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Here is the Best and Most Realistic Review of “Cuties” (2020)

September 16, 2020 32 comments

Yesterday, I came across what is probably the best and most realistic review of the now infamous film on NetFlix aka “Cuties”. Here is the link to that post. The very short version of review, which you should read in full, is as follows: Far from being an Epstein-friendly film, it is actually a pretty good and realistic (if disturbing) portrayal of the world of pubescent girls with minimal parental supervision who are immersed in a world saturated by social media and full of female influencers whose only currency is their sexuality.

Amy’s cohort mainlines the validation they receive on Instagram. Their only currency is their budding sexuality, so they exploit it even though they’re mostly unaware of the effect it has. They twerk, shimmy, and pout because that’s what the adults do and it gets them the attention they crave. The girls’ dance troupe is preparing for a competition and Amy earns their respect by introducing even more provocative moves that she sees in, while not exactly a porn movie, the kind of pornified hip-hop video that has catapulted Cardi B to fame.

And let us be realistic.. Kim Kardashian became super-rich and a celebrity only after deliberately “leaking” a tape of her having sex with her then BF, Ray J, in 2007. And before her, that is also Paris Hilton became famous in 2004, in spite of already being the heiress of a large fortune. Or just look at Instagram, Twitch or even YouTube. Sex appeal sells.. the more blatant, the better. Do you really think that kids and adolescents don’t notice this as they grow up? Seriously?

What you see in “Cuties” or any of the numerous talent shows in this country featuring scantily clad clad girls is a natural consequence of two convergent trends seen in neoliberalism. Firstly, traditional stable but boring jobs and careers are rapidly disappearing. Secondly, being a celebrity can bring you a lot of fame and fortune in a very short time. Almost everybody wants a hit of that sweet.. sweet.. celebrity status and for young girls there is one easy way to achieve that end.

The film correctly points out that the current western model of “female empowerment” and “girl power”, in practice, is just as exploitative as the traditional patriarchal societies. It just pretends to be different and more “humanistic” than the later. I do agree that it didn’t help that NetFlix promoted this movie in a way guaranteed to get some free publicity by stoking public outrage. Anyway.. here is the director of “Cuties” saying something similar.

What do you think? Comments?