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What is Your Explanation for Delusional Behavior Shown by Liberals?

November 27, 2021 17 comments

Over the past few weeks, I wrote a six-part series of how western liberals have lost touch with physical reality to levels that would be comical if they were not also tragic. I have also written multiple posts about how current crop of western elites are also unusually out of touch with reality– and yes, there is some overlap between the two categories. To be clear, elites losing touch is nothing new and we have seen numerous examples of this phenomena over the past century, and it always ends the same way. While I have received numerous comments on the posts discussing those topics, too many of them are either reactive (to what was in the posts) or about something not related to the topic. So I have decided to devote a post specifically to get your theories, especially from lurkers, about why western elites are so comically out of touch with reality. You know my views, let me hear some more of your views.

I mean.. think about it. How did we reach a point where supposedly “educated” liberals openly say that biological sex is not real? Since when is cheering on teenage girls with obvious mental illnesses cutting off their tits and injecting themselves with testosterone a good idea?
Where do they get their bizarre and laughable ideas such as “land acknowledgements”, “safe spaces” and that whole Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) ideology? How can these morons confidently believe that warfare, slavery, genocide etc were somehow absent from non-white societies? Why did these innumerate idiots start believing that “man-made global warming” now rebranded as “anthropogenic climate change” was real? How can dumbfucks who don’t understand basic concepts of electric power grids such as base load, load following, peak demand, availability factor etc opine so confidently on economics and engineering feasibility of grids powered by solar cells and windmills?

How can people who lack even a basic understanding of chemistry, mining and fabrication tell us about how easy it is to build lithium battery packs on an industrial scale? Do these losers understand the hard physical realties which led to internal combustion engines displacing all other power sources for automobiles, ships and airplanes? Do the brain-dead cultists lionizing scammers like Elon Musk understand the economics of spacecraft launch or electric cars? More importantly, how come all these supposedly “highly educated” people don’t even have an undergrad level understanding of the subjects in which they claim expertise? How can these charlatans believe that face-masks with holes which are at least 10-20 times larger than an airborne virus stop them? How can people who have credentials pretend that vaccines which do not elicit local mucosal immune responses and secreted IgA antibodies prevent infection by, or spread of, a respiratory virus? Are you seeing a pattern of though and behavior?

Let me know what you think. Comments?