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So, How Many Of You..

You might have heard by now that, based on the accidently leaked photos, Anthony Weiner shaves his junk. A quick glance at the amateur BJ pictures on my NSFW blog will confirm that many young men also shave, or aggressively … Continue reading

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Why I Detest STEMers More Than Garden Variety Sociopaths

Have you ever wondered why STEMers-type people are often detested in the popular culture of many eras, countries and ethnicities? Some of you might think that such dislike and hostility is irrational and based on envy about ‘IQ’ and ‘earning … Continue reading

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Should Christchurch, New Zealand be Relocated?

As you might have heard Christchurch suffered another largish earthquake (Magnitude 6.3 but shallow). Given the previous earthquake on 4 September 2010 (Magnitude 7.1) plus scores of nasty aftershocks and its location near major and active geological faults, someone has … Continue reading

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What Is Their Real Number?

I was reading a recent post on another blog that referenced some government statistical data, about median (not average) number of sexual partners for men and women. Here is my question- How can the median number of sexual partners for … Continue reading

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Let Us Try This Again: Aug 03, 2010

In a previous post, I had mentioned that my combination of methods for getting pussy, though expensive, are reliable. It seems many of you have looked at the post, but unlike previous polls, almost nobody has dared to answer them. … Continue reading

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Quantifiable Results: 3 Aug, 2010

As many of the regulars here know, my sexual encounters are a mix of pro- and semi-pro escorts with a side helping of ‘arrangements’ with average girls (5s- low 6s). I also take freebies from some escorts I click with. … Continue reading

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Digital Prostate Stimulation with BJ: July 11, 2010

Let me see if I can get some interesting responses out of this one. Ok, just to clarify.. I have received such stimulation with a (well lubed) finger, but nothing bigger than that. The deal here is- if the woman … Continue reading

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