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George Michael : Outside (1998)

December 25, 2016 Leave a comment

Multiple news outlets (link 1, link 2) are reporting that the well-known singer, songwriter and record producer George Michael died sometime today (or yesterday) at his home in UK. From what I have read so far, it seems that his death was unexpected and not due to a terminal illness.

While he had a long and quite successful career, his most universally known works (especially music videos) were produced between 1987 and 1999. He was also producing some pretty good stuff during the previous few years.

Here is what I consider to be his best music video- and I am guessing most of you know about the incident which inspired it.

And here is a pretty good virtual remake of that music video using GTA 5.

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Interesting 1970s Music Video: Michael Zager Band – Let’s All Chant

December 23, 2016 Leave a comment

A few weeks ago, I came across this.. well.. peculiar music video from the late 1970s. It seems that a fairly well-known music guy from that era named Michael Zager wrote the song in question. I am still not sure who was responsible for the accompanying music video.. but it is certainly interesting.

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An Interesting and Long Interview with Dick Morris on YouTube

December 3, 2016 Leave a comment

I recently came across a pretty good long-form interview with Dick Morris on YouTube. Just so that you know, this particular interview was recorded in early October this year. Also, I would strongly recommend that you see the whole interview- though it is almost an hour long.

To be clear, I do not agree with some of his more well-known ‘traditional’ ideas and beliefs- mainly based in american “exceptionalism”. However, it is also clear that he is far more connected to reality than many of the famous presstitues, big name talking heads and credentialed “experts” who seem to dominate the terminally declining industry of mainstream media.

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Accurate Assessment of Obama’s Legacy by Jimmy Dore on TYT

November 21, 2016 7 comments

Earlier today, I came across this short clip containing a very accurate assessment of Barack Obama’s true legacy on TYT. While most people on TYT are dangerously close to being democratic establishment shills, two of them (Jimmy Dore and Jordan Chariton) do stand out for being actual progressives who are willing to say what most journalists won’t even admit in private conversation.

In case you are wondering, Jimmy Dore is pointing out the obvious- that Obama is an empty neo-liberal suit who has repeatedly betrayed the people and causes he claimed to champion when running for office. Jimmy also correctly makes the connection that disappointment of voters under Obama for almost eight years (and his support for HRC) is linked to the rise and electoral success of people like Trump.

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Now Ironic YouTube Clip about Trump’s Chances of Winning Presidency

November 15, 2016 3 comments

I first came across this clip about three months ago. It was originally made after Trump won the republican nomination in July 2016. The skit (in the clip) is about one part of an ostensibly liberal person trying to make himself believe that Trump will definitely lose the election, while the other realizes that Trump has a pretty good chance of winning the presidency.

One of the funnier gags in this clip involves the main character’s computer screen displaying webpages from a variety of mainstream predicting an almost inevitable Clinton triumph or a Trump defeat. In the end, the character suffers a cognitive dissonance when he realizes that the election might be far closer than he wants to believe and that Trump actually has a pretty decent chance of winning the presidency.

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Good Investigative Documentary about John Podesta: Nov 6, 2016

November 6, 2016 2 comments

I recently came across a good documentary about John Podesta, a person whose name you might have heard (once again) in recent weeks because of WikiLeaks. As some of you might have heard, WikiLeaks has, over the last month, posted the entire contents of his gmail account on their site.

This particular trove of emails reveals a lot about the inner workings of politics in USA and provides insights on what was actually going on inside her election campaign. They contain information about a variety of topics ranging from the less than favorable opinions about HRC and her family among the people who work for them to evidence of quid-pro-quo arrangements between many corporations + foreign governments and the Clinton Foundation/ Family.

It is, however, likely that many of you do not know much about John Podesta (and his brother) beyond them being some big influence peddlers in Washington DC. This YouTube documentary will provide a better understanding of what John Podesta (and his brother) actually do and why they are so powerful and influential in DC. The documentary is especially good at providing a context for the information uncovered in those leaked emails.

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Interesting YouTube Channel: Jimi the Hobo

October 31, 2016 7 comments

I recently came across an interesting YouTube channel which, apparently, is a self-documentation of the life a homeless guy who lives in a car. I found this channel particularly interesting because it is a pretty good depiction of the extent of socio-economic insecurity for the majority of people in USA.

Link to Channel – Jimi the Hobo

It seems that this guy had a decent, if somewhat physically demanding, career that allowed him to enjoy a ‘middle-class’ lifestyle for decades. Then an accident, of some sort, made it impossible for him to continue in his previous career- even after recovery. Anyway, from there on things went downhill.

One of his other video clips might also be of special interest to many readers of this blog.

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