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A Type of MGTOW, Not Game, Will Dominate The Future

May 18, 2012 62 comments

My view of the world is grounded in percentages, probabilities and dispassionate observations rather than just trying to see patterns which validate my beliefs. Consequently I am willing to consider possibilities that most people might find ‘depressing’ and ‘negative’. Here is one of my predictions, based on a few years of observation-

A form of MGTOW, rather than “game”, will be the predominant response of men to the current dystopic sexual environment.

I am fully aware that most men believe that the MGTOW option involves a celibate to semi-celibate hermit like existence on the fringes of society. In my opinion, the popular image of MGTOW is due to the disproportionate web presence of its most zealotic and ‘ideologically-pure’ followers. The reality for most men is going to be far more different. But let us first understand why “game” is unlikely to be anything more than a minority option. Many of you believe that most men won’t succeed at “game” because they are not “good enough”, interested enough, have low testosterone or whatever bullshit you can dredge up. I see a much bigger and far more fundamental problem-

Even pretty, sexually skilled and otherwise reasonable women are not much fun to be around after you have finished having sex with them.

Did you get it? Over the long-term, the value of a woman around your own age is largely proportional to her looks and sexual availability. As almost every one of you know, those things don’t improve as a woman goes past her mid-20s. In previous era, the effect of this factor was largely mitigated by considerations such as children, mortgages, social expectations etc. However that is no longer the case.

Since most younger men today do not go down that path in their early to mid-20s, they have no sunken investment in maintaining relationships with women they don’t care much about. The converse is also true as most women no longer require the co-operation of men to raise a child or two. Therefore both sexes have a far more cynical view of each other- something that is greatly facilitated by the socio-cultural mores of our times.

The relationship between men and women today is therefore far more like an adversarial business partnership. Both parties are far more interested in screwing each other over than playing nice to achieve a common good.

In my opinion, old-fashioned relationships are dying out because men are increasingly becoming aware of the poor cost/benefit ratio and low probability of “success”. Now combine with awareness with the mediocre looks and sexual skills of the median women in an age of high quality, ambient and free porn. There is little or no incentive for the median guy to chase after the median girl.

Now this does not mean that men will prefer porn over sex with all women. I certainly would never pass an opportunity, paid or otherwise, to bang the living daylights out of a hot chick. But it is also extremely unlikely that I will invest significant time, or effort, in a mediocre girl. Nor would I work my ass off to make enough money to keep any women “happy” or satisfy any older social expectations about men of my age.

Why care about people and institutions who have abandoned you?

I would rather spend my time living well. That means not working hard, eating and drinking well, buying sex, fapping to porn and doing what I really enjoy. Isn’t it closer to MGTOW rather than “game”?

What do you think? Comments?

High-Quality Ambient Porn and Evolution of Male Expectations

October 30, 2011 19 comments

There has been much breast-beating (pun intended) by feminists and their CONservative allies about the effect of high quality and ubiquitous porn on men. Some of my views on that subject have been expressed in a few previous posts such as- Women Can No Longer Burn, Ban or Destroy Porn, Why Online Porn Is A Game Changer and Porn Replaces Relationship Sex.

One of the issues about ubiquitous online porn which is acknowledged but quickly glossed over by feminists, CONservatives and whipped men is that it permanently alters male expectations from a sexual relationship. Let me explain..

Consider you average guy with an average looking girlfriend, wife or whatever. Let us say that his current “partner” refuses to blow as frequently as he wants. Prior to the last decade he could either accept his ‘fate’ or jerk of to professional porn. The digital camera and the intertubes have thrown a hitherto improbable kink in that process aka high quality amateur porn.

Prior to this recent innovation, the women in erotica and porn were either very beautiful, very airbrushed or very trashy. Therefore the mind of a guy could at some level put a barrier between the porn and his pathetic life such that he did not expect what he saw on the screen to cum true for somebody like him.

But high quality amateur porn is something unlike anything before it both in content and sheer volume. The average guy can now see tons of prettier than average but still accessible girls deep-throating their boyfriend, licking his balls, taking it up their ass and that is just for starters… ;). These girls are not carefully airbrushed models nor are they skanky looking harlots with bad plastic surgery. You can see the laugh lines on their faces, the life and joy in their eyes, cum drooling from their lipstick smeared lips, the few hair near their assholes which they forgot to shave and the asymmetry and slight droop of their tits. You can see their effect of an obvious hangover in their eyes and faces, the ecstasy and pain of being fucked senseless, the lines on their foreheads, the faded and now regret-worthy tattoos on their ankles and the plain underclothes around them. Even the ambiance in the photos is so average- from ‘the simpsons’ on TV, to the color and patterns of the comforter, the futon, the sometimes dusty half-empty liquor bottles, the empty pizza box from a national brand, the brand of laptop, the color and type of door on the closet, the same jumble of branded clothes on the floor.

They are people just like you in everything from levels of wealth, education, lifestyle and even consumer brand preferences who happen to be having much more fun than you. The guy who looks at such porn is seeing much more than nekkid people having sex. He is seeing what his life could be at that very moment if he was with somebody who cared about him. Furthermore, unlike the women in such porn are neither inaccessible or skanky.

It is therefore likely that a guy who watches such porn would experience a far deeper dissatisfaction with his shitty life than fapping to airbrushed models or implant heavy pornstars.

I cannot help but point out that this revolution in porn is occurring alongside the continued demonization and marginalization of men by feminism and CONservatism. Add in atomization, the anti-male nature of the socio-legal system and the generally poor attitude/behavior of women towards men and you have the makings of a situation that has no precedent in history. We do live in interesting times, don’t we?


How Fairy Tales Work Out in Reality

October 17, 2011 4 comments

You might have seen a rash of articles about men not manning up. However many of these scumbags ‘forget’ that the underlying reality has changed in a rather unprecedented manner.

Enjoy! Comments?

Horror Show: Empowered American Bride

September 27, 2011 10 comments

I have seen this video on many sites in the last two days, such as this one. My full reaction to it will be the subject of a future post because of some work related time constraints.

But here it is… an obese bride chugging beer and insulting her newly married and pathetic husband. In all my years of using hundreds of escorts, I never fucked any woman this big or this rude. But apparently many guys are willing to marry such women, with all the attendant risks, and take that sort of abuse for uninterested occasional sex.


Women Can No Longer Burn, Ban or Destroy Porn

June 20, 2011 39 comments

Paid sex and pornography have always been major obstacles to the feminine agenda of getting men to slave away for them in return for mediocre and rationed sex. Unfortunately for them, technology is changing ground realities in both areas rather quickly.

In the pre-antibiotic, pre-testing era using the services of a prostitute was often a dangerous gamble. Thankfully antibiotics, antiviral drugs, STD-testing combined with better condoms, pills and the advent of the internet (escort ads/ bulletin boards etc) have made that route much safer and quite acceptable in many countries.

However the biggest changes to the sexual marketplace, as far as most people are concerned, is ubiquitous and high-quality porn. There was once an era when most porn was sold as print, film, video-tape and DVDs. You had to actually find and pay for semi-decent porn.

The physical nature of porn also meant that it could be burned, banned and destroyed with ease- often by fat and aging married women.

Today anybody with decent internet connectivity and a laptop, smartphone or tablet can access porn- whenever they choose, wherever they choose and with an ease which would baffle people from a couple of decades ago. I first realized the nature of this change, in the very early 2000s, after I bought my first decent laptops and PDAs. It quickly became obvious to me that technology had fundamentally changed the way I accessed and used porn.

Prior to that, porn was either linked to large non-portable devices (desktop computers, VCRs) or low-content density print media (magazines). Having thousands of photos and hundreds of movies on my laptop and a smaller collection on my PDA allowed me to access it on demand and in a variety of situations, which were previously unthinkable. It was now possible to watch a QSVGA size movie of a girl giving an awesome blowjob or taking a good spanking on a cross-country flight. I could sit in a coffee shop and thumb through a database with thousands of nudie pics. Looking through multimedia containing scores of naked chicks on the way to meet escorts or while waiting for them became second nature.

While I was an early adopter of many such technologies, today even an average person of average means can get a decent laptop (400-600$), tablet (500-700$) or smartphone (200-600$) and enjoy the fruits of that revolution. Mobile internet access (WiFi and 3G) is now almost universal and fairly inexpensive in developed countries.

Given that we use these devices and intertubes for many other purposes, the cost of high quality porn is now essentially zero. Attention-whores with cheap digital cameras are doing their best to increase the diversity of the subject pool.

For a long time women, especially wives and girlfriends, could control their men’s access to porn because it was costly, low density and physical in nature. Today they have lost that power because porn is free, high density, non-physical, ambient and easy to access. As I have said before, good porn can replace boring and mediocre relationship sex.

The true extent of this change will not be publicly obvious for a few more years, however the trends are clear.

No woman in the relationship sex mode can compete with the hundreds and thousands of attention-whores who will always look better, younger and be less bitchier than a ‘real’ woman.

What to you think? Comments?

Evaluating Risk: 1

June 15, 2011 5 comments

Many blogs spend an inordinate amount of time talking about risk, manliness, testosterone etc. I believe that most of such talk is worthless bullshit.

There is a fairly straightforward and objective way to assess risks for any given situation. So let me begin-

1. You simply cannot incorporate all low-frequency and high impact (black swan) events in any model of risk assessment.

Don’t waste you time worrying about such events- it is not worth it. The chance of being hit by lightning on a golf course is far less than being killed driving to, and from, a golf course.

2. Understand the true nature and occurrence of any given risk.

You are far more likely to drown while surfing than be attacked by a shark. Heck you are more likely to be die from food-poisoning acquired at a beach barbecue than be attacked by a shark. More people died from the 1918-1919 influenza epidemic than in ww1. Hunger, cold, heat, infectious diseases and infected wounds killed more soldiers until ww2 than any man-made weapon.

3. The odds for so-called ‘risky behavior’ changes over time and conditions.

Flirting with women in a large westernized city with over a million people is much less risky than doing so in a small town with 5,000-odd people. Unwanted pregnancy and STDs are much less of a threat than they were even 50 years ago. Hiking in the 10th century was far riskier (way more wild animals and outlaws) than it is today.

4. Though every action can have an extreme outcome (either way)- it is the median outcomes which should concern you.

There are people who have survived falls of more than 50 feet and there are people who have died after slipping in their bathtub- however there is a pattern. A very small percentage of people who fell over 50 feet on hard ground have survived, but most people who have slipped in their bathtub have escaped with minor and non-life threatening injuries.

5. Understand the median worst-case scenario (median loss) and median best-case scenario (median gain).

Following from the previous point- it is the median scenarios that are most likely and it is therefore useful to evaluate your willingness to accept the median loss and median gain. Getting contact info from a girl has a low rate of success (fucking her), but hardly any downside (unless you start talking her). Therefore even a situation with otherwise poor odds of success is acceptable if the median loss is very small or almost nonexistent. On the other hand, a marriage has a very high chance of failure or unhappiness and carries a massive penalty for failure- if you are a guy and should be hence avoided.

6. Do not use old information, however accurate, to model the future without factoring system changes since that era.

Once engineering was a good career choice with good pay, excellent job stability and social respectability. Today.. it is only a pale shadow of its former self. The same can be said about law school, chemistry and even medicine. Once society did not look up to smooth-talking sociopaths as emulation worthy models. Today the vast majority of people look up to, imitate and worship such people.

I will try to write more about this issue in an upcoming post.


So, How Many Of You..

June 8, 2011 1 comment

You might have heard by now that, based on the accidently leaked photos, Anthony Weiner shaves his junk. A quick glance at the amateur BJ pictures on my NSFW blog will confirm that many young men also shave, or aggressively groom, their junk. I have been doing that since the late 1990s.



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How Ferdinand Bardamu Can Get His Groove Back

June 3, 2011 6 comments

It appears that Ferdinand Bardamu is suffering from laziness, amotivation and a general malaise. While that could be partially related to his injured ankle, it may also be linked to the slim pickings of quality ass in Burlington. Did you know that capital of Vermont has a population of less than 8,000. Even Cheyenne, Wyoming has over 60,000 people.

Based on my extensive experience in this area- feeling low can be alleviated by regular applications of hot and skilled escorts to the penis. His current location makes “trips” to Montreal easy and inexpensive.

A twice/month escort habit (incall + driving to and fro) will set him back by about 400 USD. Even if FB is seeing a woman or two, semi-regular sojourns with skilled, hot and polite pros will do wonders for his outlook on life.


Why Chasing Women Sucks

May 28, 2011 9 comments

I could write many books about this one, but it all comes down to-

Mismatch between results and efforts

How often have you spent time, effort and money to be with or around a woman you are interested in? What happens most of the time? Do things work out? What do you get?

Would you utilize any service, or buy any product, with such failure rates?

Game does not change this situation as it basically a numbers game. You are simply going through a larger number of women, and rejections, to find the few who will have sex with you. Unless you are famous, infamous or very attractive- the probability of getting pussy is low.

Who says that chasing women is the only way to get willing pussy? Ever wonder why humans abandoned a hunter-gatherer lifestyle for farming and animal husbandry? Why not dissociate the act of chasing women (the prelude) from having enjoyable sex with attractive women (consummation). Face it- men value consummation far more than the preceding ritual.


Is Rejection By Average Women Worth It?

April 27, 2011 11 comments

One of my issues with the whole idea of ‘game’ is linked to it being essentially a numbers game. Your success with women largely depends on how many new women you approach, confidently, each and every day.

It does not take a genius to figure that most approaches will end in rejection, flakiness or bullshit. So here is my real question-

Are very high levels of rejection by average women worth it?

Being deliberately ignored by a hot young piece of ass is not that bad. But rejection, flakiness or bullshit by average looking women is much harder to rationalize. It gets even worser when you realize that most average looking women are mediocre in bed. A combination of inflated costs, mediocre service and princessy attitude are the biggest disincentives to practicing game.

Do you want to build a lifestyle based on obsessing over mediocre shit, when you can rent the amazing stuff by the hour with less hassle and effort?


Cannot Stop with One or a Few

April 20, 2011 3 comments

One you have one, you want a few more and it is hard to stop..



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Are You A Sucker?

April 18, 2011 10 comments

Ever wondered if you are a sucker, working against your best interests and trying to attain what does not exist? Wonder no more-

1. Do you live to gain more acceptance from the people around you?

Why interacting with people is necessary for existence, you might have found that agreeableness beyond a certain point does not improve the outcome of an encounter. I am not suggesting that converting everyone you meet into an adversary is desirable, but consistently treating people better than they treat you is not a rational strategy.

Acceptance from other people has NO worth in the contemporary western world- when people who are ostensibly your friends, relatives or spouses will turn on you for very small amounts of money or potential gain. Though most of you do not realize it, this is one of the fatal structural flaws of the current system, one that will be exposed by stress or unanticipated events.

2. Are you loyal to any larger group?

Whether it is race, religion, country, language or corporation- loyalty to larger groups has ceased to be of any use to most individuals. In previous eras, such loyalty was sometimes rewarded with gains when ‘your’ group won over another. Today, loyalty to any group is rewarded by more demands and no gain. Indeed the converse is often true, as loyalty is often rewarded by exploitation and impoverishment.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever been consistently rewarded because of faithfully supporting your race, religion, nationality or employer? Ever?… So why care?

3. Do you support traditional institutions and ways?

Getting married guarantees divorce and or life-long suffering. Having kids guarantees your having to pay child support. Buying a house guarantees a life-long mortgage. Supporting the ‘free market’ and ‘capitalists’ ensures your poverty and deprivation. Believing ‘scientific experts’ ensures sub-optimal outcomes. Getting a university education ensures that your slavery through student debt.

Do CONservatives guarantee you a decent life under their system? and can you trust them? What about LIEbertarians and their ‘free market’ utopia? is it likely to work? LIEbrals are not much better, as they want to make you live in poverty, deprivation and squalor to placate “mother earth” or some other bullshit ideology.

Did you notice one common thread through all these deceptions?

They all require you to believe in stuff which cannot be objectively measured, quantified or evaluated.

Example- You do not require faith to see that a binocular magnifies far away objects. You do not require faith to see that antibiotics can treat infections. You do not require faith to see that spending time outdoors can tan or burn your skin. You do not require faith to see that most women like a mildly painful spanking from a guy they like. You don’t require faith to enjoy an enthusiastic and skilled blowjob from a mediocre looking woman.

But you require faith to believe that being ‘nice’ to a woman makes her horny. You require faith to believe that the woman you married will not screw you over and stick you with the bills. You require faith to believe that the government, your employer or any business will not screw you over. You require faith to believe in ‘free market capitalism’ or any other ideology.

Unwarranted belief = Potential sucker


Choice Between Being A Mean Asshole or Supplicating Guy

April 14, 2011 12 comments

Many practitioners of ‘game’ talk about why being a charming asshole-type attracts women. They also warn about overplaying it and becoming a mean and vindictive asshole-type. I disagree because if your choice is between becoming a mean and vindictive asshole or your average supplicating guy- the first choice is always better than the second.

Here is why-

1. Short of picking fights, or insulting people, for no apparent reason- there is little to NO liability in being a mean and vindictive asshole. The same cannot be said of being a supplicating guy, which will guarantee exploitation and abuse by women.

2. Even a mean and vindictive asshole will provoke more emotion in women than some milquetoast ‘yes dear’ guy. Better to be visible and hated than being invisible and ignored. It seems that moderate levels of drama gets women wetter than expensive dinners.

3. Ever noticed that disagreeable guys, even those with significant criminal histories, get laid more easily than a 100K/year engineer? Why play a role that is not rewarded by society? Do you think that the engineer is working at his 100k/year job for enlightenment or benefiting humanity?

4. My own experiences strongly suggest that being mean and vindictive gets your more pussy (flings + escort freebies) than giving a shit about others. Anger, hate, contempt, abrasiveness, lewdness, aggressiveness drop far more panties than being considerate and humane.

In conclusion- don’t worry about overdoing the asshole part. Most of you won’t even come to reaching the levels at which it has a negative impact on your life. Just remember to choose your fights wisely.


Discuss: Why Are Marginal Women So Uppity?

April 8, 2011 28 comments

One of the main reasons behind my decision to go for the porn-escort-fling route was:

Even marginal women were uppity towards me.

I can understand if a high 7, or above, woman does not want to seen with me. I can understand if an average-looking woman in a “relationship” does not want to screw around.

But I am offended when a single 30-something woman, single mother or mediocre girl is uppity. My earlier posts do talk about this somewhat bizarre phenomena. Note that many of these woman have no issues with previously unacceptable white men.

My foray into the world of paying for sex, first on an unofficial basis with marginal needy young girls, and then with well compensated professionals was partially driven by such experiences. What is whole point of trying to chase women when a compensated needy young girl is hotter, more compliant and better in bed? Why chase after a flaky 6 when you can get a professional 8 to take it up the ass, with a much better attitude?


Gay and Ardagh: What Can I Say?

April 8, 2011 1 comment

Some of you might have read a recent post at inmalafideWhiskey Tango Foxtrot? which linked to a rather peculiar “mens” movement that worships “feminine energy”.

Here is another YouTube clip with two of its main characters. Let the fun begin.. I prefer to receive feminine energy in other ways- NSFW-1 and NSFW-2.