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Why Western Corporations are Susceptible to SJW-ism Type Bullshit

July 18, 2021 9 comments

In the past few years, hardly a day goes by without some corporation or institution publicly announcing (often with great fanfare) its newest initiative to encourage “diversity”, support “LGBTQ+” or running some program to educate its employees about “Critical Race Theory”. While many of you think that this is “normal” and “everybody is doing it”- the reality is quite different. See.. there is a big world outside the anglosphere (which incidentally accounts for most of global economy and industrial capacity) where almost no corporation, business or institution even pretends to care about this SJW-ism bullshit. But have you ever wondered why corporations and institutions in China, Japan, India, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia etc or the entirety of South and Central America does not give a flying fuck about this bullshit.

Let me start by asking you a simple question- where is the vast majority of stuff you use in your everyday life made? The simple answer is that almost every product, from computers and smartphones to the chemicals used to make everything from drugs,plastics, agricultural chemicals etc, is made outside the anglosphere. Here is an even funnier fact- the almost total deindustrialization of anglosphere countries occurred fairly recently. While New Zealand and Australia never developed a real industrial base, others such as Canada, UK and USA used to a pretty extensive base as late as the 1980s. In fact, even as late as 1992 the USA had, by far, the largest industrial base on this planet. So what happened and more importantly, what is the connection of deindustrialization with rise of SJW-ism bullshit?

Let me ask you another question- If most corporations in the anglosphere don’t make their money by making stuff- how do they do they keep making all those “record” profits? Well.. they are many reasons. Firstly, the wealth of corporations is dependent on the stock market and other types of financial “engineering”. If that does not work, their governments just print trillions of dollars to bail them out. But the default business model of anglosphere corporations and, increasingly, institutions in past four decades has been largely based on parasitizing the rest of society to extract money and wealth resulting in progressive impoverishment of the later. To be fair, this is also seen in west European countries during past two decades. In other words, their whole existence is predicated on them being able to successfully continue parasitizing the majority of people in the nations where they exist.

All of this is a fancy way of saying that large corporations and institutions in anglosphere (and increasingly western Europe) are highly financialized and parasitic entities which provide the illusion of normality, routine and progress while sucking their host dry. However, entities and institutions that do make anything real or provide useful services have a tendency to slowly lose touch with physical reality. As some of you know, I have in the past few months, written multiple articles about how people in west are increasingly losing touch with physical reality. But why are financialized corporations and institutions so susceptible to SJW-ism bullshit? Well.. let me turn that question around ask you- why are corporations such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Airbus, Samsung, Hyundai, Reliance, ONGC, any large Chinese corporate entity etc so resistant to SJWism? What is their secret?

The secret for their resistance to SJWism, as it turns out, is those corporations cannot function if their management chose to live in a make-believe world. Do you think Toyota and Honda continue to make excellent automobiles if their management chose to live in an imaginary world? Could Samsung or TSMC keep manufacturing the best microprocessors and computer memory in the world? Could Airbus keep making the best airliners? Could corporations such as Reliance, ONGC, Sinopec etc keep running their petrochemical businesses? It is not surprising that the corporations in USA most resistant to SJWism are also the same ones which actually produce or make real stuff or provide real services. However this is no longer the case for most large corporations in this country. Tell me something.. What real product does Amazon make? What about FakeBook? Are any of the services provided by Google indispensable given that every important aspect of our current world existed before Google was even formed.

But it is not just Silly Valley. Tell me something.. what real product or indispensable service do large banks and other financial institutions provide? What about hedge funds? What about corporations used to make real stuff before being financialized such as GE or IBM. The only really indispensable product still made by american auto manufacturers is the Ford F-150. And this brings us to the next issue- what sort of person will be hired and thrive in corporations and institutions which do not make real stuff or provide essential services. Well.. the same type who flourishes in any bureaucracy- a beetle-man (or beetle-women). Read 1984 if you don’t understand the beetle-man reference. The very short version is that beetle-men are bureaucrats who know how to keep their head down, effortlessly change their ideology based on prevailing fashions and invent useless work and meetings to keep themselves employed.

Most corporations and institutions in anglosphere are now full of beetle-men and women, careerists and other other assorted human parasites. They have no interest in any real reform of the status quo as such a change would destroy the purported reason for their existence. They therefore try to be relevant and cover their parasitic lifestyle by backing bullshit SJW ideas such as “diversity”, LGBTQ+” and “Critical Race Theory”. That is also why previously relevant institutions such as schools, universities and (increasingly) the medical profession etc are playing the same tune. SJW-ism is not part of some grand strategy- rather, it is what happens when previously healthy institutions whose existence used to be a net benefit to society become financialized and parasitic. That is why SJW-ism is restricted to corporations and institutions in the decaying anglosphere and (to some extent) western Europe. Think of it as a symptom of the disease, rather than the underlying illness.

What do you think? Comments?

Biden and DNC Want to Censor Text Messages For ‘Misinformation’

July 14, 2021 2 comments

So.. I wanted to write an article about Biden and DNC trying to pressure telecom carriers into censoring text messages about COVID-19 vaccination for ‘misinformation’- but somebody got there first. Here is a clip from the YT Channel ‘Talking Points‘ on which they discuss why this idea is so bad and will set a very dangerous precedent. Then again, ivy-league “educated” LIEbral idiots are not known for their ability for critical thought and reasoning.

Should be able to finish and post another real post on why western corporations are so willing to go along with “wokeism” by tomorrow.

What do you think? Comments?

Some Thoughts on Potential Etiology of the ‘Long COVID’ Phenomena

July 7, 2021 12 comments

So.. here is another post which I considered writing months ago, but was too lazy and bored to finish at that time. It is no secret that ‘Branch Covidians’ aka COVID Doomers keep talking about how everybody who got and recovered from COVID-19 will somehow get a nebulous chronic disease condition known as “Long COVID”. Of course, it turns out that even the most ardent believers in “Long COVID” lack a proper definition of this alleged condition. Then again, these are almost always the same idiots who kept shouting that the Orange Buffoon was an “existential threat to democracy” rather than an incompetent moron whose only real skills lay at trolling LIEbral idiots and entertaining others with his buffoonery.

With that out of way, let us talk about the potential etiology of a bunch of disparate symptom clusters that are popularly referred to as “Long COVID” by LIEbral idiots.

1] Let us start by talking about prolonged symptoms of unwellness in people who ended up in the ICU or hospital due to COVID-19. Here is a fun fact.. a pretty high percentage of those below 60 who ended up in the hospital or ICU had chronic diseases, serious obesity or had received systemic treatments for some form of cancer. But wait.. there is more! See.. even a healthy person who ends up in an ICU for over a coupe of days will experiences some degree of chronic unwellness ranging from the purely mental (anxiety, PTSD-lite, depression) to physical symptoms (fibromylagia type symptoms, neuropathy like symptoms, migraine-type headaches etc) for upto 1-3 months after leaving the hospital.

To make matters worse, the excessive use of ventilators on hospitalized patients in first few months of pandemic is associated with even higher rates of residual symptoms of chronic unwellness as well as real physical damage to organs such as the lungs. And yes.. even non-COVID patients who end up on ventilators for as little as a couple of days experience some degree of lung damage due to the use of those machines. Having said that, the vast majority (over 95%) of these people will be back to normal by the 6-month mark. Unfortunately, there is always a small percentage (typically 5%-10%) of those who end up on ventilators who will have residual symptoms past the 6-month mark.

2] Here is another poorly known but important fact about systemic infections.. about 10-20% of those who recover from any systemic infection will experience some residual symptoms that feel like fibromyalgia-lite for about 1-3 months after clinically verified recovery. This is especially common in aftermath of intra-cellular bacterial infections (systemic salmonellasis, various ricketssial infections etc) and viral infections. That is why you keep hearing about people who still feel a bit ‘off’ even a month or tow after recovering from influenza. That is also why about 20% of people have residual respiratory symptoms (dry cough etc) even after they recover from the viral infection which caused it in the first place.

The vast majority of these symptoms will resolve by themselves by 2-month mark. There is always the option of using a short course of steroid inhalers and non-sedating antihistamines to treat bothersome respiratory symptoms or NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen of Indomethacin to treat more systemic issues. The point I am trying to make is these minor post-infection symptoms will resolve themselves in 1-2 months or they can be easily treated with fairly safe drugs. There is always a very small possibility (less than 1%) of even successfully treated infections triggering a latent auto-immune condition, but as I said before- that is pretty rare.

3] It is however my opinion that the majority of those claiming to suffer from “Long COVID” have psychosomatic issues. Diseases, even those displaying fairly vague or broad symptoms, tend to have a fairly well-denied core of symptoms and pathology. For example- lupus, which famously presents with a wide variety of symptoms, has a fairly defined set of core symptoms and pathological changes. This is why you can diagnose and stage even a notoriously slippery diseases such as Lupus. Now contrast this to the state of affairs seen in patients claiming to have ‘Long COVID’. Let us, for a minute, ignore that over half of them do not have the right set of antibodies to indicate previous infection with COVID-19.

With over 10% of the american population definitely infected (and recovered from) COVID-19, one might have seen tens if not hundreds of thousands of people with such conditions and consistent lab findings to back their contention. But we haven’t seen anything along those lines. Did I mention that the likely figure of those infected with COVID-19 in this country is closer to 30-40% once you realize the fact that most infections (especially in younger age groups) are almost totally asymptomatic. And yet we have no consistent pattern of evidence for such a non-specific pathology. It is also odd that the median “long COVID survivor” is far more likely to a white female and between 30-50 yrs of age- a group also over-represented among those prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.

I have a feeling that this particular post is going to attract a lot of comments and attention.

What do you think? Comments?

How to Identify Half-Truths, Bullshit and Fraud Pushed as ‘Science’: 2

July 3, 2021 29 comments

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about some of the more common markers of half-truths, bullshit and outright fraud being pushed as “science” or “truth”. These range from people justifying their beliefs by invoking sad shit such as credentialism, the requirement of “special” knowledge, frequent acts of virtue display, alleged “scientific consensus”, invoking “peer reviewed” bullshit etc. Now I try to explain some of these in a bit more detail using a few contemporary examples- starting with the very obvious.

1] As many of you know, until the past couple of months ago, nobody who held a position in any “respectable” university or institution wanted to go on record as a supporter of ‘lab leak’ theory for origin of COVID-19. And let us be honest, the idea that COVID-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan (specifically in one of the two institutions which studied coronaviruses in that city) was openly proposed as early as January 2020. In fact, we now know from Fauci’s FOIAed emails that he and his close professional acquaintances exchanged multiple emails and had a couple of confidential meetings to discuss that exact possibility in early months of 2020.

So why were alleged “experts” such as Fauci, Baric, Daszak and their other co-conspirators etc so willing to dismiss that possibility in public until a couple of months ago? What made them change their tune? Well.. there were many reasons, but the election of Dementia Joe was the least important one. A much bigger reason was that the Chinese were unable, even after a year, to either find or generate a virus which could have been the wild-precursor to COVID-19. Compare to that SARS in 2003, where they were able to find the intermediate host and wild-type precursor virus within a few months of searching at a far lower intensity.

To put it bluntly, the western supporters and funders of GOF research on coronaviruses in China could no longer pretend that the COVID-19 pandemic was an unfortunate but natural outbreak. But what do their attempts at obfuscation for over a year tell us about how “science” works in real life? Well.. it turns out that “science” is as messy, biased and fraud-ridden as any other human enterprise including politics. And this should not be surprising as all those “scientists” doing “science” are human beings, with most being pettier than the average person. The idea that science is some noble enterprise involved in search for truth is something only a naive or retarded person can believe.

2] Moving on the topic of COVID-19 vaccines, more specifically their side-effects, you might have noticed that many “scientists” and “doctors” (especially those in official positions of power) are busy pretending that they don’t exist. Now any pharmacologist or physician, who is not dumb or lying, will tell you that every single drug has adverse effects. And there is a good reason for that. See.. any chemical or biologically active protein you put in the body has a pharmacological effect which can be desirable (aka therapeutic effect) or undesirable (aka toxicity). To make matters more interesting, the undesirable effect of a drug in one disease can be be desirable in another disease.

My point is that even the safest and most selective drug will cause adverse effects in a small percentage of people it is administered to- and this is before we start talking about placebos. The real question before using any drug is whether benefits exceeds potential risk- specifically for that patient. In many cases the choice is very obvious, for example- treating a strep throat or UTI with antibiotics makes a lot of sense since the risk of severe side-effects is very low, while the risk from not treating those infections promptly is quite substantial. On the end of spectrum, selecting a drug regime for treating various cancers is requires the careful balancing of various factors from staging of cancer, its sub-type, previous treatment, patient tolerance to side-effects of various drugs and much more.

The vast majority of vaccines approved for human use are very safe and we know that is the case from extensive clinical trials and ongoing experience. However, even then, we do not inject everybody with every available vaccine because it is understood that the incidence of some diseases (human rabies, botulism, yellow fever outside endemic areas) is too low to justify mass vaccination. Now compare this to what has happened with COVID-19 vaccines. Firstly, the “experts” are pretending that mRNA vaccines are very safe even through we have never previously used them at a large-scale in humans OR animals. Need I remind you that mRNA-based drugs did not go anywhere for over 20 years because they caused tons of side-effects in animal studies and small clinical trials.

While one or two doses of a mRNA vaccine are unlikely to be as problematic as multiple weekly doses of a mRNA-based drug, we cannot pretend that this is well understood technology. If you look at lots of official and large amounts of anecdotal data, it is hard to ignore that mRNA vaccines are associated with rather high rate of occurrences (for a vaccine) of certain adverse effects. These include Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (often alongside other clotting disorders), Myocarditis and Pericarditis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Lymphadenopathy etc. What makes these adverse effects interesting is that they are almost always seen within a week of the vaccine- especially the 2nd dose.

There is also a very interesting age pattern for these adverse effects- with Myocarditis and Pericarditis being almost exclusive to those below 30 and male, Persistent Lymphadenopathy almost always occurring in women between 30 and 60, symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy occurring predominantly in older individuals etc. So why are so many pretending that these serious adverse effects are not occurring and trying hard to cover up the real numbers. We can certainly talk about relative risks of mortality and morbidity from COVID-19 vs mRNA vaccines- but let us not pretends that they later don’t exist.

Too many people know those vaccines have serious side-effects in some people and denying them is just going to destroy whatever residual trust those people had in these so-called “experts”. And it gets worse than that.. the recent attempts to vaccinate all 12-17 years with these vaccines is a bad idea because we know from even preliminary data that the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis requiring hospitalization in this age group is higher than the rate of hospitalization due to COVID-19- especially in most kids who are not morbidly obese or otherwise seriously ill.

And I am not the only one saying that.. (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5 and link 6). FYI, these opinions are increasingly common and now expressed in public circles and on social media by many physicians including cardiologists. Will talk more about this topic in next part of series.

What do you think? Comments?

Another Reason for Decreased Fertility Rates in Developed Countries

June 25, 2021 19 comments

As regular readers know, I have written more than a few posts (link 1, link 2 and link 3) about low fertility rates in developed countries. This post highlights another explanation for those rates which works irrespective of culture or race. To be clear, I am not saying that it is the only one- but it is certainly one of the major, if not the most important, reason. As you will see, it is also the least obvious to anyone who grew up in the West within the past century.

To understand what I am getting at, let me ask you a simple question- around what principle have human societies been organized for over 99.9% of our history as a species. Is it money, land or domesticated animals? Or was it around religion, a secular legal code or some sort of ideology? Here is a clue.. most of mankind did not use money regularly as late as a couple hundred years ago and the oldest conventional religion still around is about 2500 years old. Modern human beings, in contrast, have been around for at least 100k years.

To make a long story short, human society has evolved and been primarily organized around long-term (but non-monetary) human relationships. As late as 18th century, most people in the west did not use money to perform most of the exchanges necessary for daily life. But what does any of this have to do with rapidly decreasing fertility among developed countries since the 1970s. To understand that, let me ask you another question- what motivates people to have to raise children? You might think the answer is simple, but it is not.

See, many of you might think that people in past used to have kids because effective birth control was not available. Even that is only partially true, but it brings up an even bigger question which most people ignore. Let me put it this way.. if the lack of birth control caused a large number of births, what motivation did parents have to care for and raise children? Willful or less than willful neglect can easily kill young children, yet even in the poorest and materially deprived populations, that is seldom the case. Some might say that such behavior is instinctual- but if that was the case shouldn’t more people in developed countries having kids? Clearly they don’t lack the resources for raising them.

Some sophists might say that having kids has become very expensive in the West. But is that really the case? In most developed countries outside USA, having kids is no more financially onerous than having a half-decent car. And this brings me to another question- given the chance, why will more people in West buy and maintain a semi-luxury car with extra money than have a child, let alone another one. Are you starting to see what I am driving at? Still confused? Let me ask you the same question even more bluntly- why do people see having children as a net negative drain on their perceived happiness?

To understand why people in West see children as costly inconveniences, we have to first talk about why humans throughout history saw having and raising children as a source of great joy and life-cycle fulfillment. See.. in the era before monetization of everything (past century) the vast majority of people lived a life defined by long-term relationships with others around them. You can now see why having and raising children was a source of joy and fulfillment to people throughout history. Children are the ultimate in new long-term relationships and the only way of leaving a legacy.

So what changed? It started with monetization of society in West. There is a reason why 18th century lords in UK used to have a dozen children while their late-19th century counterparts often had only a few, or sometimes none. But why does monetization of society make it less worthwhile to have children? Well.. because heavily monetized societies are impersonal and atomized. Conversely societies that are not heavily monetized still take joy in having and raising children. This is also why working class people in UK kept having large families into the 1930s. The same applies for societies all over the world- from Ireland and Italy to India and Japan. But is the increasing amount of social atomization the only reason?

As it turns out, there are other related reasons. See.. in pre-industrial or early-industrial societies, the children you had and raised also lived and worked around you for the rest of your life. In other words, you spent a lot of time with your children and vice-versa. However in a society where both parents work 9-to-5 jobs, kids go to schools, then move away for university and jobs- there just isn’t time and space to form strong bonds with them. Most people in the West see their kids for perhaps 2-4 hours a day until they move away for university and jobs- often forever. The socio-economic system in West and other developed countries forces perpetual loneliness on its inhabitants.

Now tell me why would a sane person put in the effort and sacrifice to have and raise kids if they could not even provide them basic human company in their lives. It is therefore my opinion that Western social systems based on the current model of removing all potential to form meaningful human interactions and relationships fully deserve to die. The only hope for a better world comes from the demise of this dystopic status quo- hopefully sooner than later.

What do you think? Comments?

Documentary about HIV Origins and Similarity to COVID-19 Situation

June 20, 2021 5 comments

Here is an older documentary about how HIV in human beings most likely originated from a campaign of experimental polio vaccination in Africa during the 1950s. I am sure that some of you might have already heard about this theory, since it has been around in the public domain since the early 1990s. To make a long story short, a series of poor decisions made by Hilary Koprowski while developing and testing his live-virus oral vaccine in erstwhile Belgian Congo. While the original article exposing him was retracted by Rolling Stones because the journalist misidentified the species of monkey whose cells were used for propagating the polio virus, later investigation by others have revealed that chimpanzee-derived cells and tissue were almost certainly used in production of that ill-fated vaccine.

So whenever somebody says that hastily developed vaccines (especially if they are based on new technology for that era) will cause no problems down the line, they are taking out of their ass. Let me remind you that even the original inactivated virus Salk polio vaccine had issues before they got the manufacturing process right. And this is not a solitary example as vaccines for many other diseases, which are now extremely safe, had predecessors which were quite problematic. There is a huge difference between well-tested and widely available vaccines such as DPT, MMR etc and something that is experimental- even today. This is why I am more OK with vaccines based on established technology such as protein subunit based (Novavax) and even adenoviral-vector based COVID-19 vaccines than mRNA based ones- especially if you are in the low-risk age groups. Maybe we will find out that mRNA vaccines have an excellent long-term safety profile, but I would prefer to let others take the risk.

What do you think? Comments?

How to Identify Half-Truths, Bullshit and Fraud Pushed as ‘Science’: 1

June 18, 2021 11 comments

Many of you might have recently heard dumb LIEbrals mindlessly repeat bullshit phrases such as “trust the science”, “we follow the science” or something else along those lines. If you have followed my blog for some time, you also know what I think about them. With that in mind, I have decided to write a short series on how to identify half-truths, bullshit and outright fraud as “science”. Some of what I am going to write in this series can be found in my older posts, but a lot of material will be new. So let us begin..

1] Anybody brandishing their supposed “credentials” or “institutional affiliations” as the main or one of the major reasons you should believe or trust them is confabulating, lying or trying to cover up their own lack of knowledge. See.. you do not require special credentials to say that the sky is blue, antibiotics can treat bacterial infections or the composition of fuel affects internal combustion engine performance. Also notice how these facts are not controversial. Similarly I can easily explain to an interested person with a 1st year university education how anti-histamines, anti-cholinergics, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics have similar structural features- and how many of the later three came out of research into anti-histamines.

2] Anybody who pretends that average people are too dumb to understand their theory or worldview is either pushing crap or lying. Any person of average intelligence, with a grade 12 level education and an interest in a given field can learn the basics of that field within a few months to a couple of years. Sure.. some might learn it faster or better, but most people who are interested in something will reliably learn its basics pretty fast. FYI- that is why we have schools, universities, courses and textbooks. If you cannot convey your ideas clearly to an interested 18-year old without brain damage, the problem lies with your own ability to teach.

3] Anybody who claims that they are somehow morally or ethically superior to all those other people should never be trusted as a source of knowledge. Anybody making a supposedly humanistic or moralistic argument for supporting their worldview is almost always lying, to the audience or themselves. The same goes for people who keep dropping acronyms in situations where they should know better. “Credentialed” people whose public image or income stream is heavily dependent on their books, lectures, videos, podcasts etc should also be not trusted. Similarly, membership in a NGOs and similar organisations is an automatic red-flag.

4] Anybody pushing “the science is settled”, “there is scientific consensus”, “science say..” is talking about religion aka scientism not science. Even well-studied areas of science devoted to study of simple systems such as particle physics, organic chemistry, geology, astrophysics etc contain huge gaps and holes in our understanding of some of the most basic concepts and phenomena in those fields. Perhaps I will explain this in a bit more detail in future parts of this series. This problem gets much worse in areas devoted to study of complex systems such as biology, medicine, ecology, climate etc. Anybody claiming definitive knowledge of poorly understood systems is talking out of their ass, trying to make money or both.

5] As a rule of thumb, the majority of articles published in peer-reviewed journals devoted to biomedical research are not reproducible. To make matters more interesting, the percentages of un-reproducible results is often higher for articles published in journals with higher impact factors than those in less prestigious journals. While the percentage of such articles is lower in other areas of science such as physics, chemistry or geology- they are much higher in journals devoted to nutrition, psychology, clinical research to say nothing about journals devoted to definitively non-STEM areas. To make a long story short, most research published in peer-reviewed journals ranges from exaggeration and bullshitting to outright lies and fraud.

6] While poorly quality, deliberately misleading or outright fraudulent research has been a problem since the beginning of science, it has become a far bigger problem in the past four decades- because of the manner in which research is funded and universities are run. I hope to soon write about how neoliberalism, financialism and credentialism have basically destroyed science all over the world. There is a reason why there has basically no large-scale scientific breakthrough in past 30-40 years, and most of what we call progress is either a development on, or improvement of, something discovered or invented before the 1980s.

In the next post of this series, I hope to go into more detail about some of the points raised in this post- with an eye towards what is going on around us right now. Yes.. you know what I am talking about.

What do you think? Comments?

Movies and Television Shows Made Before Mid-2000s Were Relatable

June 12, 2021 16 comments

As readers know, recently, I have been writing posts about how western countries (especially its LIEbrals) are rapidly losing all touch with all physical reality. And this got me thinking.. is there an easier and quicker way to show you that the overall mindset in western countries has moved away from dealing with reality. While there are multiple possibilities, one stands out for its simplicity and ease of confirmation. Some time ago, I had an interesting epiphany about older films and TV shows while watching copies of them on YouTube. The very short version of them is as follows: films and TV shows made before the mid-2000s had characters who looked far more normal, inhabited far more normal environments and had storylines that were much closer to reality than films and shows made after early-to mid-2000s.

Confused? Aren’t films and TV (or cable) shows always supposed to contain an embellished or idealized representation of reality? Well.. yes, of course. However, even the most fictionalized and idealized depictions of reality in older films and TV shows are much closer to reality than the absurd crap that has produced over past 15 years. And yes.. this is not just a Hollywood, TV show or NetFlix thing- since the same problem is obvious in video games. But before you are confused any further, let me take you through a few examples of what I am talking about.

Let us start by talking about what many consider one of the most unrealistic but popular TV shows of the 1990s and early 2000s- “Friends”. Even causally searching for that show on the internet today will lead you to tons of articles about how that show was unrealistic because its characters lived in very large NYC apartments, cast was too white or too good looking etc. However, I disagree with most of these criticisms, and here is why. Other that being able to afford large apartments in NYC on average wages, most of the underlying dynamics of that show was based in reality. Tell me something.. how many middle/ upper-middle class white people have real black or non-white friends, even in 2021.

While the central characters of that show were reasonably good looking actors, they were certainly not super-model grade. More importantly the dilemmas faced by characters, their actions as well as their environment was surprisingly close to reality- especially compared to similar but new TV, cable and Netflix shows being broadcast or streamed today. Even shows such as ‘Beverley Hills 90210’ and ‘Melrose Place’ were inhabited by more far more normal-looking characters than their current equivalents. Yes.. even those shows. Or look the rather ordinary looking decor on shows such as ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Home Improvement’, ‘King of Queens, ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ‘3rd Rock from Sun’ or even ‘Frasier’.

My point is that zany storylines notwithstanding, the world inhabited by characters in shows before pre-2003 shows felt real in a way that the shows made in past 15 years do not. Even the environment in 90s fantasy shows such as ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘X-Files’, ‘Twilight Zone’ or ‘Outer Limits’ feel real in a way their modern equivalents do not. Heck.. even the highly exaggerated characters in ‘Married with Children’ feel real in a way which those in ‘Modern family’ do not- because the motivations of the former were based in reality in a way the later was not. And this goes problem goes far beyond a couple of genres. Compare the first 5-6 seasons of ‘NYPD Blue’ or ‘ER’ to their utterly ridiculous modern day equivalents such as all those ‘Law and Order’ spinoffs and knockoffs or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or ‘House’.

Or compare late night talk shows from the 1990s and early 2000s (Leno, Letterman, pre-2005 O’Brien, Craig Ferguson etc) to their current equivalents. In spite of being just as formulaic, they appealed to a far broader demographic and had far less irritating gimmicks or politically opinionated bullshit that their current equivalents. They did not pretend to be anything beyond light entertainment to help you sleep, see a celebrity or catch up on some amusing news. Or think about animated shows such as first 9 seasons of ‘The Simpsons’, ‘King of the Hill’, ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’, ‘Daria’ etc had storylines that were understandable or sorta relatable. Even an absurdist cartoon such as ‘Futurama’ was relatable in ways that ‘Family Guy’ or ‘American Dad’ aren’t. This holds for almost all modern adult-oriented cartoon shows.

Moving on to movies. compare the looks and physique look at the average (or median) movie actor in the pre-2005 era to those today. Sure.. many of the chicks probably had eating disorders and a couple of implants and nosejob, but they looked far closer to what you saw in everyday life (especially if you lived in a large city) than the type of people you see in movies today. Don’t believe me? Just go through almost any movie made before 2005, commercially successful or not, and compare them to movies made in past 15 years. You will immediately notice that a lot of movie stars and supporting cast in those older movies look far closer to what you might see in your daily life than the type of people cast in newer movies.

And this extends to the set decor of the movies, whether you are talking about exterior and interior of houses, interior of offices and other non-residential buildings, lighting and ambiance and much more. Even the story-lines of those older movies have far fewer superheros, comic-book fantasy elements, nor were there so many reboots, prequels and sequels. My point is that the world depicted in pre-2005 movies (which are supposed to escapist fantasies anyway) just feel far more realistic, naturally grimy, lived-in and imperfect than the unrealistically clean or dirty, hyper-colorful and semi-cartoonish looking worlds seen in post-2005 movies, even those which are not full of comic book superheros and CGI creatures.

What do you think? Comments?

YT Clips about Medical Bureaucratism and Ivermectin in COVID-19

June 10, 2021 5 comments

Here are a couple of YT clips about how LIEbral “intellectual” authoritarianism and medical bureaucratism is trying to pretend that Ivermectin has no role in early treatment of COVID-19 for high-risk patients. To be clear I am not suggesting that the drug in question is some magic bullet for that disease. However, it is clear that Ivermectin (and a few other repurposed drugs such as Indomethacin, Azithromycin, Doxycycline, low-dose Hydroxychloroquine, low-dose Colchicine, inhaled Fluticasone, inhaled Interferon-alpha etc) did seem to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death in high-risk patients, IF given within first 2-3 days of symptoms.

While we do have multiple effective vaccines since the beginning of this year, it worth nothing that the bulk of deaths due to COVID-19 in USA and other western countries occurred before they were widely available. In other words, better and timely use of repurposed drugs could have reduced the hospitalization and death burden due to COVID-19. However a series of decisions made by vested interests and medical bureaucracy in western countries conspired to stop such attempts, as they saw these attempts as a challenge to their power and ability to make money. Consequently, many people who could have recovered uneventfully or survived were hospitalized or are dead.

Clip #1: Censorship of medical information and intellectual authoritarianism

Clip #2: Ivermectin will not be allowed to be an effective treatment

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‘Lab Leak’ Theory for COVID-19 Was Always the Most Realistic One

June 6, 2021 16 comments

Over a year ago, I wrote a post about how COVID-19 was most likely the result of a ‘gain of function’ research. In that post, I referenced an article which made a very good and verifiable case that COVID-19 (also known as SARS-2 at that time) had multiple features which were almost certainly the result of human manipulation. At that time, such talk was considered to be “conspiracy theory” and “disinformation”. Well.. after 500k (maybe 400k?) deaths in USA and Biden’s election to presidency a few months ago, it seems that this theory for COVID-19 origin has suddenly become respectable in “mainstream media”. Very tellingly, over the past year the majority of americans kept believing that COVID-19 was the product of manipulation in a lab rather than direct transmission from some wild animal such as a bat.

To be clear, the main progenitor virus for COVID-19 was almost certainly a bat coronavirus. It’s secondary (and minor) parent was also almost certainly a pangolin coronavirus. However it is very clear, based on a number of features of COVID-19, that the recombinant progeny of these two wild coronaviruses was not the result of a natural event outside the lab. While these features have been mentioned in a number of articles (such as link 1 and link 2). While I could certainly write a longer post detailing the many ways that some of the most relevant features of COVID-19 are far more likely to have arisen as a result of lab manipulation than natural selection, it is best done as a separate post. The very short version is that the combination of features of COVID-19 which underlie its high infectivity in humans are simply too numerous to have arisen naturally in such a short timespan.

Moreover, we still haven’t found a very similar virus in either bats or another animal. Contrast this state of affairs to what happened with SARS in 2003, where they were able to identify the intermediate animal host within 6 months (and original host within a couple of years). Also, the amount of resources spent on that search was a tiny fraction of those devoted to finding their equivalents for COVID-19. To make matters worse, a bunch of FOIA-ed emails from Faucci show that many “experts” who dismissed the lab leak theory actively considered and discussed it at the same time they were issuing denials and writing articles to “debunk” it. We also know that many officials in american medical research bureaucracy wanted to suppress any talk of lab leaks since it would jeopardize their own funding for ‘Gain of Function’ research in viruses. In fact, it is very likely that american collaborations with the Wuhan Institute occurred because regulations in USA made it hard to do such research in this country.

Which brings us to how most of the concrete evidence for an artificial origin for COVID-19 was uncovered by so-called “amateurs” rather that “credentialed experts“. Ever wonder whether these so-called “professional experts” were just incompetent or malicious? I think that it is a combination of the two. While certain “certain experts” such as Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric and Anthony Fauci actively tried to discredit the lab leak theory inspite of clearly understanding (at a very early date) that the virus was most likely the product of ‘Gain of Function’ research, many others were likely too stupid to understand their own incompetence and therefore went along with whatever groupthink was fashionable at that time. And this isn’t surprising, since modern academics selects for submissive, uncreative and borderline incompetent people with strong conformist tendencies. There is a reason why scientific progress in West has largely stagnated for past two to three decades.

So where does all of this lead to? Well.. for starters many “mainstream media” outlets have been trying to stealth-edit all of their previous articles in which they dismissed the ‘lab leak’ theory as “conspiracy” and “disinformation”. Of course, they are getting caught doing so. But this raises an even bigger question- what else they have been promoting over past year has been a lie? After all, these are the same people who tried to convince the american public that Bin Laden had a ‘Dr. Evil’ type headquarters in some mountain in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Consider this.. Fauci’s emails clearly show that he himself never believed that COVID-19 could be stopped by cloth or surgical face masks. However, as we all know, he kept aggressively promoting such face masks until the past 2-3 weeks. And yes.. there have been multiple studies which show that normal face masks have no worthwhile effect on the transmission of other respiratory viruses.

In my opinion, the much bigger question is how the final public acceptance of COVID-19 being created by ‘Gain of Function’ research will shape their willingness to fund such research, or even anything vaguely similar to it, in the future. Think about how the Three Miles Island and Chernobyl accidents shaped public attitudes towards nuclear power generation. And let us honest about something else.. lab accidents which accidentally released pathogenic microbes resulting in human diseases, deaths and animal epidemics are not unknown. So something like the lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) leak was inevitable. In fact, I am surprised that a massive fuck-up involving generically-engineered pathogens did not happen sooner. Might write another post on this topic based on reader responses and more relevant information in the very near future.

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Some Thoughts on the Spread and Future of Critical Race Theory Cult

May 31, 2021 42 comments

By now, all of you must have heard about something called ‘Critical Race Theory’ (henceforth referred to as CRT) mentioned in some context or the other. Perhaps, it was came up in the context of a corporate mandated ‘woke’ seminar or you saw CRT mentioned in a news piece about how some state governments wanting to ban it being taught in schools. Now you will get to hear my thoughts on CRT, specifically the speed of its spread and its future. But before we go there, let us clear about a few things- starting with what CRT is and what it isn’t.

1] The people pushing CRT are not driven by any concern for ensuring racial equality or even ‘equity’. In that respect they are no different from “environmentalists” who like to pretend that they are driven by concern for the “environment”. While human beings are capable of caring about something concrete like another person, animal, plant or even a rock- they are incapable of caring about things that are abstract. Ergo, anybody who tells you that they care about an abstract concept such as racism, environment or family values is either lying or delusional. Pretending to care for abstract concepts is one of the hallmarks of a religion.

CRT, just like environmentalism, is a post-modern secular religion.. in fact, it is closer to a secular cult, for reasons which I will go into later. Which brings us the next question- what need does willing membership of this cult fulfill? I believe that it fulfills three separate needs. For its originators, CRT is about making money and becoming famous. For its pushers, the ideology is just another way to pretend that they have real and important jobs- and thus ensure steady employment. For willing believers, it is a class signifier which allows them to feel superior to all those other “undeserving” people around them.

2] Now that we know what CRT is really about, let us talk about my thoughts about this cult. As many of you know, I have no love for CONServative and LIEbral whites or anyone else who believes in ideologies- irrespective of their race or skin color. I have said it many times before, and will say it again, anybody who seriously thinks that any ideology is an accurate mental model of the world is either dumb or lying- most likely the former. Having said that, I am kinda amused that so many white people in this country are willing to just bend over and attend all those mandated “diversity” and other CRT seminars at work just so that they can keep their pathetic jobs. Talk about spinelessness!

Then again, the degree of spinelessness and hyper-conformism among most people (especially whites) in this country is obvious to anyone with more than half-a-brain. Just look at these lemmings follow and actively justify stupid ideas such as “cloth face masks block infection by airborne viruses”. A smaller percentage are even willing to actively parrot bullshit such as “2-3 year old children can make decisions about their real gender”, “Hispanic people in this country are a monolithic group and like to referred to as Latinx” or “having long-term mental illness is normal”. Then again, a really high percentage of this group have a rather tenuous connection with physical reality- as I have mentioned in a number of recent posts.

At one level, I feel that many white people deserve to be subjected to this CRT cult bullshit- largely because it is the logical conclusion to their willingness to go along with increasingly bizarre ideas with decreasing connection with reality. Think about it.. are the beliefs espoused by CRT really that crazy if you are actively willing to go along with other cultish bullshit such as the explosion of trans and queer-identifying children, normalizing mental illness and fragility or coming up exotic sounding designations for other groups even if they actively hate them? Then again, there isn’t much of a margin between somebody in the midst of an acute mania episode claiming to have solved global strife and disrobing to run down the street.

3] But what explains the fast spread of screwed-up ideologies such as CRT and other related drivel through corporations and other large institutions. There are those who want to believe that is part of some nefarious conspiracy orchestrated by certain billionaires with characteristic surnames. Perhaps.. but a far more likely explanation is that most people in this country are spineless hyper-conformists who will go enthusiastically go along with any bad or horrible idea as long as they get they think it will get them their paychecks and a possible promotion. Face it.. this is no different from how most Germans enthusiastically went along with the Nazis as long as they thought they were going to win. Remember that Nazis went from a party which could not even win 3% of vote to the only party in 1930-era Germany within 5 years.

Ironically, Russians who opposed Stalin put up far more of a fight than Germans in 1930s did against Nazis. My point is that the vast majority of people in this country are too selfish, greedy, atomized and short-sighted to oppose noxious ideologies such as CRT. In fact, those who aspire to join the rank of elites will actively support any ideology which they imagine will help them achieve that end. In fact, if you told them that castrating their own kids would raise their own social standing, they would not only do so but find ways to actively justify it. On second thoughts.. aren’t they already doing that? To make a long story short, there is no mysterious reason behind the spread of CRT and other noxious secular cults in a rapidly declining empire without a shared sense of purpose and destiny.

4] So.. does CRT have a future in this country? How long will the majority of people go along with this simultaneously hilarious and noxious bullshit? Well.. if I had to make a prediction- barring some unforeseen circumstances, CRT is going to be around for far longer than most of you think. Here is why.. CRT has now become a way for some people to make money and far more to justify their continued employment. It is now like legalized loan sharking, the bail bond industry, prisons in rural counties and many other similar “industries” which parasitize the people who actually make stuff and do real work in this country. And then there is the reason why so many aspiring elites pay lip service to CRT and similar ideologies.

As mentioned near the beginning of this post, a lot of these aspiring cocksuckers pay lips-service to CRT because it provides them another excuse to look down upon all those other “undeserving and unwashed” people. I expect this to continue until we reach the point when CRT starts to personally hurt the financial and career prospects of them or their progeny. Will that change eventually? Of course. Will it occur soon, say.. within next 2-3 years? Hard to say with absolute certainty- but likely not, though I would like to be wrong about this one.

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How India Managed to Botch its Response to Second COVID-19 Wave

May 28, 2021 14 comments

A few weeks ago, you might have heard endless articles about the COVID-19 situation in India was horrible and “medical system had collapsed”. At that time, I wrote a post about almost nothing you read or heard from English Language Media (ELM) in India or Main-Stream Media (MSM) in West was factual or reflective of ground reality. Readers might be interested to know that, since then, the situation in most parts of India has improved quite considerably. As I had predicted, oxygen shortages have pretty much disappeared and availability of other important medications has also improved. However it is also very clear that the Indian government (at all levels- from central down to local) did botch its response to the second wave of COVID-19.

So.. let us now talk about why they botched it up so badly and also why their screw-ups did not ultimately hurt the national response to the second wave- starting with the later.

1] The biggest reason why multiple iterations of incompetent governments and bureaucracy have not been able to destroy India comes down to the fact that vast majority of people in that country simply ignore or bypass whatever brain-dead plans, rules and regulations those two groups come up with. While some white-worshiping brown morons in West might see that as “wrong” or “corrupt”, the simple reality is that ignoring or actively flouting bad, stupid or actively dangerous rules and regulations is a sign of intelligence. It also tells you that the elite in India, unlike their Chinese counterparts, have no interest in the betterment of people living in that country. Oh ya.. they also have little to no contact with reality.

2] Which brings us the first way in which the Indian government and bureaucracy screwed up their response to second wave- namely, by ignoring the input of their medical professionals. As I mentioned in one or two of my previous posts on this topic, it was common knowledge (based on large serological surveys) that the first wave of COVID-19 in India had exposed about 20-25% of the population to that virus. That translates into 75-80% still having no exposure to COVID-19. In other words, a larger second wave was inevitable. It was really a question of when, not if, that would occur.

3] Based on how things went during the first wave , it was also clear that shortages of oxygen for treating hospitalized (but non-ICU) would be an issue during a second wave- especially in smaller cities where such medical facilities are often less than adequate. It was also known that the richer segments of urban India and much of rural India had largely escaped infection during first wave. The point I am trying to make is that any non-retarded person could have correctly figured out where and how hard the second wave would strike. But the government (at all levels) and bureaucracy simply ignored the likely consequences of data produced by their own professionals- perhaps, because they had the ‘wrong’ skin color.

4] Instead they listened to white people from the West who had “credentials” from “famous universities”. They did so in spite of the fact that these same white “experts” had been unable to control COVID-19 in their own countries. They did so despite the very obvious fact that all the NPI measures (social distancing, face masks, lockdowns etc) had not worked in western countries. The Indian system (political leadership and bureaucracy) kept pushing for drugs of dubious efficacy such as Remdesivir while often ignoring ones such as Ivermectin that seem to reduce hospitalizations in high-risk groups. Nor did they seriously explore other drugs such as Doxycycline, Colchicine or Indomethacin. Luckily, most Indians ignored their government.

5] The Indian political leadershit (at all levels) ignored the negative consequences of (even partial) lockdowns in a country with so many people dependent on day-to-day jobs for survival. They made no serious attempts to adequately compensate poor people for the loss of income from these stupid partial lockdowns. They ignored the way cities and towns in India are laid out and how and how that makes the bullshit scam of ‘social distancing’ impossible. They ignored the fact that outdoor transmission of that virus is far less frequent than indoor transmission. They pretended that non-specialized face masks were effective at blocking transmission. Luckily, once again, most Indians ignored their government.

6] The Indian government (at all levels) and bureaucracy ignored the reality of how many medical facilities and personnel they had. That is why they made a series of brain-dead decisions such as using hospital beds to treat people who required supplemental oxygen but were otherwise likely to recover. It would have been far easier to give such patients a couple of oxygen cylinders + medicines + oximeters and send them home or to some nearby non-hospital facility so that the hospital beds could be used for those who really needed specialized medical attention. You know.. basic triage. This would have prevented hospitals in small cities and large towns from being temporarily overwhelmed.

7] The government and bureaucracy also did nothing to give people a real picture of their relative risk of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19. This is especially relevant in India, where the median age of population is lower than the West. As you know, the risk of death or even hospitalization from that illness is much lower in people under 50-60 than in those above 70-80. The vast majority of population in India is below 50 and not especially obese. For this group the risk of death is less than 1 in a few thousand. For those under 20, the risk of death is even lower- approaching 1 in 100k. However the Indian government (at all levels) never systematically explained this to people or used it to formulate policies. Instead they imitated the West and pretended that the virus was also dangerous to younger age-groups.

In summary, the Indian government ( at all levels) and bureaucracy fucked up at multiple levels making something that was almost inevitable much worse than it should have been. Luckily, the virus has spread far enough in India to start running out of new hosts- which is why the number cases in many parts of that country has fallen by over 50% in past three weeks. In summary, almost all bad decisions made by Indian government and bureaucracy were due to deliberately ignoring their own professionals and data while blindly imitating mistakes of western countries + no willingness to honestly consider the real-life infrastructure constraints and logistical issues inherent to implementing their decisions.

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Why SAT and Other ‘Competitive’ Exam Scores are Fairly Worthless

May 21, 2021 19 comments

Readers might have recently heard about some “famous” universities in this country deciding to stop considering SAT scores when making decisions about admissions. You might have also heard about how this change is discriminatory towards East-Asian students who apply to those universities. A few “intellectuals” are even claiming that this will somehow lead to a reduction in the quality of graduates from those universities. As you soon see, I have a lot to say about this and it might not be what many of you might have guessed.

With that out of way, let me start by telling you the harsh but obvious truth. Admission to “elite” universities have never been about competence or ability- because you cannot reliably measure either with fake “tests” with little connection to reality. Instead, admission to such universities is nothing more than the modern version of attestations supporting noble birth. In case you are wondering, such certificates and proclamations were often issued by high church authorities in the middle ages to provide legitimacy to people from humble backgrounds who scammed, bought, murdered or slept their way into power.

But why were such attestations of noble birth necessary in the first place? Well.. the middle ages, like most times in human history, were a shitty time to be alive. Consequently almost everybody was constantly grasping for more money, property and power. But those who were already in power wanted to prevent successful usurpers from replacing them. They therefore invented the myth, supported by the church, that only those of “noble blood” (lineage) could hold certain offices and positions. While this scam worked well most of time, the established order often collapsed and replacements were often not related to previous bunch of nobles.

The church and lesser “nobles” came up with a workaround for this recurring problem whereby a fake ‘noble’ lineage was often created to justify the claims to power for new clan in power. Sometimes they were able to vaguely connect the new clan’s lineage to the old one, other times they just made up some bullshit which would not sound too ridiculous. Over time this process was also used to legitimize the future claims for biological children of “nobles”, especially if there were widespread rumors about their real paternity. Now here is another funny fact.. even a cursory reading of history (European, Asian etc) show a total lack of correlation between having ‘noble” ancestry and being a successful and long-lasting baron, duke, king, emperor etc.

While we don’t have people of “noble” ancestry ruling the vast majority of countries today, a very similar system is used to justify who occupies similar rent seeking positions in modern society. In the Anglosphere, this takes the form of being “accepted” and “educated” at “elite” universities. But why? Well.. because the justification for occupying a position of power has changed from having “noble” ancestry to deserving it due to possessing “merit”. See.. it is kinda hard to openly say in our age that being rich and powerful has everything to do with blind luck of birth or what many would consider to be criminal behavior.

Enter the secular equivalent of medieval clergy, aka the universities, who promise to justify the claims to power for anybody who has reached that station by some combination of luck and criminal behavior. And this is why the progeny of really rich people can always get into any “elite” university they want, unless they are actually retarded. East-Asians who dutifully ace SAT and other exams are being either stupid or deliberately thick if they imagine that jumping through those hoops (like a well-trained dog) will land them a spot in an “elite” university. These institutions are all about reproducing existing the existing power status structure and maintaining status quo. As things stand right now, East-Asians don’t have that sort of power in North America and rest of Anglosphere.

And let us be realistic about something else. SAT and other “competitive” exams do not measure real-life ability or competence. Instead, they measure how desperate somebody with a little-more-than-average intelligence is to perform fellatio on those who currently wield power. There.. I said it! These tests measure how good somebody is at being a submissive prison bitch who can give good head. But wait.. some of you might say.. don’t those test measure reasoning ability, verbal skills and other mental abilities which predict “intelligence”. Well.. not really! At best, they demonstrate that successful test-takers are not brain damaged.

But.. but.. some of you might protest.. don’t those tests have all those elaborate questions which measure reasoning and verbal ability. My reply is as follows: those tests measure the ability of test-takers to read the questions in one particular way to provide a certain type of answer. Confused? OK.. tell me why have average and median test scores increased over past four decades? Have the tests become easier? Have the test-takers become smarter? Or are they getting more direct and indirect coaching about acing such tests? Since humans haven’t evolved a lot in past four decades, we have to conclude that either the tests have become easier or test-takers are being coached better to jump through those hoops.

But wait, there is more. Have you noticed that past four decades have also been a time of severe technological stagnation in the West. Isn’t it odd that an era when increasing number of students getting record high scores is also the era of technological stagnation. Isn’t it ironic that all these “smart” people who claim to want make this world a better place have achieved the opposite results. Why do so many of the breathless press releases touting recent advances in science and tech from “elite” universities almost never translate into anything usable. Why, for example, has life expectancy at birth stagnated in Western countries for past 2-3 decades? Why is our space launch technology still stuck in the early 1970s? I could go on.. but you get my point.

All of this “meritocracy” has caused more stagnation, increasing regression and an overall lack of everything it was supposed to provide. Consequently, we now have a couple of generations of shitty and incompetent people whose only claim to power is that they went to certain “schools” and universities” or have the “right” credentials. To make matters worse, increasing the number or percentage of desperate losers.. I mean, people with high SAT and other exam scores.. in “elite” universities will only make this shitty situation even worse. In summary, the only people who obsess over “meritocracy” are those who have neither the luck and money nor any real competence and ability. They don’t matter, so let us treat them accordingly.

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How Did the Price of a Median House in North America Exceed 500k?

May 16, 2021 13 comments

While browsing through cable channels when bored, I often stumble upon shows and channels which would have otherwise escaped my attention. One of them is HGTV. Most of you might know what I am talking about, but in case you don’t- it is a channel almost totally devoted to buying, selling and renovating houses or condos (mostly in North America). While occasionally watching shows on that channel, I started to notice some rather peculiar things about housing in North America. One of them was especially peculiar.. see, with exception of cities in Texas, Nevada and some states in South-Eastern USA, the median house appears to cost over 500k and median condo is over 300k. Initially I thought that this was due to the selection of houses and condos depicted on that channel, however a little bit of online research revealed that the houses depicted in many HGTV shows were (at most) just a little bit more expensive than the median half-decent house (or condo) in those cities- especially if they were also located in the ‘right’ neighborhood or school district.

And this got me thinking.. how did we reach the point where a median house in most cities and metro areas cost over 500k? Also, how did the median 2-bedroom condo start costing over 300k in those same areas? This is not a trivial question because we have been through a housing bubble between 2002-2008, which burst in 2009, causing a few million people to lose their houses and leaving many more owing more to banks than those houses were worth. To make things even more mysterious, the people who should be buying houses (those between late 40s-late 20s) have huge student loans to repay, insecure and poorly paying jobs and a much smaller percentage of national wealth than their parent’s generation. In other words, the generations who should be buying all those houses are too indebted, plain broke, unmarried and childless to buy up all those older houses from their current owners- let alone pay for newer and often more expensive houses and condos. So what is going on?

But you know what makes this even more bizarre.. rents in most North American cities are also rather high. Which brings me to a series of interesting comparisons with housing in other parts of the world. Let us start with Japan and South Korea. As most of you know- both have lots of people (~ 126 M, ~ 52 M) even though they don’t have much land, especially of the type suitable for building cities. And yet.. the median person or family in those countries can easily afford to buy or rent the median dwelling. Now some of you might say- the apartments in Japan and South Korea are very small compared to their equivalents in USA and Canada. Well, as it turns out.. the median apartments in those countries are only about 20% smaller than their equivalents in equivalent North American cities. Just because young white English-language tutors cannot afford normal apartments in those countries when they first move there doesn’t mean that everybody there live in shoeboxes.

What makes this comparison even more interesting is that the average person in their mid-20s with an entry-level job in both countries can afford to rent a nice 1-bedroom apartment, pay for everything from food and utilities to medical insurance and still manage to save 15-20% of their paycheck (after all the normal deductions). Curiously, doing the above for possible for the equivalent person in almost every single city in USA and Canada (possible exception of NYC and LA) until about twenty years ago. Something pretty fundamental has changed in North America (and UK + a couple of West European countries) during past two decades. Some of you might think that affordable and decent quality housing is an East-Asian thing- but I will provide more examples to show you that this is not the case.

Let us now move on to Germany. Once again, we see a fairly dense developed country where rents (and prices) for housing are still affordable for the median person. Yes.. I am aware that certain parts of a couple of German cities (Frankfurt, Munich) can be quite pricey, but the comparison between affordability of housing in German and American cities still strands. Did I mention that the unemployment rate is lower in that country than USA or Canada? The same holds for many West-European countries such as France, Italy and Spain. Even traditionally expensive countries in that region such as Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden are not especially unaffordable if you have a median job in those countries. My point is that rent and mortgage costs for housing in most metros in North America (other than certain parts of USA) consume a far higher percentage of the median post-deduction paycheck than almost any other developed country- and it often does that by a pretty large margin.

To make matters worse, most young people in this county have many other non-optional and recurring expenses such as student loan repayments, private medical insurance, automobile loan repayments etc which are either non-existent or avoidable in other developed countries. All of which brings me to the central question of this post- who or what is propping up the exorbitant prices (and rents) of houses and condos in most metro areas of North America? While this observation is most applicable to USA, many metros in Canada (such as Greater Toronto Area, Greater Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton) also display the same disconnect of housing prices and rents to median income of their residents. I find the Canadian numbers especially odd as most cities there have shittier weather than equivalent American cities.

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Younger Generations in West Losing Touch with Physical Reality: 2

May 12, 2021 21 comments

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about how the West (but especially its younger generations) have lost touch with physical reality. In that post, I made the point that people below a certain age are unusually eager to believe in technological progress, even though we live in an era where major technological progress hasn’t occurred in every single major area for at least two decades. And that is not an exaggeration, since even widely touted areas of progress such as technology behind highly-integrated smartphones have been around for over two decades. The only thing which has really changed about them is they cost less (largely due to manufacturing being outsourced to Asia) and there have been some incremental improvements in their performance. Curiously enough, these improvements have not really improved the speed of response or general usability of smartphones for a full decade.

People today are even more eager to believe in the promise of technological progress than they were in the 1950s-1990s, when the last wave of such progress occurred. That is why, for example, people want to believe that SpaceX will magically and totally revolutionize the space launch industry, electric cars will magically displace ICE-powered cars or why they believe that silly valley startups will magically revolutionize ‘insert random utility or industry’. You might have noticed that I kept using the word ‘magically’ in previous sentence, and yes.. it was not accidental. These people are displaying magical thinking of the sort seen among true believers in religions and cults. So what is the difference between magical and rational thinking?

Here is an example: what would you you use to treat.. say.. a upper respiratory infection most likely caused by some bacteria? Most of you might immediately say- antibiotics! OK, but which ones? Also why would you not use certain antibiotics? The thing is.. the few species of bacteria most commonly associated with community acquired upper-respiratory infections are sensitive to most available antibiotics. In other words, you could use a third-generation cephalsporin as Cefpodoxime, Cefdinir or Cefuroxime- and it would work very well. But you can almost always get away with using older ones such as Cephalexin, Amoxicillin / Clavulanic acid, Cefprozil or Azithromycin. But what is the connection of this apparent aside to the topic of magical thinking? Well.. because in past two decades many ideology driven doctors have started pushing the dangerous idea that we should not treat sore throats which look very likely to be caused by bacteria (at least partially) with antibiotics.

So why is this an example of magical thinking? See.. while many cases of sore throat are caused by viruses, there is often some secondary bacterial involvement. To make matters worse, the clinical presentation caused by Group A streptococci (most problematic bacterial species for sore throats) is often not typical. To put it bluntly, even if 90% of patients get little to no benefit from taking a antibiotic for sore throats, it will have a disproportionately large therapeutic effect for the minority who would otherwise get much worse or even end up in the hospital. Given that most commonly used antibiotics are extremely safe, it does not make sense to hold them back since the risk of harm from not giving them is thousands of times higher than the risk of prescribing them. This is also why you would user older and more well-known antibiotics than newer ones, even if the later are slightly better than older ones for this condition. But what does this have to do with topic of this post?

One of the key features of people losing touch with reality is that they become unable (or unwilling) to see the bigger picture. So let us talk about some ivy-league morons first came up with the dumb idea that treating sore throats with antibiotics was a bad idea. It all began when metrics-driven styles of management wanted doctors to find quick solutions for combating antibiotic resistance. See.. the biggest real contributors to antibiotic resistance is the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in industrial meat farming and hospitals full of very old and sick patients. However doing anything about these two main causes of antibiotic resistance requires a fundamental rethink of how we do those things. It is much easier to pretend that treating community acquired upper-respiratory infections is a major cause of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Trying to solve the wrong and insignificant problem is another feature of magical thinking.

Now you know why corporations (and mostly white liberals without any useful skills) push bullshit ideologies such as “Critical Race Theory”, “Wokeness”, “Equity not Equality” and a whole lot of nice-sounding bullshit which does nothing to address the underlying causes of problems they purport to solve. But why so so many in younger generation go along with that bullshit. Well.. some do it to avoid confrontation while others for maintaining their relative social position. However, too many wholly or partially believe this bullshit. Yes, I am making the case that a significant minority to slight majority in younger generation actually believe in all that bullshit! But how can I make such a statement- where is the evidence? OK.. tell me how charlatans such as Robin DiAngelo, Ibram X. Kendi and many others manage to sell so many books. Is anybody putting a gun to the heads of those who buy their books and regurgitate the trash contained within those books?

How else can you explain how “Critical Race Theory” based programs and ideas has been adopted so enthusiastically by HR departments in addition to schools and universities across the country? Do you really think that all these people are getting their marching orders from a few people at top? Have you ever considered the possibility that many of its enthusiastic promoters actually believe in that bullshit? Since we are almost at a thousand words, I will stop this post here. In next part I will show you how this form of magical thinking is behind many contemporary movements such as modern anti-natalism, environmentalism, “green energy”, “recycle everything” and other related bullshit ideas- or how magical thinking behind support for Bernie Sanders during 2016 and 2020 presidential primaries. Here is a hint- it has nothing to do with his support for socialism.

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