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The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 4

November 4, 2021 15 comments

In the previous part of this series, I focused on the behavior of one specific individual. But as we know, the odd beliefs of a few individuals almost never have significant visibility or effects on society. To illustrate this point, consider small cults- the ones with less than 50 followers at any given time. Even the most famous ones of this type, from Heaven’s Gate to Love Has Won are in public consciousness almost exclusively because how their founders died. At any given moment, there are many hundreds to thousands of active cults in this country alone, which sprout and die over the span of 10-20 years. And yes.. I consider MLM businesses, NGOs and many other “social enterprises” as no different from more traditional cults.

With that in mind, let us talk about the much bigger and established cult of contemporary western “liberalism”. But why do I keep referring to this movement a modern cult or secular religion? Let me explain that with some contemporary examples. See.. a couple of days ago, the democratic party suffered a series of humiliating defeats at various levels of government throughout the country. These humiliations included losing one governorship in an ostensibly ‘blue’ state and almost losing another in a ‘deep blue’ state. But it didn’t stop there, as they also lost many other local elections ranging from seats in state legislatures to school boards in large cities. Heck, an ex-trucker who spend about 5k on his campaign, Ed Durr, defeated the long-time democratic head of NJ senate.

So how did democrats and their media lapdogs react to this news? Well.. as you might have seen by now, they loudly labelled everyone who voted against them as racist deplorables. Curiously, these same losers loudly proclaimed that people in those same states were wise and thoughtful when they elected senile Joe over Orange man barely a year ago. Isn’t it odd that states where Biden won with 11-16 percent margins almost a year ago became “racist” within a year? But what does this have to do with cult behavior? Well.. the thing is, all cults and religions share certain common characteristics. One of the main one concerns how they handle setbacks, defeats and prophecy failures.

Every single cult (or religion) which has ever existed will always blame all shortcoming and failures of their worldview on malicious and nefarious external forces. Christians blame it on the Devil and witches, liberals blame it on Trump and MAGA-hat wearing “racists”. Many infamous modern cults are famous for using this excuse to isolate their new recruits from reality. But how can we ascertain that such explanations are without merit? Here is a simple test.. can the people who loudly make these excuses explain the reasoning behind their accusations in detail. If they can, there might be some merit to the accusations. However in almost every case, cult members can do nothing more than mindlessly repeat what they have heard other higher-status members of their cult.

This is why, for example, the large swing between 2017 (or 2020) in Virginia to 2021 among groups who vote democrats towards republicans was constantly trumpeted as “racist” even though the biggest swings occurred among white suburban women and Hispanics. A more objective person might have thought that this shift had something to do with year-long school closures, pushing “woke” BS in schools and useless lockdowns which hurt many working class people. But to the believers in cult of modern western liberalism, it had everything to do with white suburban women becoming racist within the past year and Hispanics being bamboozled to vote against their “best interests”. But why do these cult members want to believe in such outrageously stupid BS so badly.

Well.. because admitting the real reasons for their failure would expose their belief system as delusional and disconnected from reality. Do you think ‘Heaven’s Gate’ wanted to admit that their whole worldview was based on highly delusional bullshit? Do you think ‘Love has Won’ wanted to admit that their leader was a delusional woman whose biggest prior achievement was managing a McDonald’s outlet? Do you think many devout Christians want to admit their religion is recycled Judaism with some new-agey ideas? Or would most devout Muslims want to ponder on the connection between the temporal lobe epilepsy-like disease which afflicted its founder and the allegedly divine revelations he claimed to have received.

This is the the same thought process, or lack thereof, which makes western liberals worship mediocre vaccines which cannot prevent COVID infections, subsequent transmission or upper-respiratory symptoms in the majority. To date, the vast majority of raw data suggests that available vaccines can, at best, reduce hospitalization rates by between 70-90% (dependent on age)- but not much more. Now try telling that to a liberal, who claims to “believes in the science”. Or try telling that “long COVID” is no different from lingering post-viral infection syndromes which affect between 5-20% of those who suffer from any other systemic viral infection. Or, even better, ask them how cloth face masks can stop an airborne virus- when no prior large RCT has ever shown such an effect.

But why am I going after liberals? OK.. tell me something- why are conservatives far more likely to be skeptical about things such as effectiveness of facemasks, lockdowns or vaccines? The conventional liberal narrative is that they do so because “they are stupid”- and liberals bleat out the same tired explanations often right down to the words. Here is an alternative explanation.. maybe it has something to do with conservatives observing that facemasks are ineffective. Perhaps they have also noticed the lack of correlation between case loads in similar states and countries who adopted vastly different “public health” measures. They might also remember Faucci and other scam artists repeatedly claiming that these vaccines blocked transmission and even mild disease with “95% efficacy” when their own experience and observation in the real world suggests otherwise.

To summarize, western liberals are far more prone to delusional belief systems and behavior because they lack sufficient connection with physical reality to test their beliefs. It does not help that continued membership in this club is heavily dependent on performative BS behaviors, which themselves are sad imitations of whatever is done by the more prestigious members of their group. In the next part I will show you how this disconnect with reality manifests itself in everything from support of ineffectual and potentially dangerous vaccine mandates to belief in “manmade climate change”.

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