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Joe Biden is Displaying Very Obvious Symptoms of Senile Dementia

March 7, 2020 6 comments

As I mentioned in a recent post, any sane person who has been watching the very few, short and carefully stage-managed public appearances of Joe Biden cannot ignore that he is showing very obvious symptoms of early-stage senile dementia. While we could spend a lot of time speculating about why supposedly “smart” people such as Obama came up with the “brilliant” brainfart of anointing him as the establishment’s choice in the ongoing 2020 party presidential primary- that is best reserved for another post. Instead, let us talk about another aspect of this clusterfuck- one which I briefly wrote about in my previous post. As some of you might know, the Trump re-election campaign and Trump have now started hinting at Joe Biden’s rapidly diminishing mental capability. But more importantly an increasing number of people on the left have started focusing on it ever since Obummer tried to pull of a nomination coup. To make a long story short, Biden’s dementia is soon going to become a topic of public discussion regardless of whether spineless Bernie or his official surrogates raise that issue or not.

Take a look at this very recent clip from Joe Rogan’s show in which he openly says that Biden has senile dementia and is not fit to run for public office. Party zealots such as MikeCA should expect clips like these and weekly compilations of Biden’s so-called “gaffes” to start making the rounds on social media sites. I am sure that democratic party establishment will keep dismissing Biden’s neurological meltdowns as “gaffes” caused by his childhood stuttering issues. But it is obvious to average people watching them that Biden’s neurological issues are much worse than stuttering. I mean, the guy often does not know where he is, which office he is running for, mixes up his wife and sister, cannot often recall the name of the president he served under, can’t remember basic phrases from 4th grade civics curricula and the list goes on. Any other man of his age with his medical history and showing these symptoms would have been diagnosed with senile dementia a long time ago, but Joe Biden has a pretty good chance of being the democratic party nominee for president. Even Reagan didn’t start displaying noticeable symptoms until his second term.

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