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Cult of COVID-19 Has Fatally Damaged the Cult of Climate Change: 5

January 27, 2022 Leave a comment

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about how the communist governments in post-WW2 eastern European countries gradually lost the confidence of their populations even though they did a reasonably good job at rebuilding from the horrible aftermath of that war. I then stated that the easiest way to ruin and discredit the public image of any government, ideology or institution is to give it too much power. The reason this method has been so effective throughout history is that all human institutions have always been full of lucky and incompetent parasites, whose only real skill is their ability to retain their current position in that system. Under most circumstances, this lack of competence does not become a big issue since the majority seldom get to experience the full force of their venal stupidity and incompetence. And this leads us to role of the ‘anti-halo’ effect in discrediting and eventual collapse of all systems of institutions.

In the previous post, I remarked that the first three decades after WW2 saw a lot of improvement of living standards on both sides of the iron curtain. Indeed, it could be argued that the relative improvement in standards for people in Eastern European countries was larger than in Western European counterparts. Which brings us to the question of how the governments on Eastern Europe lost visibly public support so quickly in the 1980s. There are those who believe that this was due to western propaganda, however the penetration of western ideas let alone propaganda was poor in most Eastern European countries. Let me remind you that most people in those countries had never been to Western countries nor did they personally know anybody who had visited them. Another way to think of this is that the loss of confidence in Eastern European communist governments during the 1980s was largely due to internal issues in those countries.

So what were those ‘internal issues’? Well, the exact list of those issues varied from country to country. In Romania, it was precipitated by the government borrowing a lot of money from west and then getting stuck with high interest rates caused by the recession in early 1980s. Yugoslavia also experienced similar issues in addition to rising tensions among different parts of that country caused by significantly different living standards overlaid on top of ancient ethnic rivalries. East Germany was never able to fix the problem of being less industrialized and significantly poorer than its Western counterpart. Russia experienced almost two decades of economic stagnation and drop in living standards since early 1970s. While these problems might look diverse, they were mostly driven by only a few fundamental weakness of the communist system.

Nowadays we often talk about the rise of Professional Managerial Class (PMCs) in late capitalism and how it is very strongly correlated with the current decline of West. But have you ever asked yourself- what job functions do these PMCs actually perform? While those parasites might want you to believe that everything in the world would not run without them, the reality is different. The vast majority of PMC job functions are parasitic and related to compliance with an every-increasing number of bad rules and regulations. In case you don’t believe me, have a look at the massive increase in administrative and management jobs in every large-ish institution from universities, schools and hospitals over past 20-30 years. If these PMCs were so necessary for the function of institutions, how did they function without them in the past?

This question becomes even more relevant as the highpoint of many western institutions occurred between 1960s-1990s, which was the era before PMC jobs exploded in the West. And what about their education and qualifications? How many people working in the HR department of large corporations have enough understanding of the business or technology specific to their employers to make good decisions about hiring the right people? What about all those losers employed to satisfy the compliance requirements of those same corporations? Even the minority of people in PMC jobs with some knowledge of the industry they are working in are hopelessly out of touch with contemporary reality. Do you see what I am getting at? In case you haven’t, let me spell it out for you- we are employing an ever increasing number of useless and well-paid parasites for performing jobs that are either worse than useless or actually making important decisions.

While the reasons for this shift in western countries are best left to another post, it is important to note that western PMCs are almost identical to the ‘apparatchik’ class in Eastern European communist countries. So who were these ‘apparatchiks’ and why were they probably the most important cause for loss of public confidence in governments of Eastern European countries during the 1980s? Well.. let me ask you a simple question- why was Eastern Europe able to build back after WW2 almost as well as the West, in spite of suffering far more damage and limitations due to communism? The somewhat complicated answer to that question is that those who formed the upper echelons of the bureaucracy and management (and were involved in decision-making) rose through the ranks of their field. So the guy running the space program of USSR in the 1950s and 60s was a real pioneer in that area- in addition to being good at playing politics.

Similarly, people who were at the decision-making and other administrative levels of institutions started their career in those institutions and knew what they were doing. While there were always some bureaucratic grifters and scammers (apparatchiks) in upper levels of management in those countries, they usually stayed away from running those institutions and were content being otherwise harmless parasites. This pattern gradually changed over the decades after 1960s to the point where these incompetent scammers and grifters were running the show in almost all institutions by the late 1970s. This takeover of decision making by parasites in combination with the limitations of communism and centralized planning and production (state monopolies) resulted in a gradual but very obvious decrease in quality of life starting in the mid 1970s. Some of you might wonder.. why didn’t the system try to implement reforms to fix the situation? China was able to reform, so why could Eastern Europe?

The simple answer to why China was able to reform, but USSR and others could not, comes down to the fate of established apparatchiks in each country. As some of you might remember from history, there was a huge and very concerted attempt to rid the system of Mao-era apparatchiks after the mid-1970s in China. These ideology spouting parasites were replaced with competent people who were promoted internally based on their demonstrated ability and.. ya.. political skills. It is also important to note that this new managerial class in China had to show real world results to maintain their position. There was no equivalent process for removing apparatchiks from their position of power in eastern Europe, nor were they ever subject to anything beyond the minimal levels of accountability. To put it simply, the apparatchiks in Eastern Europe kept fucking up in increasingly embarrassing ways and were never removed from their position.

I cannot resist pointing out the current socio-economic-cultural environment in the West is a lot like Eastern Europe in the 1980s. One or two decades of economic stagnation and contraction, decreasing life expectancies, people increasingly abusing alcohol and other drugs to numb the pain of their pathetic existence, a very low birth rate (loss of hope in future), monopolization in many areas of economy resulting in constant drops in quality of products and services and much more. We can also add dangerous and dumb ideological fads enforced by the parasitic PMCs and an almost complete lack of accountability for these parasites. While history seldom repeats, if often rhymes. In the next part, I will go into how the ‘anti-halo’ effect caused by mishandling of COVID-19 pandemic will further speed up the collapse of public support of everything else promoted by these malicious parasites, including the cult of “man-made climate change”.

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Omicron Destroyed the Establishment Narrative on Vaccines and Masks

January 18, 2022 11 comments

By now, most readers must have heard or seen establishment presstitutes desperately trying to cover up how the spread of “Omicron” strain of COVID-19 has torched their narrative about the efficacy of their mediocre vaccines. Even worse, it has exposed the complete ineffectiveness of so-called “NPIs” such as face-masks, social distancing, lockdowns, vaccine passports and other bullshit measures. So how has the western establishment and its MSM pressitutes responded to widespread and very obvious evidence that they were always incompetent liars? Well.. some are pretending that nothing has changed. You see this pretense of “move on, nothing to see here” to be especially common in most western European countries. In other parts of world, such as USA, the establishment has partially accepted their failure but still pretend that other new ones will work. This is why they are pretending that N95 masks will work where cloth ones failed.

But what about the almost complete failure of the much vaunted mRNA (and other) COVID-19 vaccines to prevent infection and upper respiratory symptoms? Was this really due to “immune escape” by Omicron or is it due to something else? The thing is.. the inability of vaccines to prevent upper respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 infections was obvious from the earliest days and was quite obvious by the time delta strains became dominant. Even a few months ago, it became obvious that vaccines weren’t doing much to suppress seasonal cycles of symptomatic cases for COVID-19. Did the vaccines reduce rates of hospitalization and death? Sure.. they definitely reduced rates of hospitalization by between (60-90 %)- depending on age. Of course, the reduction in hospitalization was much higher in younger age groups, who were at a much lower risk of hospitalization than those above 70.

In other words, the real-life efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines in preventing death was closer to 70-80% (than the promised 95 %) because most of the seriously ill were in the oldest age cohorts. As I have always said, existing COVID-19 vaccines make sense for those above 65 or those with serious chronic illnesses or conditions. The risk-benefit calculus changes a lot as you go towards younger age groups, and it is not an exaggeration to day that the ability of vaccines to reduce death-from-all-causes in those under 30 has never been demonstrated using good-quality data. But let us get back to why the current generation of COVID vaccines cannot prevent infection and upper respiratory symptoms. Some of you might remember how everybody from Pharma CEOs to politicians were confidently touting the alleged ability of these vaccines to prevent infection.

Well.. if you actually knew a bit about microbiology and immunology, it was obvious from day one that these vaccines had no hope of preventing infection or upper respiratory symptoms. To understand why, let us talk a bit more about respiratory viruses. While there are many ways to classify respiratory viruses, let us focus on one specific way relevant to the practice of medicine- which types of cells and tissues do they usually infect? If we use that criteria all respiratory viruses fall into two groups: a] those who use the respiratory tract to gain entrance to body and cause systemic infections (measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox etc) and b] those who infection is largely confined to the linings of respiratory tract (rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, influenza etc). So why does this distinction matter for most vaccines? The short answer is that it has to do with the form of most approved vaccines.

Almost every single common approved vaccines for viral diseases in humans is based on one of the following technologies: injected inactivated virus, injected attenuated virus or injected antigen. So what do these vaccines do? Well they stimulate the production of antibodies (B-cell mediated) and cytotoxic immune response (T-cell mediated) and in the case of live attenuated viruses- additional stimulation of non-specific immune responses. Of course, the immune system can remember both the B-cell and T-cell response to viral proteins for future use. Did you notice something missing in that list? Ever heard about mucosal immunity? The very explanation for that form of immunity is that viruses which invade via the mucosa (respiratory, digestive tract etc) also stimulate an extra layer of immunity which involves local immune cells and inducing the production of secreted IgA antibodies. The relevant part is that injected vaccines are close to useless at generating a decent mucosal immune response.

The lack of mucosal immunity in response to an injected vaccine is irrelevant for most viruses (including respiratory ones) which predominantly cause infection and disease in tissues other than the mucosa. Also, such viruses have a significantly longer incubation period than the viruses which predominantly infect and cause disease in the mucosal linings. That is why injected MMR vaccine works extremely well at blocking viral transmission in addition to stopping clinical illness. However this means that anything short of an actual infection or an inhaled attenuated viral vaccine won’t produce true sterilizing immunity against viruses which predominantly infect cells in and around the mucosa- of respiratory or digestive tract. This is why injected COVID-19 vaccines, regardless of the technology they were based on, have no realistic chance of producing anything approaching usable levels of mucosal immunity. I have also written about other reasons for their relative ineffectiveness in a previous post.

Can they produce enough enough immunity to stop spread of virus in deeper lung tissue? Sure.. they can do that and is the mechanism by which they reduce the incidence of serious illness in COVID-19 patients. But they can’t do much more. It is most curious that all those “credentialed experts” in west pretended that this was not the case, even though everything I have written here can be found in many well-known textbooks on this topic, in addition to being obvious to anyone who has worked in the field of developing vaccines for respiratory viruses. This is one of the many reasons why previous infection with any strain of COVID-19 provides far better protection against upper respiratory symptoms than any current vaccine- in addition to providing far superior protection against hospitalization and death. But why wasn’t this simple fact obvious (to most people) during the Delta strain wave? What changed between the and now? Well.. for that, you have blame the short-sightedness of the moronic elites.

See.. even 3-4 months ago, rapid antigen-based tests for COVID-19 were hard to find. That is why many people with “breakthrough” delta-strain infections never realized that their cold was a COVID-19 infection. But then the elites thought that testing everybody with cheap and fast tests would allow them inflate case numbers enough to prolong the pandemic, but without damaging their narrative. They did not expect that these tests would reveal how incredibly ineffective the vaccines, which they had touted for months, were at preventing infection and upper-respiratory symptoms. The short version is this miscalculation ended up destroying the narrative they had been carefully creating and curating over more than a year. Now it is too late to do anything as the metaphorical horse has escaped the stable and is nowhere to be found. I find it darkly comic that the very mechanism they were using to prolong the pandemic exposed their utter impotence and incompetence in the face of COVID-19. Is Omicron a little more transmissible than Delta? Sure.. but it is cheap and ubiquitous LFT tests which exposed their fraud.

These same cheap and widely available tests in addition to the slightly higher infectivity of Omicron also exposed the utter uselessness of cloth and surgical masks at preventing COVID-19. The same thing happened to all that bullshit about social distancing, lockdowns etc stopping the spread of this virus. These tests have simply revealed to everyone that all those costly and onerous measures, touted by “experts” for almost two years, were totally ineffective at controlling the spread of this virus- let alone eliminating it. Here is another older posts about why cloth and surgical masks were always going to ineffective at stopping spread of an airborne virus.

What do you think? Comments?

Cult of COVID-19 Has Fatally Damaged the Cult of Climate Change: 4

January 12, 2022 20 comments

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about how the fall of communism in Eastern European countries during late 1980s is another example of how seemingly omnipotent systems which have survived for decades can implode over very short periods of time. I also pointed out the collapse of communism was far less bloody than what occurred in many empires and countries after WW1. Then there was the issue of how these systems imploded in spite of having a pretty decent job of improving the quality of life of their people after WW2. While those countries did not have giant malls and department stores by the 1980s, it is equally true that the vast majority of people in those countries were well fed, reasonably housed etc by the early 1980s. So what happened?

To understand that we have to talk about the ‘anti-halo’ effect, but before we do that let us go quickly go through what the communist systems in those countries were able to achieve and where they screwed up. See.. most of you don’t realize that by the time WW2 was finally over, most parts of Eastern Europe looked positively post-apocalyptic. The sheer amount of destruction due to the intense fighting between Nazi Germany and USSR during that war had destroyed or severely damaged most of the buildings, houses, factories, roads, bridges, railways etc in those countries. While some places such as parts of erstwhile Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia were spared from the worst effects of the that conflict, the rest of Eastern Europe (including western Russia looked) looked like something out of a horror movie.

And we haven’t even started talking about the extremely high number of people who died or were permanent disabled by the war or the huge increase in widowed women and orphaned children. My point is the Eastern Europe in immediate aftermath of WW2 was a giant smoking ruin, on many levels. Now compare this starting point to where most of those countries ended up in a couple of decades. My the mid- to late- 1960s, there was no widespread malnourishment, the general situation in these countries had improved to the point where majority of people in them resided in OK if modest apartment buildings, had some consumer appliances, decent if basic selection of clothes, fairly good public transportation and acceptable health-care (especially for that era). To put it another way, people living in those countries were not suffering from the levels of deprivation seen in some parts of Mexico even today- and yet the public in those countries has lost confidence in their governing system by the early-1980s.

Which brings us the ‘anti-halo’ effect. In the previous post, I had written that the ‘anti-halo’ effect is what occurs when people have negative feelings about someone or something in areas other than the one in which they failed. So how does this effect work and why does it not matter in countries such as India or Mexico? The very simple answer is that the ‘anti-halo’ effect, as far as systems of governance are concerned, require at least a semi-competent government to work. In countries such as India or Mexico, the government is seen as irredeemably corrupt, greedy and incompetent. However unlike communist Eastern European countries, the government does not have the capability to insinuate itself into the daily lives of its citizens. To quickly summarize.. the risk of ‘anti-halo’ effect is directly proportional to the degree of involvement by government in daily and private lives of its citizens.

Now let us talk about how the fairly positive view of Eastern Europeans about their governments in the late 1960s had turned to pervasive distrust, hatred and contempt by the early to mid- 1980s. Some Americans want to believe that it was due to their propaganda during the cold war, however this is bullshit because most people in those countries had never been to a western country or had heard much more than a few scraps of laughably bad propaganda on some radio stations. My point is that it takes far more than some dumb propaganda and pumping money into NGOs to so thoroughly discredit the central ideology of governments which had done a fairly acceptable job of improving the quality of life for their citizens. The cause of this rot deeper and, in a way, almost inevitable in any highly centralized system of governance.

While communist governments in Eastern Europe made many mistakes over the few decades of their existence, it is worthwhile to note that they did not make significantly more of them than contemporary western governments. The real difference between those two groups of nations is what happened afterwards. See.. most countries in Europe and North America pursued fairly socialistic in the first three decades after WW2. Even USA had tons of programs to improve levels of university education, home and car purchases etc between 1946 and 1973. Let us not forget all that money spend on everything from building infrastructure, military-industrial complex, space race etc. However the governments of western nations and Japan never had total control over society and mostly kept out of the personal lives of citizens.

This had two major consequences. Firstly, government fuckups and bad decisions never had the same systematic and deeply felt effects on society in the west that they had in communist east. It is not that government critters and bureaucrats in west were smarter or more competent than their counterparts in Eastern Europe, it is just that the former could not do anywhere near the damage the later could and often did. This is one of the major reasons why the east started to fall behind the west in many areas of emerging technologies. It is also why so many Eastern European countries feel like like they were built by unimaginative, stingy bureaucrats or why the production of cars, washing machines and televisions was given such low priority in Eastern Europe during that era. Also why the quality of most restaurants and other services was so poor in those countries. Then there is the issue of invading the personal lives of average people.

While western governments (especially in 1950s) were as socially conservative as their Eastern counterparts, they simply lacked the power to meddle into the personal lives of average people to the extent of their Eastern European counterparts. While the power of communist governments over private lives of the people did vary across countries (East Germany vs Yugoslavia) and even within countries (rural versus urban), it was always significantly more than in the west. It is not a coincidence that Eastern European countries had a noticeably lower rate of fertility than their western counterparts between the late 1940s to 1980s. This does not mean that people had less sex in those countries or had less vacation time. It was just that many of the decisions made by unaccountable bureaucrats and apparatchiks kept making the lives of majority in those countries pretty miserable and hopeless. Might write more about this in a future part of this series.

Getting back to the main focus of this post, let us now talk about how all of this is related to the cult of covid-19 fatally damaging the cult of ‘climate change’. The easiest way to permanently destroy and discredit the public image of a government, system or institution is to give it too much power. See.. all governments and institutions (public and private) throughout history have always been full of incompetent pompous parasites. Under most circumstances, this does not become a big issue since there the majority seldom get to experience the full force of their venal stupidity and incompetence. For a long time in the post-WW2 west, power was spread throughout enough antagonistic interests and institutions that no one person or institution could fuck up things for everybody. This has changed over past three decades as an increasingly homogenous and incestuous bunch of people who grew up in a few neighborhoods and went to certain universities have come to fill up and head the system and its institutions.

Under normal conditions, this would not have caused serious public problems for maybe a decade longer- but then COVID-19 intervened. All the dumb decisions (lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, denying early treatment, clumsy censoring of dissenters etc) and their very public inability to control the pandemic have exposed them as the conmen and conwomen they always were. But we don’t live in Mexico or India, where every non-retarded person understands that governments and institutions are full of incompetent thieves. Instead the west is run by systems and institutions who claim to power is intimately connected to their supposed ability and merit. The thing is.. they never had to backup those claims of “elite-ness” with actual performance in the face of a serious real challenge since WW2.

The COVID-19 pandemic, or more precisely its incredibly bad and persistent mishandling, has provided a very public window into their actual capabilities- which have been shown to be atrociously inadequate. This where the ‘anti-halo’ effect comes into the picture. Now everything else they touch, or decisions they make, will be viewed with the same degree of derision and disbelief as their clownishly incompetent response to COVID-19. In the next part of this series, I will try to go into more examples of how being the only center of power speeds the fall of any group, ideology or set of institutions.

What do you think? Comments?

The Current Response by Western Elites to COVID-19 is a Good Thing

January 3, 2022 6 comments

This post is a bit of an aside from the series I am currently working on, but as you will see- it runs almost parallel. The only reason for writing this post as a standalone has to do with the subject matter not neatly fitting within that series. Now let us talk about the peculiar title of this post which might suggest that I approve of how western elites are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Well.. that is technically true, but only because they are doing such an incredible job of repeatedly and thoroughly fucking things up. Some of you might think that it is ‘all part of a larger plan’ and ‘coordinated conspiracy’. While I certainly believe that elites constantly desire and plan to coordinate actions, real life evidence from past century suggests that they are simply too dumb, incompetent, greedy and treacherous to conspire themselves out of anything larger than a few small scale events for a short period of time.

And there is good reason for their dismal track record. As I have written in older posts, those who becomes elites in any society throughout history has largely been some combination of being born to the right parents or being present at right place at right time. Think of it as the fancy version of winning a lottery jackpot or receiving an unexpected inheritance. Sure.. you have to buy a lottery ticket to win one, but most who buy them will never win anything big. The biggest consequence of elite-hood being a function of luck is that most of them will not survive any significant challenge to the society they are leading. If you have read enough history, you will know that dynasties of all sorts (big and small) rise only to fall into obscurity within a generation or two. Which brings us the question: how do elites maintain their relative position and power for short periods of time if they are not competent?

The answer to that question requires us to first understand what kind of person seeks power in the first place. Once again, the answer is not flattering. To put it bluntly, the vast majority of elites throughout human history also happen to be good at scamming others in their own society into believing that they are smart, competent and deserving of their ill-gotten wealth and power. And here is the funny thing.. the vast majority of people will follow and worship charlatans as long as things are relatively OK and they are getting a large proportion of what was promised. That is why you will almost never see elite replacement occurring in an era of peace and relative prosperity. Even relatively brief episodes of adversity will not result in popular challenges to governing elites. It usually takes either serious long-term decay or external events beyond elite control to destroy their public image to point that people either stop following them or overthrow them in violent manner.

With that in mind, let us go further into one of the analogies I made in a previous post about the COVID-19 pandemic and WW1. In that one, I said that the military and civilian elite of European countries in pre-WW1 era had not faced a serious challenge for over two generations and therefore acted as if WW1 would unfold like one from 1870- but with better rifles, larger cannons and more trains. I can bet you a lot of money that almost none of them would have entered WW1 had they had known how things would turn out. I am always amused by conspiracy buffs talking about WW1 being part of some grand plan, because even a brief overview of the irreversible loss suffered by reigning elites in participating countries would then imply that most were either suicidal or stupid. But what does this have to do with my observation that ‘the current response by western elites to covid-19 pandemic is a good thing’.

As you might recall, in that post I said something about how shifts in public opinion caused by repeated non-performance kept accelerating over course of war to the point where even an semi-famous Italian journalist, Russian activist gadfly and German lance corporal were seen as vast improvements over the establishment status quo. I also mentioned something about how both sides in that war organized an almost endless series of premature celebrations after even small successes in their military campaign to promote the idea that final victory was around the corner. In my opinion, these dumb attempts at propaganda in the background on suffering and deprivation of both civilians and military personnel caused by WW1 was the single biggest factor that drove the increasing unwillingness of population to believe in their elites. And here is why.. by 1917, people on both sides had suffered so much that they knew even outright victory would not make them whole again.

Let us now compare this situation to what is occurring all over the west right now. Until a couple of months ago, the true believers could still pretend that vaccines prevented or reduced infection by, and spread of, COVID-19. But it is now unignorably obvious in each and every country which went down the path of high rates of vaccination with mRNA, that those vaccines have close to zero effectiveness against infection and upper respiratory symptoms. Sure.. they do reduce risk of hospitalization and death by (60-90% depending on age group etc)- but that is far less than what was originally and explicitly promised to the public by those idiots. Heck, even third doses cannot prevent upper respiratory involvement in people under 50- which is a pretty big depreciation from what was promised as recently as two months ago. At this stage, even true believers can no longer pretend that “breakthrough infections” are anything other than the norm. And there is whole issue of masks now failing very visibly.

Some of you might recall that I once wrote a post about why face masks are no better than talismans at preventing infections by airborne respiratory viruses and why making people wear them was an incredibly stupid idea. In the later, I wrote the following:

And there is the other big question.. what happens if COVID-19 does not disappear in spite of forced mask laws and shutdowns? The so-called “elites” have tried to sell these measures as a guaranteed pathway to eliminate the disease, but have they even considered how most people will react if the promised end to new infections does not occur, in spite of these measures. Who are they going to blame?

Turns out that I was always right on this issue also and now it is almost impossible to ignore that all those triple-vaxxed and face-masked people in blue cities are catching COVID-19 at same rates as all those deplorables in MAGA country. And it is not as if those stupid face-masks have worked elsewhere either. Vietnam has large outbreaks in past few months, as have South Korea, Australia, Germany and pretty much every country in western Europe and North America. In other words, they did not work anywhere. So how have the elites in those countries reacted. Comically.. by expanding mask mandates and instituting more ineffectual lockdowns. Oh, and lockdowns did not work in any country since COVID-19 spreads far more efficiently within a household than between households.

We are now close to second year mark for the COVID-19 pandemic and it is telling that all the disruptive, costly and ineffectual measures aimed at eradicating this virus have only prolonged the pandemic. In other words, the elites and their butt-boys aka bureaucrats have repeatedly and visibly failed in ways that are hard to ignore- even for the true believers. Did I mention that these morons are still acting as if was March 2020? Then there is the related issue of supply chain shortages, rampant inflation and staffing issues caused by useless positive tests which do not translate in serious illness. Let us not forget the ongoing disruption in schools and universities caused by the demands of unionized teachers and other assorted parasites. All of which brings us the issue of virtue display costs. See.. it is very easy to virtue signal and go along with the official narrative if the cost and loss from doing so is minimal or temporary.

Liberal morons will pay a few cents more for a burger or pay a bit more for a hybrid or electric car to show off their moral superiority. But even dumb liberals cannot accept disruptions to their lifestyle and leisure which exceed more than a few percent. And this is precisely what the endless vaccine mandates, mask mandates, school closures etc are doing. It also does not help that most zoom liberals have not seen an increase in their paycheck to cover all that inflation and supply chain issues. To make matters worse, their object of worship (liberal politicians, experts, MSM presstitutes, bureaucrats and talking heads) have visibly failed and appear totally incapable of halting the pandemic. I for one, find this situation quite amusing and hope that the western elite and their bureaucratic butt-boys maintain their current course and keep flailing around to prolong a crisis which is not real.

Nothing destroys public willingness to go along with system so thoroughly as watching its leaders and bureaucrats being reduced to flailing puppets being constantly battered by the waves and winds of reality. Popcorn anyone..

What do you think? Comments?

Cult of COVID-19 Has Fatally Damaged the Cult of Climate Change: 3

December 29, 2021 11 comments

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about how the populations in most countries which participated in WW1 were severely disillusioned by the contemporary elites who led them into that disastrous war. This led to a series of events resulting in an almost complete replacement of the previous bunch of elites and systems of governance, across multiple countries. In some countries, such as UK and France, these transitions were much less bloody than in others such as Russia and parts of the erstwhile Ottoman empire. The most important point of that post was that the loss of popular faith in previous set of elites and ideologies of governance etc was profound and irreversible. It goes without saying that many of the worldviews popular before WW1 also became associated with previous set of elites and governance systems, resulting in them becoming fringe and widely discredited. For a mild example, just have a look at how the popular perception of British aristocracy and class system changed after that war.

So, let us talk a bit more the ‘halo’ and ‘anti-halo’ effect. In case you are not familiar with the ‘halo’ effect, it is the tendency of people to ascribe positive impressions to a person, company, brand or product in areas other than their domain of relative success. For example: Apple still has a popular perception of producing innovative and quality products although they haven’t made anything innovative or of high quality in many years. The ‘anti-halo’ effect occurs when people have negative feelings about someone or something in areas other than the one in which they failed. For example: most people in West will automatically turn up their noses at anything manufactured in India even if the product in question is measurably better made than one in China. As you will soon see, the ‘anti-halo’ effect is very relevant to our discussion about how the cult of COVID-19 has fatally damaged the cult of “Climate Change”.

Now let us look at the events which led to the fall of communism in eastern Europe during late- 1980s and compare them to what is going on in West, today, with the official response to COVID-19. And yes, there is a connection between both and the cult of “Climate Change”. To understand what I am getting at, we have to first obtain a good idea of what living under communism in Eastern Europe was like- specifically when compared to neighboring Western European countries at the same time. I should preface this part by telling you that my analysis is not based on first-hand experience, but instead on based on close study of multiple personal accounts in addition to reading a lot about how people used to live in that era from multiple sources. And this is where we run into out first surprise, namely that the quality of life varied a lot in the Eastern block during the period between 1960 and 1989- not just across countries but within the same country over those years.

Take Romania as an example. Most people above a certain age who lived there during that era say that the period from mid-1960s to late-1970s was a good time, while the era after late-1970s was bleak and harsh. And yes, there are some very good reasons for that particular trajectory. Contrast that to people who lived in erstwhile Yugoslavia during that era who tend to have a generally favorably view of that period. The same is true to a lesser extent for those who lived in Hungary and the erstwhile country of Czechoslovakia. Even in Russia, the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with that era seems to depend a lot on where you lived and in which decade you were born. The very short version is that most people in in that part of world were not especially unhappy with their quality of life until the mid- to late- 1970s. But why not? Weren’t all those communist governments in Eastern European countries horrible, incompetent and tyrannical? Wasn’t everyone yearning to “break free”?

As it turns out, the answer to that question is much more complicated and nuanced than you realize. Let me begin this part of post by asking you a simple question: what percentage of people in Eastern Block countries were malnourished, inadequately clothed, living in poorly-built residences or lived with untreated diseases during the last decade of communism? More specifically, were the basic material conditions of people in those countries significantly worse than their equivalents in Western Europe at that same time? The honest answer is that basic living conditions of people in Eastern Europe were almost on par with those living in Western parts. Sure.. the stupid communist governments of that era never paid attention to popular demand for more cars, better TVs, more brand name clothes etc. Nor did they appreciate that making people stand in bread lines was a bad idea which would come to bite them in the rear later. But they did deliver on the essentials till the very end.

And this is one of the many things which makes the collapse of East European communist governments so hard to understand. Why did people just stop believing in a system which, for all its incompetencies, did deliver on the basics of a decent and humane existence in a pretty reliable and competent manner. I mean.. look.. communist governments of Eastern Europe consistently delivered a better living standard to all their citizens than countries such as India and even China can manage in 2021. That is a pretty impressive feat, especially since all those countries were ravaged by WW2 and often hard to start from close to scratch. But how is any of this relevant to the West failing right now, the cult of COVID-19 or the cult of “Climate Change’? Well, it comes down to mode of system failure.

See.. the wholesale elite replacements and systemic shifts in the aftermath of WW1 occurred due to great human immiseration and loss of life on a large scale during that conflict and were often quite violent by themselves. Contrast this to what occurred in years leading upto 1989 and afterwards in Eastern Europe. The elite replacements, system shifts and national divorces after 1989 were, by and large, fairly nonviolent- even if they caused some problems later down the line. The old order just imploded or was overwhelmed by the new one, without any large scale disruptions. I would not be surprised to see the upcoming implosion of West having far more similarity to what occurred in Eastern Europe after 1989 than what occurred on that same continent after WW1. In the next part of this series, I will go into how the ‘anti-halo’ effect played a very important role in collapse of columnist governments in Eastern Europe and how that same phenomenon is at work in imploding public trust in western governments and institutions in aftermath of their response to COVID-19 pandemic and how this will translate into open loss of public faith in cult of “Climate Change”.

What do you think? Comments?

Cult of COVID-19 Has Fatally Damaged the Cult of Climate Change: 2

December 25, 2021 15 comments

In the previous post of this series, I wrote about how the cult of COVID-19 is rapidly exposing the sheer incompetence and generic stupidity of so-called “elites” in predominantly western countries. While this exposure is becoming increasingly hard to ignore, few have yet openly connected it to the cult of climate change- specifically the very strong overlap between figures and institutions promoting both those cults, their most ardent followers (“liberals”), the lack of connection for their promoters with reality, the role of “believe in the science” within both cults and many other similarities between them. This massive overlap between the type of stupid shitheads who believe in both cults is not accidental, because the willingness to believe in both cults is driven by the same set of mental factors.

While the most obvious similarity between those who believe in both cults concerns their self-professed political orientation (“liberal”) and their wretched androgynous physiogamy, those are just two of the end points of a much larger worldview. A good starting point for dissecting this worldview is understand what these pathetic effeminate losers mean by “educated”. While the most straightforward understanding of that word would imply something along the lines of informed, well read, knowledgeable, discerning, discriminating or erudite, we can all see that is clearly not the case. Instead when a “liberal” says he or she is “educated”, it only means that they were “credentialed” at a “famous or relatively famous university” and have all the opinions, appearances and manners of those who are supposed to the “elite”. In other words, they went to the right finishing schools- which is appropriate since they are effeminate losers.

And to be quite honest, they are representative of every single “elite” in human history. The thing is.. who ends up as an “elite” in every political entity throughout human history always comes down to a combination of luck and probability. The problem with depending on luck and chance is that, sooner or later, you will run out of them. That is why dynasties of all types rise and fall, empires grow and shrink or sometimes just abruptly disappear. The “elite” of any given society are never representative of the smartest or most capable- just the ones who were lucky to be at the right place at right time or born to the right parents at the right time. But then, some of you might say, why do they often hold power for decades or more. Well.. it comes down to system inertia. As long as underlying circumstances don’t change too much and they don’t make any disastrous decisions, the population won’t replace them.

Which brings us to WW1 or why the wide-ranging social, economic and political changes which occurred in its aftermath were so profound and irreversible. But let us talk about how it started or more precisely, why so many of the “elite” of that era willingly walked into it. While saying that military leaders of western nations were clueless about how much technology and industry had advanced over the preceding four decades sounds like a good explanation- it does not explain why almost every single military and civilian “elite” in every major western country decided that such a war was a good idea. Sure.. we can partially blame that on four decades of relative peace in western Europe creating two generations of “elite” whose only experience with was was colonial expeditions against people in Africa and Asia without guns.

But there were a few semi-important small wars fought with modern weapons and tactics in the decade preceding WW1, so it is hard to believe that they were utterly clueless about how industrialized warfare would look. A much better understanding of why the vast majority of contemporary western “elite” jumped into WW1 can obtained when you start reading up on how those in high positions in society and armed forces obtained their jobs and promotions. To put it bluntly, the vast majority of those who ended up in “elite” positions during that era got there because of the accident of birth. So being born into “noble” families or rich parents, going to right schools and universities, having the right friends and manners were the main requirements for getting “elite” jobs or positions. Just like today..

Consequently almost everybody in “elite” positions at the outbreak of WW1 (both civilian and military) were far more similar to each other than they would want to admit. Sure.. there were some merit- and capability- based people among their ranks, but they were the minority and even they found it was far more profitable to go along with the flow than against it. That is why ideas which appear ludicrous to us, in hindsight, such as the WW1 being short or based in traditional gallantry and courage were widely believed among the “elite” of that era. And we know how those beliefs panned out in reality. There are many hundreds of books about how disastrous WW1 turned out in reality, so let us focus on how the “elite” handled all of that bad news. Surely, all these “natural leaders of men” must have adjusted their strategies or come up with some clever solutions to the problems.. right?

Well.. surprisingly, they didn’t do anything like that. In the first few months, they pretended that each disastrous battle and military campaign was a fluke, which wouldn’t repeat itself because they learned their lessons. Next, they blamed their own soldiers for not having enough courage or found a minority who would make a good scapegoat (Armenian etc). When that failed and trench war became a grim reality, they refused to admit it and decided that all those trenches were temporary and therefore did not require any basic conveniences. When normal attempts at breakthroughs failed, they tried the first huge combined-arms advances at places like Verdun, Somme- which were good at killing hundreds of thousands of people and permanently scarring many more for the gain of a few meters of territory at the end. But it gets even more surreal, if you can believe it.

Not content with simply leading millions to their slaughter and scarring many more in each failed offensive, they kept promising the public that final victory was just around the corner. Read a bit about how both sides in that war organized an almost endless series of public events after even small successes in their campaign to promote the idea that final victory was around the corner. At the same time they did not pay much attention to all the collateral suffering caused by the war among civilians. While this was a bigger issue in the German and Austro-Hungarian Empire, let us be honest- it was not much better in countries such as UK and France. The end result is that the civilian population in every country involved in WW1 to any serious extent, slowly tuned out or stopped believing in the competence of their ruling “elites”. By the third year, the majority of people in participating countries including soldiers had stopped believing in their leaders- even if they didn’t say so openly.

While public opinion against the war exploded in countries which were run more badly, such as Russia, first- it became an increasing part of mainstream in every one of them by the fourth year. And still, the “elites” did not give a shit about public opinion. If anything, they doubled down and supported the widespread introduction of yet newer weapons to somehow force a final victory. After a series of campaigns and events, one side found it unstainable and decided to negotiate a surrender. But this occurred only after the conduct of the war had permanently damaged a lot of credibility for ruling classes in those countries. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself the following question- why did the political and social climate change so much even in countries which were on the “winning” side?

Why were Italians OK with a relative unknown such as Mussolini seizing power within a couple of years after the end of that war. Why were there so many governments in France between end of WW1 and 1940? What happened to the English Aristocracy after WW1? And these three were on the winning side. Look what happened to German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empire after WW1. Note that even the new countries formed from dissolution of those empires were very unstable and often led by people who were not from the additional “elite”. The point I am trying to make is people in many parts of the world affected by WW1 decided that their pre-WW1 “elites” who had led them into and through that disastrous was were unfit to rule them in the future- in any capacity.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you can replace every instance of WW1 with the war against COVID-19 and it will all still make sense. What we are seeing is a sclerotic generation of western elite” who has never faced even a semi-real challenge, repeatedly getting their ass handed to them by reality. It is even more darkly comic when you watch them pretend that everything is under and keep making outrageous claims (vaccines are effective against covid-19 infections and newer strains, “pandemic of unvaccinated”, masks are effective, ineffectual lockdowns to flatten the curve etc), pretending all is well (“children are resilient”, “remote learning works”, “testing can stop the spread” etc) and declaring premature victories which don’t stand up to their own standards (“vaccines are great” etc).

They keep doing this in spite of no progress on the infection control front and massive collateral damage (persistent high inflation, millions of small business destroyed, high rates of suicide, alcoholism and dug overdose among youth, disrupted schools and universities etc). And just like WW1, many institutions which were seen as more trustworthy than government have decided to shred their remaining credibility by going along with this monomania. For example: the FDA and much of the medical establishment still pretends that there are no effective drugs to keep infected people out of hospitals and that rates of adverse effects to vaccines are very low- which they aren’t. In the nest part of this series, I will show you the similarities between the events which led to the fall of communism in eastern Europe in late 1980s and what is going on in West with the official response to COVID-19.

What do you think? Comments?

Cult of COVID-19 Has Fatally Damaged the Cult of Climate Change: 1

December 22, 2021 14 comments

Regular readers will remember that I have written numerous posts exposing the mindset and some of the lies behind the cult of “anthropogenic climate change”. The cultists and grifters pushing that bullshit would like you to believe that almost everybody believes them, while it is clearly obvious that it is not the case. And here is how I know that.. see, if all those who claim to believe in “climate change” actually believed in that apocalyptic bullshit they would live in tiny squalid apartments without cars, air-conditioners, heating and subsist on beans and rice. But they don’t do that, do they? The biggest concession they are willing to make involves driving a hybrid SUV, purchasing a shitty Tesla and installing a few solar panels on their roofs. Their willingness to participate in that cult stops short of anything which would impinge of the material quality of their current lifestyle. The reasons those sub-humans.. I mean “liberals”.. pretend to believe in that shit is the same reason everyone in medieval Europe wanted to be seen an pious, regardless of how much they killed, stole and fornicated.

Which brings me the other, and much newer, liberal cult of COVID-19. Members of this new cult, henceforth referred to as branch covidians, have embraced useless face diapers at their sign of their faith and mRNA “jabs” as its sacrament. Even in the first few weeks of this pandemic (now endemic), I noticed a very strong overlap between the loudest proselytizers and believers of this wretched cult and those who pushed the scam of “global warming”. And for good reason, because the underlying mental pathologies necessary to believe in either of them are very similar. Let me start by listing the first obvious similarity between them, which is that they are both attempting to control something which is clearly beyond current human capabilities. If you actually knew how small and pathetic the entirety of human civilization is in the geological and climatological history of this planet, you too would be amused by any suggestion that humans can cause climate change of any worthwhile magnitude.

Similarly, if you knew how futile it was to try stopping a respiratory virus transmitted by aerosols by using vaccines that do not produce good mucosal immunity in addition to robust T-cell based response, you would also find it darkly comic. The simple fact is that, nothing short of an intra-nasal vaccine using attenuated strains of COVID-19 would achieve anything close to the degree and type of immunity which would stop that virus from spreading and becoming endemic. The second best option is to let it become endemic, while protecting the old and otherwise vulnerable with currently available leaky vaccines- which at best, reduce the risk of hospitalization and death. That way, people are exposed to it from childhood onwards and will develop immunity against it on repeated occasions throughout their life until it becomes another common coronavirus. In any case, given the very steep age-dependence for bad outcomes, it makes sense for most people to contract it and recover from it at least once before they become old. But this is only the preamble to understanding why the cult of COVID-19 has fatally damaged the cult of “climate change”.

Let us move on to the second similarity between both of these cults, and it follows on from both being especially attractive to low-fertility aging white “liberals” who are on their way out- if you know what I mean. See.. in their futile attempts to control the uncontrollable, they are making similar mistakes. The first mistake is they do not realize that they are on their way out and have far less influence than they had even a decade ago. To put it bluntly, the future of human civilization looks a lot a lot more brown, black and yellow- and it will occur in countries which are not in western Europe or clown countries such as Australia or Canada. This is probably the most important reason why any attempts at European retards to become “zero emission” and “green” are inconsequential. See.. they are an old and dying group who no longer make things and stuff necessary to run the world. If you don’t believe, just look at the country of manufacture for almost anything you use.

The rest of the world is a very different and diverse place, where people have very different worldviews and understandings of concepts such as risk and reward. People in countries such as China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle-East etc just don’t think like old and dying west Europeans. Actually, neither do people in Eastern Europe, Russia or Japan. And the thing is.. almost everything you use is made outside western Europe and “blue” parts of USA. Did I mention that the “liberal” European and American fraction of global economic activity (adjusted for prices) has shrunk dramatically over the past two decades and is unlikely to recover because demographics is destiny, just not in the way “liberals” want to imagine. See.. even if I don’t have kids, most of my many cousins have 2-3 kids and their equivalents in “liberal” dystopias of western Europe and north America have zero or one. Which brings me to the next point, namely what happens when it becomes publicly obvious that a group is failing in their projects.

One of the most important consequence of trying to tackle unsolvable problems with especially bad “solutions” is that the retards trying to do so fail, often repeatedly, in a very public manner. While this failure might be less talked about in the west, people in other parts of the world are less polite and charitable. At the beginning of this pandemic, most educated people outside west with any interaction to it already had a less than flattering view of western capabilities. Now they have seen the “liberal elite” of west act like incompetent idiots without any grasp of the situation and spouting lies in a manner that looks incredibly childish and stupid. Do you think somebody who lives in India, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan etc. Do you really think they are going they are now going to believe any of the “climate change” bullshit which is spouted out by the same bunch of morons who has demonstrated that they are incompetent and delusional? Would you? And there is more..

Some of you might have heard of globalist organizations such as WEF, WHO, UN etc. Given the sheer amount of incompetence, failed promises and general disconnect with reality- would you, as a non-retarded person living outside the west, believe anything which comes out their mouth? Most liberals don’t realize it yet, but western institutions from the globalist to national (AMA, AAP, CDC, FDA etc) have lost an incredible amount of public trust in past two years. Did I mention that this is on top of the general loss of trust in governmental and private sector entities which occurred after GFC of 2008. My point is that this crisis has irreversibly damaged a lot of credibility for western institutions in countries outside the west- and this matters because the west is getting senile, sclerotic and no longer controls technology. The west has no real leverage and whatever soft power influence they had is dying with each passing week.

In the next part, I will go into why western liberal elite are far stupider, short-sighted and incompetent than you realize- and why it matters for their continued reign in western countries. I will use the examples of post-WW1 Europe and post-1989 Eastern Europe to show you how supposedly long-lived and “strong” regimes collapse in an irreversible manner once enough people stop believing in their power. We are already seeing something like start to occur in this country, and it will be fun to see it progress.

What do you think? Comments?

How did Liberals Manage to Completely Lose their Sense of Humor ?

December 18, 2021 14 comments

One of the most obvious and glaring changes among “liberals” during, at least, the past 10 years in this country has been their loss of ability to laugh- especially at themselves. If first noticed this change sometime around 2006 or 2008, when losers who self-identified as liberals started to believe that shouting profanities and overacting was somehow the height of humor. Just think of all those “correspondent” interviews on the “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” to understand what I am talking about. You also saw this how talentless cunts with one routine such as Amy Schumer and similar comedians were suddenly celebrated as great comedians and pathbreakers. While comedy is by its very nature transgressive, it also has to be funny.

Think of the first episode of first season of ‘Chappelle’s Show’ which introduced us to the black white-supremacist character of Clayton Bigsby. That 10-minute clip has so many clever jokes (both overt and hidden) that it is still amazing how he managed to pack them in such a small skit. It also makes one of the cleverest critiques of racism I have ever seen. Now compare that skit and many others from that show with the unfunny and nauseating crap in almost any TV or cable show featuring heavily promoted women comedians during past decade- even the somewhat funny ones. Some of you might say that comparing Dave Chapelle to current crop of women comedians is unfair because he is so much better than anybody else.

Well.. ok, let us compare them to many other less famous male comedians who nonetheless are still much funnier than those atrocities. You might remember that I wrote a post about my thoughts on female comedians a few years ago. But here is something interesting for you to think about- since I wrote that piece the quality of women comedians has gone down so much that somebody as unfunny as Hannah Gadsby is now considered to be one of them. She is so atrociously bad at comedy that she makes Amy Schumer look like a comedy genius. Did I mention how cringy and unfunny SNL has become over the past decade? Or just look at recent movies which are labelled as comedies. How did they get so dumb and just.. incompetent?

I am sure many of you will blame it on SJWs and “wokeism”, and they do share some of the blame for the dismal state of affairs. But here is another question you should ask yourself- how do so many incompetent female comedians get an audience of any size? What about all those people who watch TV and cable shows (TBBT etc) that are full of dumb attempts at humor ? Clearly, the problem is much larger than SJWs and “woke” people in HR of NetFlix and Comedy Central. I think it has a lot to do with liberals pretending to each other that something or somebody is funny because they are expected to think so- not unlike how almost nobody wants to point out the obvious in The Emperor’s New Clothes.

I recently came across a clip from the reboot of “Sex and the City” in which the three old hags go to a stand-up comedy featuring a “non-binary” performer. Note how the mostly liberal audience reacts to an incredibly unfunny and cringe performance. You know what.. it is an accurate depiction of current liberal reality- even if it was unintentional.

What do you think? Comments?

Why do Liberals Like to Use their Kids as Props for Virtue Signaling?

December 13, 2021 9 comments

If you have been around long enough, you might have noticed an interesting shift in parenting patterns when correlated with professed political ideology. See.. even 30 years ago, only a very miniscule percentage of parents (irrespective of their political ideology) used their own kids as props for virtue signaling. This is not to say that such human trash was very rare, as we all know people who forced their bizarre ideologies and dietary fads on their children- often manifested as joining cults, practicing veganism etc. But this was still uncommon enough to raise eyebrows among the majority of population and was generally looked down upon.

Then something changed, starting about twenty years ago when the children of costal liberals started manifesting behaviors and embracing belief systems which were a bit too involved for their age. Some of you might vaguely remember how, about 15 years ago, we started hearing about how the weirdly-named children of celebrities were “discovering” their sexual orientation before reaching puberty. I always found it amusing how the parents of these kids were so certain about their children’s newfound sexual orientation, given everything we know about human brain grows and matures in children and adolescents.

Curiously, this occurred at around that same time when gay and lesbian rights finally became fashionable cause in liberal social circles- which was rather suspicious. To make matters more interesting, it occurred at around the same time that many celebrities and actresses suddenly discovered they were secretly lesbian, bisexual, pansexual or asexual. While some might say that this was because they were previously repressed by social norms or something like that, it is telling that this occurred mostly among B-grade and lower actresses or female models and female musicians past their prime. It is as if there was some link between their epiphany and wanting some attention or gaining some cultural relevance.

Then, after 2014 we saw another phenomena. A lot of mediocre actresses, musicians, internet celebrities and other assorted attention-whores suddenly discovered they were either trans- or very supportive of trans- rights. And almost immediately a lot of coastal liberals happened to discover that their children were secretly trans. Simultaneously, the number of liberals who touted having gay and lesbian kids went down at the same rate as “trans”, “queer”, “gender-fluid” and other BS went up. Given that sexual orientation is supposed to be biological, it is a bid odd that the number of gay and lesbian liberal kids went down at the same rate as the next generation of fashionable labels came into vogue.

And then COVID-19 came and these same liberal parent suddenly discovered their kids were “resilient”, were OK without normal in-person contact and “loved to wear face-masks”. Did I mention that just before the COVID pandemic, these same parents discovered their children loved “queer” stories told by mentally-unstable men in drag or YA books containing “kink” and extremely and stereotypically queer adolescent characters having sex with each other and adults. How many of you think it is a bit suspicious that the sexual orientation, core beliefs and worldview of the children of coastal liberals (and their flyover-country imitators) seem to magically mirror whatever trend is fashionable among the out-of-touch and incestuous liberal tastemakers in this country? Isn’t it all just a bit too convenient?

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Similarities Between the Aftermath of WW1 and COVID-19 Pandemic

December 5, 2021 6 comments

Many people think that the incredibly botched and authoritarian management of COVID-19 pandemic by western governments has no real precedent in modern world. However that is not correct, as there is very similar (but not obvious) example of severe simultaneous fuckups by multiple governments in the west just over a century ago- I am talking about WW1. As you will see, the similarities between conditions before and after that conflict are very instructive for anybody who wants to understand where the current mess is going to lead. In this post, we shall focus on what happened in aftermath of WW1 rather than conditions which led to it.

Most don’t realize it, but the aftermath of WW1 was in many ways far more consequential than what occurred after its sequel aka WW2. And why was that you might ask. For starters, the world which existed before WW1 was very different from that which came about after it. Remember that WW1, not WW2, ushered in the modern era. Let me remind you that prior to WW1, many parts of the world were ruled by actual kings or a bunch of highly inbred oligarchs in a way which would be completely unimaginable to us today. Entire nations which we take for granted nowadays, simply did not exist and the linguistic and ethnic composition of many regions in Europe was significantly different from what we think as “normal” today.

It is even more mind-blowing once you realize that many ethnic and linguistic boundaries changed by WW1, not to mention systems of governance, had been reasonably stable for at least 200 years prior to that war. So, why did this change occur after WW1? Why did so many people lose faith in the previous status quo, and so quickly? Was it predictable at that time? As you will see there is a central reason for all these major shifts, which is usually ignored nowdays. Sure.. technological changes and industrialization facilitated this massive shift, but it was not the driving force. This becomes even more obvious once you see that the aftermath of WW1 was a very tumultuous time, which led to its more famous sequel aka WW2. Now let us talk about the role played by mass disillusionment in all of this.

See.. it is very hard for a person living in 2021 to understand how people of adult age in 1914 saw war, let alone things such as ethnicity and nationalism. However, you glimpse something of it in historical accounts of the massive public enthusiasm for WW1 in almost all countries. Yes.. the vast majority of people in European countries that participated in WW1 were very enthusiastic about that war when it started. In fact, declining public popularity of leadership in Russia and Ottoman Empire was temporarily boosted by their entry into WW1. Everyone wanted to go to war because nobody thought it would last four years and cause the incredible toll, both human and material, it did.

In a few of my previous posts, I noted that empires such as the Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman were far more sclerotic and fragile than many people imagined. However this was not especially obvious at the beginning of the war since both the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires were fairly decentralized and relatively tolerant, in addition to being long-lived. So while it was obvious that both empires would ultimately fall apart or metamorphose into some type of confederation, they had at least two more decades of life left in them if WW1 had not occurred. Even the Russian Empire could have easily lasted for at least a decade longer if WW1 had not occurred, but it did.

So what caused these empires to collapse so thoroughly after WW1. The normie who has read a couple of books on this topic might claim that it was due to being on the losing side. Except that wasn’t the case. Confused? Let me explain. See.. Russia had to get out of war in late 1917 because of the February revolution which was caused by absolutely abysmal conditions on home front in addition to a number of disastrously defeats inflicted upon them by Germany. The more famous October revolution, which brought communists to power, did not occur until a few months later. To make a long story short, the whole old system (led by the Czar) had fucked up so badly in first 2.5 of war that most people wanted them gone even before the communists became popular.

In that respect, things went similarly in the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empire, where a series of very bad decisions made by the idiots in charge, multiple humiliating military defeats and deprivation inflicted upon their subjects during course of those four years made it basically impossible for them to hold together after WW1. Read a bit about how badly things went for Ottoman Empire in almost every theatre of WW1 other than those close to present-day Turkey. Or research how the Austro-Hungarian Army after late 1917 was basically finished as a fighting force. And things did not go any better for the countries on the other side of that conflict. Look at Italy, where the old post-unification leadership lost pretty much all of their credibility after the war was over. There is a reason why a journalist such as Mussolini was able to easily seize power after WW1.. and yes, I know that he was supported by industrialists who preferred fascism to communism.

Even UK and France experienced a very negative period in aftermath of WW1 even though they were technically on the victorious side. WW1 changed English society and destroyed the public justification for the aristocracy and class-based elitism in a manner which had never been seen in that country, since forever. Ya.. and they lost most of Ireland a few year later. After WW1, France went through dozens of governments within the next two decades in addition to considerable social and political instability. Let us not forget that Germany had far more profound effects on Germany beyond those caused by the ruinous demands for compensation by allies. There is a reason why people in that country would ultimately vote Hitler and the Nazis into power. And we haven’t even started about what occurred in newly formed countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine etc.

Thee is however a common thread which passes through all these massive and far-reaching changes across multiple countries and continents. Can you see it? Did you notice than in almost every country involved in WW1, the old order and system never came back in any form. People in almost every participating country were so done with the old order which had consistently failed them and destroyed their livelihoods while constantly lying about the who disaster that they went for leaders and ideologies which they would otherwise have never considered. There is a reason why the 1920s and 1930s saw the rose of people such as Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Franco and many more minor ones in Eastern Europe who were not as famous. Notice that almost none of leaders of post-WW1 European countries came from the old aristocracy or oligarchy- and now you know why.

Similarly, the ideologies of governance in 1920s and 1930s went far away from old based in aristocracy and incestuous oligarchies of yore. I am not saying the new ones were better than the old. It is just that the preceding ones had torched their credibility in a most spectacular and public manner and were therefore unsalvageable. So how did this relate to what is going on today in western countries? Well.. the ineffectual and delusional response to the pandemic by current systems of governance has effectively torched the credibility of their institutions- both formal and informal. Do you think, for example, that the public image of the CDC and FDA will ever recover from the massive self-inflicted damage of past two years?

What about mainstream corporate media and medical establishment pushing all sorts of lie and nonsense? What about those in medical establishment who was all this nonsense and still kept quiet? Do you think that ‘public health’ will ever recover its image and public credibility in foreseeable future? Will universities and schools in this country ever recover their image- which to be honest, was pretty poor even before the pandemic. The same is true for political parties.. especially those who claim to be “centrist”, “center-left” or “left”? If you still think that democrats are not going to be pummeled in 2022 and 2024 elections, I have a bridge to sell you. The loss of legitimacy for political parties will be even more proud in European countries where even the “center-right” parties joined in the stupidity.

In my opinion, the only real question is what sort of leadership and ideology will replace the current one in western countries. The idiots pushing for more authoritarianism under the guise of “controlling COVID-19” are the same morons pushing for de-industrialization under guise of “combatting climate change”. It will an interesting next few years.

What do you think? Comments?

Response to COVID-19 Destroyed the Credibility of Social Democracy

November 30, 2021 15 comments

In the past few months and weeks, readers of you might have about increasingly tyrannical laws and regulations being passed in many European countries in their comically sad attempts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. I am not going to give you a long list of every stupid idea being proposed or already implemented in European countries since that list keeps on growing with very passing day. It is however important to recognize that nothing from very high rates of vaccination, dumb mask mandates, ill-thought curfews and lockdowns, vaccine passports and many other equally dumb ideas have had any effect on the rate of case increases seen throughout this autumn. Respiratory viruses.. you see.. are seasonal, even if bureaucrats are delusional enough to believe they can control them.

However this topic is not going to focus on the delusions of these bureaucrats. Instead we are going to talk about how the authoritarian and increasingly tyrannical actions of these morons have destroyed the credibility of center-left model of European “social democracy”. So let us start by first defining what this whole “social democracy” scam was about and why it seemed a good alternative to the American system. The modern version of what we refer to as “social democracy” in Europe became a thing as that continent was trying to recover in the aftermath of WW2. The underlying idea was simple and outwardly reasonable.. in exchange for lower material living standards and much greater governmental interference in everyday life than the more free-wheeling Americans, citizens of many west-European countries were promised universal and decent healthcare, free or inexpensive education, long paid vacations, good infrastructure and public services and a generous safety net.

While Americans typically associate such a system with Scandinavian countries, the reality is that almost every single west-European has (or had) some version of this- at least for the first four decades after WW2. However after 1991, for reasons that should be obvious, things started changing and all those benefits were pared back to the point where all that sacrifice and submission to government did not not translate into a more secure or better life for the median citizen of those countries. Sure.. it is probably still better to be poor in Germany and France than West Virginia or California- but not by as much as it used be in past. My point is that neoliberalism is as much a fact of life in western Europe as it in this country. However there is one big difference between this country and those in western Europe.

Remember when I said something about how “social democracy” requires paternalism and governmental interference. Turns out that all that governmental interference requires a lot of parasites’.. I mean.. bureaucrats. To make matters worse, as those government pared back their services for median citizen, they kept hiring more parasites.. I mean.. bureaucrats who had to find some way to justify their continued existence. This is why the patchwork of stupid laws and rules becomes worse with each passing year and nothing gets done on time. Have a look at how infrastructure projects in Germany are now routinely substandard, delayed in planning and execution in addition to being full of graft. This collapse of competence and ability to build and maintain things is especially obvious when you compare west European countries to Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, China.. and even India.

Many people think that this decline is linked to western European countries undergoing a slow demographic collapse, but the reality is much worse. What we are seeing is largely due to bureaucratic parasitism with adverse demographic trends being a distant secondary factor. If it was just demography, Japan would be in a much worse state than west European countries- but it is doing much better than them. But what does any of this have to do with how the botched response to COVID-19 pandemic in European countries destroying the credibility of “social democracy”. Well for starters, the incredible amount of bad and stupid decisions made without any real acknowledgement of failure by European bureaucrats shows that the main underlying justification for letting “credentialed experts” make decisions is based on the myth of competence. While it has become increasingly obvious over past two decades that they are incompetent, the sheer amount of fail (still ongoing) displayed by these parasites in response to the pandemic makes it impossible to ignore or look away.

How hard do you have to try to keep believing morons who consistently fucked up and made increasing outrageous lies to explain their failures. Takes a lot of effort to keep the faith in status quo, doesn’t it? But wait.. it gets worse. During the still ongoing process of trying to pretend they can affect the course of pandemic, they have shown their true authoritarian colors. From closing down national borders, interminable lockdowns, strict mask mandates, cancelling normal medical procedures, forcing mediocre vaccines which do not prevent transmission, implementing “vaccine passports”, suppressing freedom of speech and much more- these parasites have shown that they are authoritarian and incompetent, which is not a good combination. See.. people in this country and many other parts of world saw “social democracy” as a relatively good system because it did not screw up badly for many decades.

Sure.. the cracks were widening, the paint was peeling off and it was making weird noises- but most people still thought that European “social democracy” could be repaired. Now we know how it behaves under real stress and it is not a pretty sight. Not only is it not “social” but it is not even a “democracy”. Instead we are left with having to watch the ugly and putrid innards of a system which is nothing more than a way to ensure continued employment for corrupt, incompetent and authoritarian bug-men and bug-women. A system serving nobody except the very rich and the parasites employed by it. Suddenly all those dreams about how “social democracy” could provide good quality universal healthcare, good and inexpensive education, decent housing and other utilities at an affordable price.. not to mention a good social safety net appear hollow. Nor can “social democracy” provide the other things it promises such as freedom of speech, human rights or democracy. Think of COVID-19 as a strong flashlight which illuminated the hidden underlying dysfunction and rot in supposedly “good” systems.

What do you think? Comments?

What is Your Explanation for Delusional Behavior Shown by Liberals?

November 27, 2021 17 comments

Over the past few weeks, I wrote a six-part series of how western liberals have lost touch with physical reality to levels that would be comical if they were not also tragic. I have also written multiple posts about how current crop of western elites are also unusually out of touch with reality– and yes, there is some overlap between the two categories. To be clear, elites losing touch is nothing new and we have seen numerous examples of this phenomena over the past century, and it always ends the same way. While I have received numerous comments on the posts discussing those topics, too many of them are either reactive (to what was in the posts) or about something not related to the topic. So I have decided to devote a post specifically to get your theories, especially from lurkers, about why western elites are so comically out of touch with reality. You know my views, let me hear some more of your views.

I mean.. think about it. How did we reach a point where supposedly “educated” liberals openly say that biological sex is not real? Since when is cheering on teenage girls with obvious mental illnesses cutting off their tits and injecting themselves with testosterone a good idea?
Where do they get their bizarre and laughable ideas such as “land acknowledgements”, “safe spaces” and that whole Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) ideology? How can these morons confidently believe that warfare, slavery, genocide etc were somehow absent from non-white societies? Why did these innumerate idiots start believing that “man-made global warming” now rebranded as “anthropogenic climate change” was real? How can dumbfucks who don’t understand basic concepts of electric power grids such as base load, load following, peak demand, availability factor etc opine so confidently on economics and engineering feasibility of grids powered by solar cells and windmills?

How can people who lack even a basic understanding of chemistry, mining and fabrication tell us about how easy it is to build lithium battery packs on an industrial scale? Do these losers understand the hard physical realties which led to internal combustion engines displacing all other power sources for automobiles, ships and airplanes? Do the brain-dead cultists lionizing scammers like Elon Musk understand the economics of spacecraft launch or electric cars? More importantly, how come all these supposedly “highly educated” people don’t even have an undergrad level understanding of the subjects in which they claim expertise? How can these charlatans believe that face-masks with holes which are at least 10-20 times larger than an airborne virus stop them? How can people who have credentials pretend that vaccines which do not elicit local mucosal immune responses and secreted IgA antibodies prevent infection by, or spread of, a respiratory virus? Are you seeing a pattern of though and behavior?

Let me know what you think. Comments?

How Biden Could Still Save Democrats from a Massive Defeat in 2022

November 22, 2021 7 comments

By now, it is pretty obvious that the democratic party is headed for an unprecedented historic ass-kicking in 2022 elections. And you do not have to be some poll-obsessing political junkie to see the writing on wall for that party. More than a few of their non-delusional supporters have seen saying that for past few months. Chris Arnade recently wrote a short, but broad article about it in the past few days. Other like Taibbi, have also written about the ongoing political realignment. Even the democratic-shilling cohost of Breaking Points show, Krystal Ball, nowadays has almost one segment a day where she admits that democrats are screwed for 2022 and maybe even 2024. I can think of at least a dozen more pro-democratic party (but not delusional) political twitter celebrities who make almost daily comments or jokes about how badly the democrats will lose in 2022. So could this outcome be changed, short of stealing.. I mean.. “fortifying” the election?

At this stage, things are so far gone that even I could not guarantee a win for democrats in 2022. However there are still some ways for Biden to reduce the margin of their upcoming defeat from catastrophic to meh. Of course, I do not for a minute believe that Biden has the mental presence to anything beyond what his puppeteers tell him. It does not help that they themselves are very disconnected from physical reality. And let us be honest, the people who run democratic party have gone down that path of solipsistic make-believe for at least past two decades, so reversing course is now basically impossible. Did I mention that their major supporters, aka the parasitic PMC class, are also equally disconnected from reality. But this is also why I am writing this post. See.. I want to show you, the readers, how disconnected the current democratic party is from anything resembling real politics and physical reality.

So here is are my Machiavellian recommendations for what Biden should do within next three months to reduce the monumental ass-kicking his party is about to receive in 2022.

1] The first order of business would be to fire, humiliate, investigate and imprison Fauci. It is no secret that this mountebank has used the past 18 months to raise his public profile and fame. To achieve this he has lied and confabulated to levels which are dangerous to the people employing him- aka the government. Then again, he did something similar during the AIDS crisis in 1980s but was unfortunately saved (ignored) from public disgrace by the arrival of effective anti-HIV drugs in early to mid 1990s which took the focus of attention away from him and the organization he was heading. His intimate connection to approving NIH and other grants for Gain-of-Function research on Coronaviruses in China does not help matters. Nor does his addiction to prolonging the crisis by going on any mainstream TV and news outlet who will still listen to him to spin more gloomy stories.

The unpleasant truth is Fauci will not stop until is systematically humiliated and discredited in a very public manner. It is therefore absolutely necessary that he along with his protegees and co-conspirators such as Francis Collins be discredited in a very public manner. Perhaps an “inquiry” implicating them in funding GOF research on coronaviruses in China by bending rules, lying about their role etc should be started immediately. While Biden is too brain-dead to understand this, only something as dramatic and satisfying such as public human sacrifices of Fauci, Collins etc can begin the process of repairing the relationship of democratic party with electorate. This is not about due process and fairness, it is about political expedience and making sure you still retain a decent chance of not getting crushed in next election.

2] Biden will also have to find ways of destroying the careers of many people now associated in public mind with pandemic restrictions, vaccine mandates etc. Some of the people who will have be sacrificed to appease the electorate include big names such as Rochelle Walensky, her proteges at the CDC and many people at FDA associated with approving currently available vaccines. This is necessary because she is now too associated in public minds with ineffectual measures such as face-masks and vaccine mandates. She was also a very big promoter of discredited ideas such as the vaccines being able to stop transmission and infection. Biden cannot hope to save his party in 2022 if that woman and her protegees are not removed from their post in a humiliating manner. Luckily she has made tons of false statements which can be used against her during any future inquiry.

Biden also has to ditch the people currently running the ineffectual COVID-19 response. Fair not not, democrats are too linked in public mind with people who want to keep “crisis” going forever and those who want to push vaccine mandates. This is about winning elections or at least not losing them badly. I should add that merely letting these people resign and fade away is not sufficient, as the electorate is too pissed off to be satisfied by anything short of humiliating inquiries, public firings and watching a few famous assholes getting wrecked. Biden, of course, is too stupid to organize a nun-shoot in a nunnery.. but if he wasn’t, this is what he should be doing. It is also necessary he publicly admit that he was systematically misled about vaccine efficacy, side-effects in youths and legality of vaccine mandates.

3] Biden has to make it known to democratic politicians in coastal cities that he will actively oppose any attempt by them to prolong the C19 “crisis” through measures such masking mandates, vaccine mandates etc. Any action which prolongs the appearance and feeling of “crisis” in those states will wreck the chances of democrats running in other parts of country. He also has to publicly distance the democratic party brand from public school teacher unions who were the major force being unnecessary year-long school closures and other unpopular bullshit like CRT and “Trans right” and “gender fluidity”. While publicly disowning teacher unions will be hard for democratic party, the option is much worse for their political future. In politics, it is always better to throw the most unpopular of your supporters to the mob rather than continue to be associated with them.

Democrats also have to prepared for the almost inevitable wave of death and disability in children caused by C19 vaccine mandates. They better have a viable plan to deal with the equally inevitable wave of tens of thousands of previously healthy people who were disabled or killed by currently approved C19 vaccines. They may not want to admit this, but both issues are going to be become much bigger public liabilities within next few months. Unless they have a very well though plan, the resulting extra public outrage caused by both will make things much worse than they are right now. My point is.. they better start making lists of scapegoats to blame for death and injury due to C19 vaccines, otherwise they are screwed.

4] Biden has to find a way of making sure that the various “green programs” in the various legislations being passed by democrats are killed or diluted to the level where they are totally meaningless. He has to also publicly dissociate himself from idiots who are pushing for such measures. See.. many voters like to pretend they are virtuous environmentalists until the cost of filling up their cars and SUVs or heat their houses goes up by more than a few bucks. Given the problems of unprecedented inflation, supply chain “issues and association of democratic party with environmentalism, voters will blame any serious increases in fuel prices, food prices etc with implementation of the so-called “green deal”. Biden would do much better if he went around the country expressing his love for coal miners, approving every oil and gas project he can find and going after hedge funds who are promising to divest from fossil fuels.

The thing is.. a lot of people in this country make a decent living working in the Oil and Gas industry. Pushing idiotic ideas such as “green deal” will convert all of them into determined single-issue voters who will vote for Republicans. Did I mention that many non-whites in certain swing states work in those industries? Many of these non-whites won’t forget how their jobs and small business were sacrificed due to government restrictions to save members of ‘Zoom’ class from inconvenience during pandemic. Perhaps those hundreds of billions allotted for the stupid “green deal” would be better spent on compensating those who lost their jobs and small businesses during past 18 months. It is about winning elections or not losing them too badly. Of course, Biden is too brain-dead to do any of this and his handers are too busy complimenting each other on the smell of their farts to appreciate reality.

What do you think? Comments?

The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 6

November 18, 2021 3 comments

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how the current obsession of western liberals with climate change, environmentalism and “green energy” is one more example of the extent of their disconnect from physical reality. It never ceases to amuse how me how liberals who support “green energy” usually lack even a very basic idea about the many things which have to work properly for a modern electric grid to function. Consider, for example, the importance of stable and reliable baseload capacity in usable electrical grids. Or why load following plants and peaking power plants also have to very reliable and responsive. Now some of you might counter- what about countries which claim to be able to run for days without using backup coal powered plants? Well.. so why do they require those backup plants in the first place?

The simple fact is that other than hydroelectric power, currently available renewable energy sources are totally inadequate for providing baseload power. In other words, even if money was no issue “green” or “renewable” energy sources are incapable of supporting the energetic demands of a functional industrial civilization. The very fact that liberals cannot grasp the fact that majority of their electricity will never be “green” and “sustainable” tells you a lot about their level of connection with physical reality. But why stop there? What about the energy needed to build windmills and solar cells- down to the fraction needed to extract or make their physical building blocks? Is it “green” or “sustainable”? What about mining and processing the lanthanides used in electric motors? Is it “non-polluting”? Also, isn’t it ironic that the people who claim to “follow the science” are bereft of the ability to understand or apply it.

Liberals who constantly like to tell others that are worried about “climate change” are also mysteriously unable to calculate the amount of extra electric generation capacity necessary to power their results of their ill-thought decisions. Nor are they able to understand the second and third order consequences of not being able to fill up their car with fuel or energy within a minute. Ya.. that sort of “minor” stuff has all sorts of downstream effects. Or what happens if the electric grid goes down over a large part of country for more than a few hours. There is a reason why electric-powered trains are very competitive with diesel-engine counterparts but automobiles have not been since the early 1920s. But it gets worse. Did you know that crude refining which is used to produce gasoline and diesel also produces aviation fuel, heavy fuel oil for shipping, precursors for the chemical industry to make everything from plastics, paints, pesticides and medicines to the various synthetic robber used in automobile tires.

Now tell me something.. have you heard any of those western liberals who love to show their commitment to “environmentalism” talk about even a few of the issues we touched on in the first three paragraphs of this post? Have you heard any concrete and readily feasible solutions to the problems from any public figure pushing “green” energy in the past two decades? If not, why not? Surely.. any person who claims to even have a cursory understanding of the engineering necessary to run modern industrial civilization would see these issues. The very fact that liberals do not even mention them tells you that they are either deliberately ignoring them or, more disturbingly, lack the ability to understand them. Based on my interactions with self-anointed liberals, I believe that is almost exclusively the later. But how did I reach this particular conclusion? Well.. let me tell you.

In the past, I used to talk with liberals who claimed to be very interested in environmentalism and “green energy” to find out how much they actually knew about the central subject of their virtue display behavior. It quickly became obvious to me that the vast majority of liberals had basically no background in engineering or the hard sciences. However they all displayed a very strong certainty about their beliefs and were sure that “green energy” could replace fossil fuels and nuclear energy. In other words, their belief in environmentalism, “climate change”, “decarbonization”, “green energy” and electric cars is no different from belief in Christianity, Islam or Mormonism. But why is that so bad? The simple answer is as follow.. the vast majority of successful religions are not suicide cults, but belief in “climate change” is one.

To be honest, I am fine with liberals killing themselves in the name of “environmentalism” or any other cause. In fact, them removing themselves from the realm of existence would make the world a much better place for the rest of humanity. The problem is that these parasites are trying to make everybody else pay and suffer for their doomsday cult-type beliefs. Yes, you heard that right! They want to keep living in the style they have been accustomed to, but want others to sacrifice their jobs, livelihoods, standard of living and much more to make them feel warm and fuzzy about their religious beliefs. In the next part, I will go into why these parasites think they can get away with it.. and yes, it comes down to magical thinking.

What do you think? Comments?

The Diminishing Contact of Western Liberals with Physical Reality: 5

November 13, 2021 7 comments

In the previous part of this series, I wrote about how the detachment of liberals from physical reality manifests itself in ways that are often hard to believe for a rational person. We recently saw how democratic party reacted to it losing a state governorship and barely retaining other after an almost 15% vote swing in both states from 2020. Rather than trying to understand what factors were behind such a huge and rapid swing in VA and NJ (in addition to more local elections in other states) they immediately blamed it on “white supremacy” and “racist dog-whistles” by republicans. Which is comic, if you think about it.. as more than a few of those who voted republican in 2021 had voted for democrats in 2020.

Then again, reason has never been a strong point of liberals- especially in past two decades. In the previous post I also made the point that the lack of connection with physical reality in combination with the need to constantly display certain “fashionable” behaviors and opinions is a bad combination. One of the places where you see this in an especially comic way, is the way liberals talk about “climate change”. As some of you also know, I find that whole business of “manmade climate change” especially laughable since even a passing knowledge of geology and paleontology will show you that the climate has changed a lot over even the past 20,000 years- without any measurable human intervention. Did you, for example, know that the sea level was about 300-350 feet lower during the peak of last ice age?

Yes.. areas such as the entire Persian gulf, most of the shallow seas between large islands in Indonesia and Malaysia, a decent part of the North Sea between Europe and UK were above water during most of the last ice age? Also Florida and parts of Western and Southern India stretched much further into the water than they do at present. And these changes have kept occurring over multiple glacial cycles for at least the past 2-3 million years. So, why am I mentioning all of this? Well.. let us say that all the remaining ice on earth (almost all of it in Antarctica) melted over next few thousand years.. yes, it will take that long. Even then the global sea levels would rise by only a further 60-80 meters. I think we could easily relocate all major coastal cities over such a long period of time.

But why focus on such esoteric events when we find smaller but very noticeable shifts in the past 2-3 thousand years. Did you know that during the heyday of Roman Empire, the global climate was warmer than today? And we can say that because Romans could easily grow grape vines in Southern England during that era. In fact the fall of Roman Empire and many others around 4-5th century AD coincided with an episode of prolonged global cooling made worse by a couple of especially nasty volcanic eruptions which caused a few years of extreme cold and widespread crop failures. And then the climate again became warmer between 9th to the 13th century, became colder from 14th to 18th century and then became warmer since the 19th century. My point is that there is clear evidence of global climate cycles of varying durations in a period as small as the past 2-3 thousand years.

So.. what does any of this have to do with the disconnect of western liberals from reality? For starters, any person with even undergrad level knowledge of geology and paleontology will tell you that the earth has seen both incredibly large changes in climate and many types of long- and short- term cycles over the past 500-600 million years, to say nothing of the other four billion. It is therefore laughable to even suggest that human influence on long and short term trends of global climate are larger than a person taking a piss in an Olympic size swimming pool. And yet you will find no shortage of liberals clamoring about the dangers of “manmade climate change”. Furthermore, anybody who refuses to believe in this bullshit is “denier” (aka heretic) which is an odd choice of words for a group which claims to “follow the science”. Then again, all religions, ideologies and cults behave in the same manner regardless of which “good book” they follow or “god” they claim to worship.

Now let us talk about how this bullshit ideology manifests itself among western liberals. Have you noticed that tons of liberals with no background in the hard sciences or engineering (software engineering is not engineering) mindlessly repeat claims about how easy or trivial it would be to “decarbonize” the economy? These same idiots tell us that it is trivial to power everything by solar panels and windmills when any electrical engineer who is not totally nuts will tell you that running a electrical grid based on unstable sources of energy is incredibly stupid and dangerous. The idiots who confidently repeat talking points about windmills and solar panels lack even the most understanding of concepts such as the effect of maximum/ minimum output ratios on the viability of an energy source to produce electricity.

The very short version is that minimum output of windmills can be as low as 4% of their peak output over areas as large as a medium-sized European country. For solar panels, it changes by over 95% from sunrise to midday and then sunset, and battery farms which store billions of electricity units are both expensive to build and maintain as well as being fire hazards. Even a crash program to build hundreds new of nuclear power plants would take 2-3 decades to reach levels of electricity production to replace a good fraction of fuels used in automobiles. My point is that regardless of what you believe, “decarbonizing” the economy is not possible in western countries. To make matters more interesting, the rest of the world (specifically large and populous countries such as China, Indian, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Philippines have no interest or willingness in going down that route. Neither do Russia, most East-European countries or the Middle-East. The same is true for South and Central American countries and rest of world.

In other words, only the dying and withering countries of Western Europe and a few other inconsequential ones such as parts of Canada and New Zealand have any interest in cutting their own throats. Did I mention that, unlike in past decades, non-white countries no longer look up to these decrepit and increasingly irrelevant countries. In the next part I will go further into how the liberal belief in “manmade climate change” provides more evidence of their almost total disconnect from physical reality.

What do you think? Comments?