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How Biden Could Still Save Democrats from a Massive Defeat in 2022

November 22, 2021 7 comments

By now, it is pretty obvious that the democratic party is headed for an unprecedented historic ass-kicking in 2022 elections. And you do not have to be some poll-obsessing political junkie to see the writing on wall for that party. More than a few of their non-delusional supporters have seen saying that for past few months. Chris Arnade recently wrote a short, but broad article about it in the past few days. Other like Taibbi, have also written about the ongoing political realignment. Even the democratic-shilling cohost of Breaking Points show, Krystal Ball, nowadays has almost one segment a day where she admits that democrats are screwed for 2022 and maybe even 2024. I can think of at least a dozen more pro-democratic party (but not delusional) political twitter celebrities who make almost daily comments or jokes about how badly the democrats will lose in 2022. So could this outcome be changed, short of stealing.. I mean.. “fortifying” the election?

At this stage, things are so far gone that even I could not guarantee a win for democrats in 2022. However there are still some ways for Biden to reduce the margin of their upcoming defeat from catastrophic to meh. Of course, I do not for a minute believe that Biden has the mental presence to anything beyond what his puppeteers tell him. It does not help that they themselves are very disconnected from physical reality. And let us be honest, the people who run democratic party have gone down that path of solipsistic make-believe for at least past two decades, so reversing course is now basically impossible. Did I mention that their major supporters, aka the parasitic PMC class, are also equally disconnected from reality. But this is also why I am writing this post. See.. I want to show you, the readers, how disconnected the current democratic party is from anything resembling real politics and physical reality.

So here is are my Machiavellian recommendations for what Biden should do within next three months to reduce the monumental ass-kicking his party is about to receive in 2022.

1] The first order of business would be to fire, humiliate, investigate and imprison Fauci. It is no secret that this mountebank has used the past 18 months to raise his public profile and fame. To achieve this he has lied and confabulated to levels which are dangerous to the people employing him- aka the government. Then again, he did something similar during the AIDS crisis in 1980s but was unfortunately saved (ignored) from public disgrace by the arrival of effective anti-HIV drugs in early to mid 1990s which took the focus of attention away from him and the organization he was heading. His intimate connection to approving NIH and other grants for Gain-of-Function research on Coronaviruses in China does not help matters. Nor does his addiction to prolonging the crisis by going on any mainstream TV and news outlet who will still listen to him to spin more gloomy stories.

The unpleasant truth is Fauci will not stop until is systematically humiliated and discredited in a very public manner. It is therefore absolutely necessary that he along with his protegees and co-conspirators such as Francis Collins be discredited in a very public manner. Perhaps an “inquiry” implicating them in funding GOF research on coronaviruses in China by bending rules, lying about their role etc should be started immediately. While Biden is too brain-dead to understand this, only something as dramatic and satisfying such as public human sacrifices of Fauci, Collins etc can begin the process of repairing the relationship of democratic party with electorate. This is not about due process and fairness, it is about political expedience and making sure you still retain a decent chance of not getting crushed in next election.

2] Biden will also have to find ways of destroying the careers of many people now associated in public mind with pandemic restrictions, vaccine mandates etc. Some of the people who will have be sacrificed to appease the electorate include big names such as Rochelle Walensky, her proteges at the CDC and many people at FDA associated with approving currently available vaccines. This is necessary because she is now too associated in public minds with ineffectual measures such as face-masks and vaccine mandates. She was also a very big promoter of discredited ideas such as the vaccines being able to stop transmission and infection. Biden cannot hope to save his party in 2022 if that woman and her protegees are not removed from their post in a humiliating manner. Luckily she has made tons of false statements which can be used against her during any future inquiry.

Biden also has to ditch the people currently running the ineffectual COVID-19 response. Fair not not, democrats are too linked in public mind with people who want to keep “crisis” going forever and those who want to push vaccine mandates. This is about winning elections or at least not losing them badly. I should add that merely letting these people resign and fade away is not sufficient, as the electorate is too pissed off to be satisfied by anything short of humiliating inquiries, public firings and watching a few famous assholes getting wrecked. Biden, of course, is too stupid to organize a nun-shoot in a nunnery.. but if he wasn’t, this is what he should be doing. It is also necessary he publicly admit that he was systematically misled about vaccine efficacy, side-effects in youths and legality of vaccine mandates.

3] Biden has to make it known to democratic politicians in coastal cities that he will actively oppose any attempt by them to prolong the C19 “crisis” through measures such masking mandates, vaccine mandates etc. Any action which prolongs the appearance and feeling of “crisis” in those states will wreck the chances of democrats running in other parts of country. He also has to publicly distance the democratic party brand from public school teacher unions who were the major force being unnecessary year-long school closures and other unpopular bullshit like CRT and “Trans right” and “gender fluidity”. While publicly disowning teacher unions will be hard for democratic party, the option is much worse for their political future. In politics, it is always better to throw the most unpopular of your supporters to the mob rather than continue to be associated with them.

Democrats also have to prepared for the almost inevitable wave of death and disability in children caused by C19 vaccine mandates. They better have a viable plan to deal with the equally inevitable wave of tens of thousands of previously healthy people who were disabled or killed by currently approved C19 vaccines. They may not want to admit this, but both issues are going to be become much bigger public liabilities within next few months. Unless they have a very well though plan, the resulting extra public outrage caused by both will make things much worse than they are right now. My point is.. they better start making lists of scapegoats to blame for death and injury due to C19 vaccines, otherwise they are screwed.

4] Biden has to find a way of making sure that the various “green programs” in the various legislations being passed by democrats are killed or diluted to the level where they are totally meaningless. He has to also publicly dissociate himself from idiots who are pushing for such measures. See.. many voters like to pretend they are virtuous environmentalists until the cost of filling up their cars and SUVs or heat their houses goes up by more than a few bucks. Given the problems of unprecedented inflation, supply chain “issues and association of democratic party with environmentalism, voters will blame any serious increases in fuel prices, food prices etc with implementation of the so-called “green deal”. Biden would do much better if he went around the country expressing his love for coal miners, approving every oil and gas project he can find and going after hedge funds who are promising to divest from fossil fuels.

The thing is.. a lot of people in this country make a decent living working in the Oil and Gas industry. Pushing idiotic ideas such as “green deal” will convert all of them into determined single-issue voters who will vote for Republicans. Did I mention that many non-whites in certain swing states work in those industries? Many of these non-whites won’t forget how their jobs and small business were sacrificed due to government restrictions to save members of ‘Zoom’ class from inconvenience during pandemic. Perhaps those hundreds of billions allotted for the stupid “green deal” would be better spent on compensating those who lost their jobs and small businesses during past 18 months. It is about winning elections or not losing them too badly. Of course, Biden is too brain-dead to do any of this and his handers are too busy complimenting each other on the smell of their farts to appreciate reality.

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