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Similarities Between the Aftermath of WW1 and COVID-19 Pandemic

December 5, 2021 6 comments

Many people think that the incredibly botched and authoritarian management of COVID-19 pandemic by western governments has no real precedent in modern world. However that is not correct, as there is very similar (but not obvious) example of severe simultaneous fuckups by multiple governments in the west just over a century ago- I am talking about WW1. As you will see, the similarities between conditions before and after that conflict are very instructive for anybody who wants to understand where the current mess is going to lead. In this post, we shall focus on what happened in aftermath of WW1 rather than conditions which led to it.

Most don’t realize it, but the aftermath of WW1 was in many ways far more consequential than what occurred after its sequel aka WW2. And why was that you might ask. For starters, the world which existed before WW1 was very different from that which came about after it. Remember that WW1, not WW2, ushered in the modern era. Let me remind you that prior to WW1, many parts of the world were ruled by actual kings or a bunch of highly inbred oligarchs in a way which would be completely unimaginable to us today. Entire nations which we take for granted nowadays, simply did not exist and the linguistic and ethnic composition of many regions in Europe was significantly different from what we think as “normal” today.

It is even more mind-blowing once you realize that many ethnic and linguistic boundaries changed by WW1, not to mention systems of governance, had been reasonably stable for at least 200 years prior to that war. So, why did this change occur after WW1? Why did so many people lose faith in the previous status quo, and so quickly? Was it predictable at that time? As you will see there is a central reason for all these major shifts, which is usually ignored nowdays. Sure.. technological changes and industrialization facilitated this massive shift, but it was not the driving force. This becomes even more obvious once you see that the aftermath of WW1 was a very tumultuous time, which led to its more famous sequel aka WW2. Now let us talk about the role played by mass disillusionment in all of this.

See.. it is very hard for a person living in 2021 to understand how people of adult age in 1914 saw war, let alone things such as ethnicity and nationalism. However, you glimpse something of it in historical accounts of the massive public enthusiasm for WW1 in almost all countries. Yes.. the vast majority of people in European countries that participated in WW1 were very enthusiastic about that war when it started. In fact, declining public popularity of leadership in Russia and Ottoman Empire was temporarily boosted by their entry into WW1. Everyone wanted to go to war because nobody thought it would last four years and cause the incredible toll, both human and material, it did.

In a few of my previous posts, I noted that empires such as the Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman were far more sclerotic and fragile than many people imagined. However this was not especially obvious at the beginning of the war since both the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires were fairly decentralized and relatively tolerant, in addition to being long-lived. So while it was obvious that both empires would ultimately fall apart or metamorphose into some type of confederation, they had at least two more decades of life left in them if WW1 had not occurred. Even the Russian Empire could have easily lasted for at least a decade longer if WW1 had not occurred, but it did.

So what caused these empires to collapse so thoroughly after WW1. The normie who has read a couple of books on this topic might claim that it was due to being on the losing side. Except that wasn’t the case. Confused? Let me explain. See.. Russia had to get out of war in late 1917 because of the February revolution which was caused by absolutely abysmal conditions on home front in addition to a number of disastrously defeats inflicted upon them by Germany. The more famous October revolution, which brought communists to power, did not occur until a few months later. To make a long story short, the whole old system (led by the Czar) had fucked up so badly in first 2.5 of war that most people wanted them gone even before the communists became popular.

In that respect, things went similarly in the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empire, where a series of very bad decisions made by the idiots in charge, multiple humiliating military defeats and deprivation inflicted upon their subjects during course of those four years made it basically impossible for them to hold together after WW1. Read a bit about how badly things went for Ottoman Empire in almost every theatre of WW1 other than those close to present-day Turkey. Or research how the Austro-Hungarian Army after late 1917 was basically finished as a fighting force. And things did not go any better for the countries on the other side of that conflict. Look at Italy, where the old post-unification leadership lost pretty much all of their credibility after the war was over. There is a reason why a journalist such as Mussolini was able to easily seize power after WW1.. and yes, I know that he was supported by industrialists who preferred fascism to communism.

Even UK and France experienced a very negative period in aftermath of WW1 even though they were technically on the victorious side. WW1 changed English society and destroyed the public justification for the aristocracy and class-based elitism in a manner which had never been seen in that country, since forever. Ya.. and they lost most of Ireland a few year later. After WW1, France went through dozens of governments within the next two decades in addition to considerable social and political instability. Let us not forget that Germany had far more profound effects on Germany beyond those caused by the ruinous demands for compensation by allies. There is a reason why people in that country would ultimately vote Hitler and the Nazis into power. And we haven’t even started about what occurred in newly formed countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine etc.

Thee is however a common thread which passes through all these massive and far-reaching changes across multiple countries and continents. Can you see it? Did you notice than in almost every country involved in WW1, the old order and system never came back in any form. People in almost every participating country were so done with the old order which had consistently failed them and destroyed their livelihoods while constantly lying about the who disaster that they went for leaders and ideologies which they would otherwise have never considered. There is a reason why the 1920s and 1930s saw the rose of people such as Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Franco and many more minor ones in Eastern Europe who were not as famous. Notice that almost none of leaders of post-WW1 European countries came from the old aristocracy or oligarchy- and now you know why.

Similarly, the ideologies of governance in 1920s and 1930s went far away from old based in aristocracy and incestuous oligarchies of yore. I am not saying the new ones were better than the old. It is just that the preceding ones had torched their credibility in a most spectacular and public manner and were therefore unsalvageable. So how did this relate to what is going on today in western countries? Well.. the ineffectual and delusional response to the pandemic by current systems of governance has effectively torched the credibility of their institutions- both formal and informal. Do you think, for example, that the public image of the CDC and FDA will ever recover from the massive self-inflicted damage of past two years?

What about mainstream corporate media and medical establishment pushing all sorts of lie and nonsense? What about those in medical establishment who was all this nonsense and still kept quiet? Do you think that ‘public health’ will ever recover its image and public credibility in foreseeable future? Will universities and schools in this country ever recover their image- which to be honest, was pretty poor even before the pandemic. The same is true for political parties.. especially those who claim to be “centrist”, “center-left” or “left”? If you still think that democrats are not going to be pummeled in 2022 and 2024 elections, I have a bridge to sell you. The loss of legitimacy for political parties will be even more proud in European countries where even the “center-right” parties joined in the stupidity.

In my opinion, the only real question is what sort of leadership and ideology will replace the current one in western countries. The idiots pushing for more authoritarianism under the guise of “controlling COVID-19” are the same morons pushing for de-industrialization under guise of “combatting climate change”. It will an interesting next few years.

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