow the science” are bereft of the ability to understand or apply it.

Liberals who constantly like to tell others that are worried about “climate change” are also mysteriously unable to calculate the amount of extra electric generation capacity necessary to power their results of their ill-thought decisions. Nor are they able to understand the second and third order consequences of not being able to fill up their car with fuel or energy within a minute. Ya.. that sort of “minor” stuff has all sorts of downstream effects. Or what happens if the electric grid goes down over a large part of country for more than a few hours. There is a reason why electric-powered trains are very competitive with diesel-engine counterparts but automobiles have not been since the early 1920s. But it gets worse. Did you know that crude refining which is used to produce gasoline and diesel also produces aviation fuel, heavy fuel oil for shipping, precursors for the chemical industry to make everything from plastics, paints, pesticides and medicines to the various synthetic robber used in automobile tires.

Now tell me something.. have you heard any of those western liberals who love to show their commitment to “environmentalism” talk about even a few of the issues we touched on in the first three paragraphs of this post? Have you heard any concrete and readily feasible solutions to the problems from any public figure pushing “green” energy in the past two decades? If not, why not? Surely.. any person who claims to even have a cursory understanding of the engineering necessary to run modern industrial civilization would see these issues. The very fact that liberals do not even mention them tells you that they are either deliberately ignoring them or, more disturbingly, lack the ability to understand them. Based on my interactions with self-anointed liberals, I believe that is almost exclusively the later. But how did I reach this particular conclusion? Well.. let me tell you.

In the past, I used to talk with liberals who claimed to be very interested in environmentalism and “green energy” to find out how much they actually knew about the central subject of their virtue display behavior. It quickly became obvious to me that the vast majority of liberals had basically no background in engineering or the hard sciences. However they all displayed a very strong certainty about their beliefs and were sure that “green energy” could replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy. In other words, their belief in environmentalism, “climate change”, “decarbonization”, “green energy” and electric cars is no different from belief in Christianity, Islam or Mormonism. But why is that so bad? The simple answer is as follow.. the vast majority of successful religions are not suicide cults, but belief in “climate change” is one.

To be honest, I am fine with liberals killing themselves in the name of “environmentalism” or any other cause. In fact, them removing themselves from the realm of existence would make the world a much better place for the rest of humanity. The problem is that these parasites are trying to make everybody else pay and suffer for their doomsday cult-type beliefs. Yes, you heard that right! They want to keep living in the style they have been accustomed to, but want others to sacrifice their jobs, livelihoods, standard of living and much more to make them feel warm and fuzzy about their religious beliefs. In the next part, I will go into why these parasites think they can get away with it.. and yes, it comes down to magical thinking.

What do you think? Comments?

The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 5

November 13, 2021 7 comments

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how the detachment of liberals from physical reality manifests itself in ways that are often hard to believe for a rational person. We recently saw how democratic party reacted to it losing a state governorship and barely retaining other after an almost 15% vote swing in both states from 2020. Rather than trying to understand what factors were behind such a huge and rapid swing in VA and NJ (in addition to more local elections in other states) they immediately blamed it on “white supremacy” and “racist dog-whistles” by republicans. Which is comic, if you think about it.. as more than a few of those who voted republican in 2021 had voted for democrats in 2020.

Then again, reason has never been a strong point of liberals- especially in past two decades. In the previous post I also made the point that the lack of connection with physical reality in combination with the need to constantly display certain “fashionable” behaviors and opinions is a bad combination. One of the places where you see this in an especially comic way, is the way liberals talk about “climate change”. As some of you also know, I find that whole business of “manmade climate change” especially laughable since even a passing knowledge of geology and paleontology will show you that the climate has changed a lot over even the past 20,000 years- without any measurable human intervention. Did you, for example, know that the sea level was about 300-350 feet lower during the peak of last ice age?

Yes.. areas such as the entire Persian gulf, most of the shallow seas between large islands in Indonesia and Malaysia, a decent part of the North Sea between Europe and UK were above water during most of the last ice age? Also Florida and parts of Western and Southern India stretched much further into the water than they do at present. And these changes have kept occurring over multiple glacial cycles for at least the past 2-3 million years. So, why am I mentioning all of this? Well.. let us say that all the remaining ice on earth (almost all of it in Antarctica) melted over next few thousand years.. yes, it will take that long. Even then the global sea levels would rise by only a further 60-80 meters. I think we could easily relocate all major coastal cities over such a long period of time.

But why focus on such esoteric events when we find smaller but very noticeable shifts in the past 2-3 thousand years. Did you know that during the heyday of Roman Empire, the global climate was warmer than today? And we can say that because Romans could easily grow grape vines in Southern England during that era. In fact the fall of Roman Empire and many others around 4-5th century AD coincided with an episode of prolonged global cooling made worse by a couple of especially nasty volcanic eruptions which caused a few years of extreme cold and widespread crop failures. And then the climate again became warmer between 9th to the 13th century, became colder from 14th to 18th century and then became warmer since the 19th century. My point is that there is clear evidence of global climate cycles of varying durations in a period as small as the past 2-3 thousand years.

So.. what does any of this have to do with the disconnect of western liberals from reality? For starters, any person with even undergrad level knowledge of geology and paleontology will tell you that the earth has seen both incredibly large changes in climate and many types of long- and short- term cycles over the past 500-600 million years, to say nothing of the other four billion. It is therefore laughable to even suggest that human influence on long and short term trends of global climate are larger than a person taking a piss in an Olympic size swimming pool. And yet you will find no shortage of liberals clamoring about the dangers of “manmade climate change”. Furthermore, anybody who refuses to believe in this bullshit is “denier” (aka heretic) which is an odd choice of words for a group which claims to “follow the science”. Then again, all religions, ideologies and cults behave in the same manner regardless of which “good book” they follow or “god” they claim to worship.

Now let us talk about how this bullshit ideology manifests itself among western liberals. Have you noticed that tons of liberals with no background in the hard sciences or engineering (software engineering is not engineering) mindlessly repeat claims about how easy or trivial it would be to “decarbonize” the economy? These same idiots tell us that it is trivial to power everything by solar panels and windmills when any electrical engineer who is not totally nuts will tell you that running a electrical grid based on unstable sources of energy is incredibly stupid and dangerous. The idiots who confidently repeat talking points about windmills and solar panels lack even the most understanding of concepts such as the effect of maximum/ minimum output ratios on the viability of an energy source to produce electricity.

The very short version is that minimum output of windmills can be as low as 4% of their peak output over areas as large as a medium-sized European country. For solar panels, it changes by over 95% from sunrise to midday and then sunset, and battery farms which store billions of electricity units are both expensive to build and maintain as well as being fire hazards. Even a crash program to build hundreds new of nuclear power plants would take 2-3 decades to reach levels of electricity production to replace a good fraction of fuels used in automobiles. My point is that regardless of what you believe, “decarbonizing” the economy is not possible in western countries. To make matters more interesting, the rest of the world (specifically large and populous countries such as China, Indian, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Philippines have no interest or willingness in going down that route. Neither do Russia, most East-European countries or the Middle-East. The same is true for South and Central American countries and rest of world.

In other words, only the dying and withering countries of Western Europe and a few other inconsequential ones such as parts of Canada and New Zealand have any interest in cutting their own throats. Did I mention that, unlike in past decades, non-white countries no longer look up to these decrepit and increasingly irrelevant countries. In the next part I will go further into how the liberal belief in “manmade climate change” provides more evidence of their almost total disconnect from physical reality.

What do you think? Comments?

Documentary about How ‘Low Fat’ Diets were Pushed through Fraud

November 7, 2021 9 comments

A couple of days ago, I came across another documentary (on YouTube) about how ‘low fat’ diets were pushed on the american public through bad and fraudulent research. What makes this one interesting is that it shows how the ‘low fat’ lies still continue to live today. Remember this anytime a liberal tells you that “science is self-correcting” or “science is objective” etc. It is my opinion that the unraveling of ‘low fat’ scam was a major factor in people starting to lose faith in institutions. Will post on something original in a day or two.

What do you think? Comments?

The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 4

November 4, 2021 15 comments

In the previous part of this series, I focused on the behavior of one specific individual. But as we know, the odd beliefs of a few individuals almost never have significant visibility or effects on society. To illustrate this point, consider small cults- the ones with less than 50 followers at any given time. Even the most famous ones of this type, from Heaven’s Gate to Love Has Won are in public consciousness almost exclusively because how their founders died. At any given moment, there are many hundreds to thousands of active cults in this country alone, which sprout and die over the span of 10-20 years. And yes.. I consider MLM businesses, NGOs and many other “social enterprises” as no different from more traditional cults.

With that in mind, let us talk about the much bigger and established cult of contemporary western “liberalism”. But why do I keep referring to this movement a modern cult or secular religion? Let me explain that with some contemporary examples. See.. a couple of days ago, the democratic party suffered a series of humiliating defeats at various levels of government throughout the country. These humiliations included losing one governorship in an ostensibly ‘blue’ state and almost losing another in a ‘deep blue’ state. But it didn’t stop there, as they also lost many other local elections ranging from seats in state legislatures to school boards in large cities. Heck, an ex-trucker who spend about 5k on his campaign, Ed Durr, defeated the long-time democratic head of NJ senate.

So how did democrats and their media lapdogs react to this news? Well.. as you might have seen by now, they loudly labelled everyone who voted against them as racist deplorables. Curiously, these same losers loudly proclaimed that people in those same states were wise and thoughtful when they elected senile Joe over Orange man barely a year ago. Isn’t it odd that states where Biden won with 11-16 percent margins almost a year ago became “racist” within a year? But what does this have to do with cult behavior? Well.. the thing is, all cults and religions share certain common characteristics. One of the main one concerns how they handle setbacks, defeats and prophecy failures.

Every single cult (or religion) which has ever existed will always blame all shortcoming and failures of their worldview on malicious and nefarious external forces. Christians blame it on the Devil and witches, liberals blame it on Trump and MAGA-hat wearing “racists”. Many infamous modern cults are famous for using this excuse to isolate their new recruits from reality. But how can we ascertain that such explanations are without merit? Here is a simple test.. can the people who loudly make these excuses explain the reasoning behind their accusations in detail. If they can, there might be some merit to the accusations. However in almost every case, cult members can do nothing more than mindlessly repeat what they have heard other higher-status members of their cult.

This is why, for example, the large swing between 2017 (or 2020) in Virginia to 2021 among groups who vote democrats towards republicans was constantly trumpeted as “racist” even though the biggest swings occurred among white suburban women and Hispanics. A more objective person might have thought that this shift had something to do with year-long school closures, pushing “woke” BS in schools and useless lockdowns which hurt many working class people. But to the believers in cult of modern western liberalism, it had everything to do with white suburban women becoming racist within the past year and Hispanics being bamboozled to vote against their “best interests”. But why do these cult members want to believe in such outrageously stupid BS so badly.

Well.. because admitting the real reasons for their failure would expose their belief system as delusional and disconnected from reality. Do you think ‘Heaven’s Gate’ wanted to admit that their whole worldview was based on highly delusional bullshit? Do you think ‘Love has Won’ wanted to admit that their leader was a delusional woman whose biggest prior achievement was managing a McDonald’s outlet? Do you think many devout Christians want to admit their religion is recycled Judaism with some new-agey ideas? Or would most devout Muslims want to ponder on the connection between the temporal lobe epilepsy-like disease which afflicted its founder and the allegedly divine revelations he claimed to have received.

This is the the same thought process, or lack thereof, which makes western liberals worship mediocre vaccines which cannot prevent COVID infections, subsequent transmission or upper-respiratory symptoms in the majority. To date, the vast majority of raw data suggests that available vaccines can, at best, reduce hospitalization rates by between 70-90% (dependent on age)- but not much more. Now try telling that to a liberal, who claims to “believes in the science”. Or try telling that “long COVID” is no different from lingering post-viral infection syndromes which affect between 5-20% of those who suffer from any other systemic viral infection. Or, even better, ask them how cloth face masks can stop an airborne virus- when no prior large RCT has ever shown such an effect.

But why am I going after liberals? OK.. tell me something- why are conservatives far more likely to be skeptical about things such as effectiveness of facemasks, lockdowns or vaccines? The conventional liberal narrative is that they do so because “they are stupid”- and liberals bleat out the same tired explanations often right down to the words. Here is an alternative explanation.. maybe it has something to do with conservatives observing that facemasks are ineffective. Perhaps they have also noticed the lack of correlation between case loads in similar states and countries who adopted vastly different “public health” measures. They might also remember Faucci and other scam artists repeatedly claiming that these vaccines blocked transmission and even mild disease with “95% efficacy” when their own experience and observation in the real world suggests otherwise.

To summarize, western liberals are far more prone to delusional belief systems and behavior because they lack sufficient connection with physical reality to test their beliefs. It does not help that continued membership in this club is heavily dependent on performative BS behaviors, which themselves are sad imitations of whatever is done by the more prestigious members of their group. In the next part I will show you how this disconnect with reality manifests itself in everything from support of ineffectual and potentially dangerous vaccine mandates to belief in “manmade climate change”.

What do you think? Comments?