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Vintage Kanye West: “George Bush Doesnt Care About Black People”

April 25, 2018 3 comments

As many of you must have heard by now, Kanye West posted some tweets earlier today in which he expressed a measured degree of support for Donald Trump. As expected, every corporate media outlet and hordes of SJWs on twitter are trying to portray him as some sort of dangerous and unbalanced idiot. Then again, this would not be the first time the corporate media was upset about something Kanye West said about politics or politicians.

Here is the famous clip from 2005 where Kanye gives one probably the most succinct (and highly unexpected) analysis of the policies of Bush43 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Some of you might also remember that slavish corporate media outlets were highly critical of him at that time. Ironically, his televised comments went on to open the floodgates for widespread and open public criticism of the many failings of Bush43 administration.

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Indie Horror Movie Inspired By Elliot Rodger’s Killing Spree: Del Playa

August 9, 2015 3 comments

I recently came across some news articles about an upcoming indie horror movie whose storyline has more than a passing resemblance to the Elliot Rodger saga, something that I have previously written about on this blog- Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3. Anyway, to make to long story short- this upcoming film (directed by a UCSB alumn) is receiving a lot of hate on social media from SJWs and others white LIEbrals who are offended by a movie they have not seen.

Somehow these people believe that nobody should be allowed to make a movie in which a young guy in a west coastal setting decides to exact revenge on girls who repeatedly ignore his modest romantic/sexual advances. I am willing to bet that more than a simple majority of these same people were not offended by a movie that celebrate an american soldier killing over 100 people in Iraq. Ironically, the actions depicted in the later movie are a far better fit for the definition of unprovoked premeditated multiple homicide than those shown in the former. Says a lot about the nature of society in the USA, doesn’t it?

Anyway, here is the YouTube trailer for ‘Del Playa’, which also happens to be the name of a street in Isla Vista, CA.

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Offered Without Commentary: Sep 24, 2013

September 24, 2013 12 comments

We keep on hearing a lot of opinions about the famous/infamous dance by Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMA. But let us put that performance in some perspective. Here is a YouTube clip of the 10-year old winner of her category in some national dance competition.

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Riki Lindhome in Hell Baby: Shower Scene

August 7, 2013 16 comments

I am currently busy writing two or three long articles, so here is something to keep the readers engaged. This is one of more famous scene from the recently released movie Hell Baby. Riki is also one half of the comedy-folk duo “Garfunkel and Oates“.

The video clip is NSFW and she is very nude in it.

PornHub Link for those interested in it – Riki Lindhome in Hell Baby (2013)

Here are some screenshots from that clip..

Riki Lindhome in ‘Hell Baby’ : Topless – Topless Riki Lindhome from ‘Hell Baby’.

Riki Lindhome in ‘Hell Baby’ : Oiled and Topless – Oiled topless Riki Lindhome from ‘Hell Baby’.

Riki Lindhome in ‘Hell Baby’ : Oiled Frontal Nude – Oiled Frontal Riki Lindhome from ‘Hell Baby’.

Update 1: Also see screenshots of a recent nude scene by Kate Micucci in “Easy”.

Update 2: Screenshots of Riki Lindhome from ‘Under the Silver lake’ (2018).

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Babylon 5: Z’ha’dum goes Boom

October 12, 2012 5 comments

My favorite scene from this late-90s TV show is its season 3 cliffhanger.

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