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The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 6

November 18, 2021 3 comments

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how the current obsession of western liberals with climate change, environmentalism and “green energy” is one more example of the extent of their disconnect from physical reality. It never ceases to amuse how me how liberals who support “green energy” usually lack even a very basic idea about the many things which have to work properly for a modern electric grid to function. Consider, for example, the importance of stable and reliable baseload capacity in usable electrical grids. Or why load following plants and peaking power plants also have to very reliable and responsive. Now some of you might counter- what about countries which claim to be able to run for days without using backup coal powered plants? Well.. so why do they require those backup plants in the first place?

The simple fact is that other than hydroelectric power, currently available renewable energy sources are totally inadequate for providing baseload power. In other words, even if money was no issue “green” or “renewable” energy sources are incapable of supporting the energetic demands of a functional industrial civilization. The very fact that liberals cannot grasp the fact that majority of their electricity will never be “green” and “sustainable” tells you a lot about their level of connection with physical reality. But why stop there? What about the energy needed to build windmills and solar cells- down to the fraction needed to extract or make their physical building blocks? Is it “green” or “sustainable”? What about mining and processing the lanthanides used in electric motors? Is it “non-polluting”? Also, isn’t it ironic that the people who claim to “follow the science” are bereft of the ability to understand or apply it.

Liberals who constantly like to tell others that are worried about “climate change” are also mysteriously unable to calculate the amount of extra electric generation capacity necessary to power their results of their ill-thought decisions. Nor are they able to understand the second and third order consequences of not being able to fill up their car with fuel or energy within a minute. Ya.. that sort of “minor” stuff has all sorts of downstream effects. Or what happens if the electric grid goes down over a large part of country for more than a few hours. There is a reason why electric-powered trains are very competitive with diesel-engine counterparts but automobiles have not been since the early 1920s. But it gets worse. Did you know that crude refining which is used to produce gasoline and diesel also produces aviation fuel, heavy fuel oil for shipping, precursors for the chemical industry to make everything from plastics, paints, pesticides and medicines to the various synthetic robber used in automobile tires.

Now tell me something.. have you heard any of those western liberals who love to show their commitment to “environmentalism” talk about even a few of the issues we touched on in the first three paragraphs of this post? Have you heard any concrete and readily feasible solutions to the problems from any public figure pushing “green” energy in the past two decades? If not, why not? Surely.. any person who claims to even have a cursory understanding of the engineering necessary to run modern industrial civilization would see these issues. The very fact that liberals do not even mention them tells you that they are either deliberately ignoring them or, more disturbingly, lack the ability to understand them. Based on my interactions with self-anointed liberals, I believe that is almost exclusively the later. But how did I reach this particular conclusion? Well.. let me tell you.

In the past, I used to talk with liberals who claimed to be very interested in environmentalism and “green energy” to find out how much they actually knew about the central subject of their virtue display behavior. It quickly became obvious to me that the vast majority of liberals had basically no background in engineering or the hard sciences. However they all displayed a very strong certainty about their beliefs and were sure that “green energy” could replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy. In other words, their belief in environmentalism, “climate change”, “decarbonization”, “green energy” and electric cars is no different from belief in Christianity, Islam or Mormonism. But why is that so bad? The simple answer is as follow.. the vast majority of successful religions are not suicide cults, but belief in “climate change” is one.

To be honest, I am fine with liberals killing themselves in the name of “environmentalism” or any other cause. In fact, them removing themselves from the realm of existence would make the world a much better place for the rest of humanity. The problem is that these parasites are trying to make everybody else pay and suffer for their doomsday cult-type beliefs. Yes, you heard that right! They want to keep living in the style they have been accustomed to, but want others to sacrifice their jobs, livelihoods, standard of living and much more to make them feel warm and fuzzy about their religious beliefs. In the next part, I will go into why these parasites think they can get away with it.. and yes, it comes down to magical thinking.

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