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How Elliot Rodger Became the Archetypal ‘Incel’ Rampage Killer

May 23, 2018 39 comments

As some of you might know, today (May 23rd) is the fourth anniversary of Elliot Rodger’s killing spree in Isla Vista. Elliot was the inspiration for Alek Minassian’s recent infamous drive through Toronto- something I have written about recently (link 1, link 2). Those of you who frequent 4chan, 8chan and certain other parts of the internet must also be aware that Elliot Rodger has a pretty large and still growing name recognition in those regions- which is odd considering he killed himself immediately after committing that rampage killing. So how does a guy whose final body count did not even touch double digits become such a major cultural icon after his death? To make matters more interesting, Elliot Rodger was hardly the only ‘incel’ rampage killer in USA within the last decade.

As I have pointed out in a previous post, the majority of men who go on killing sprees in USA are either completely or functionally incel. And yes, I know about the few prominent exceptions such as Stephen Paddock and Omar Mateen. The vast majority of rampage killers in USA such as Seung-Hui Cho, Adam Lanza, Nikolas Cruz, James Holmes, Jared Loughner and Dimitrios Pagourtzis had abysmal luck with finding female companionship for years prior to their rampage. In fact, with the possible exception of men who went on killing rampages for religious reasons, almost every one had a history of sexual rejection from women. Yet for some reason, Elliot Rodger has had a far bigger cultural impact than men with many times his body count. But why?

Part of answer to that mystery is alluded to in the picture posted above. To refresh your memory, it is a screen shot from one of the YouTube videos he uploaded before his rampage in which he talks about the many reasons he was angry with women of his age and wanted to kill them. To make a long story short, he was a half-white/half-asian who was born into a rich family who was extremely unlucky with women through a combination of his shyness, his perceived non-white status and a family that pretty much ignored his emotional needs. But those videos were only a small part of what assured his posthumous and still growing fame.

The single biggest factor which has made Elliot Rodger famous, and the archetype for ‘incel’ rampage killer, was his long and very well written manifesto. In it, he describes in great detail the conditions and circumstances of his upbringing and environment that led him to do what he finally did. Do read it, if you have not done so already. It is that manifesto, more than any other thing, which made Elliot Rodger the cultural icon he has become since his death. And one more thing.. Elliot Rodger was perhaps the first rampage killer to methodically and explicitly make the connection between being consistently rejected by women and forced to be incel with his actions.

Elliot Rodger was the first self-identified incel rampage killer in our era, though Marc Lepine sorta said something similar in 1989. Of course, Marc Lepine suicide statement was much shorter than Elliot Rodger’s one hundred and eight thousand word production and the public internet did not exist in 1989. Furthermore, incel-dom was far less common in North America in 1989 than in 2014 or 2018. To put it another way, Elliot Rodger’ cultural impact is a combination of what he did and when he did it. And yes, I have written a few posts about him in the past (link 3, link 4, link 5). Curiously, most normies dismissed his manifesto at that time. The course of events, however, had other plans and his manifesto quickly became a staple of internet culture.

And that is the short version of how Elliot Rodger became a cultural icon of our era. You can try to mock him, ignore him, defame him.. and it won’t matter. The fact of the matter is that he has become far more famous and influential in death than he was in life. If it sounds like something one might say about a saint or religious figure, you are half-right because Elliot Rodger has sorta become the patron saint of incels. And just like other religious figures and martyrs from the past, those who have read his manifesto harbor a very different image of him from those who have not done so. To be clear, I am not suggesting that we will see a church of Elliot Rodger anytime soon, but the magnitude of cultural effect he has had is equally undeniable.

What do you think? Comments?

Thoughts on ‘Incels’ and Alleged Public Reactions Towards Them: 4

May 21, 2018 28 comments

In the previous post of this series, I made a point that the aftermath of WW1 created a lot of socio-economic instability in Europe which resulted in leaders like Lenin, Mussolini and Hitler (in addition to many other similar less famous ones) assuming power. But have you ever wondered how these men came to power in the first place? I mean.. who supported these leaders anyway? And what does any of this have to do with ‘incels’ in 2018?

As it turns out, a lot. To understand what I talking about, we have to first talk a bit about why WW1 (and WW2) were so different from any wars before them- not just in sheer scale but also their timing and impact on society. The ‘timing’ aspect of both WW1 and WW2 is often glossed over by most historians because the subject matter does not sell as many books or lectures as military descriptions of those wars. So why is their timing important anyway?

Well.. for starters, the era from 1880-1910 was marked by a very significant change in kind of jobs and livelihoods available to most men in European countries. While the industrial revolution might have begun decades earlier, it was not until the 1880s-1890s that it started to change the spectrum of jobs available to most men in those countries. We often forget that majority of ‘jobs’ in those countries were related to agriculture, as late as the 1870s- even in western Europe.

But what effect did this have on those affected by this transition? Some of you know part of the answer, which is birth of the modern labor movement. The other part is however less talked about. The short version is that the change of ‘jobs’ and livelihoods from farm to city resulted in a lot of social dislocation and growth of instability. A rapid increase in number of non-agricultural jobs during that era did however keep a lid on that problem, at least for the time being. And then WW1 started in 1914.

As many of you know, WW1 was the really the first large-scale war in which every major participant nation-state mobilized its citizenry and ended up instituting military conscription. By the end of that war, millions of soldiers on all sides had died or were permanently disabled. But even more problematically, many millions more came back to countries, societies and livelihoods which had ceased to exist. To put it another way, soldiers who returned ‘home’ after WW1 came back to communities and livelihoods which had changed beyond their ability to adapt.

It did not help that post-WW1 austerity type economic measures in many countries and the increased mechanization of work created tons of young and poor men without any real prospects for a better future. Now combine this with the visceral contempt many felt for all those old-fashioned regimes and social structures who were responsible for WW1. It does not take a genius to figure out that the massive young male precariat created by WW1 looked around for new leaders who could promise them a better future.

And this brings us why the October Revolution in 1917 allowed the Bolsheviks to displace the provincial government and all moderates. As you might have figured out by now, the Bolsheviks had far more wiling young men and weapons than their opponents. The sheer number of willing young men and weapons was also why the Bolsheviks won the almost 5-year long Russian Civil War in 1922. And yes, the civil war did resulted in the death of a few million people- but in the end the Bolsheviks won, Lenin assumed formal leadership and USSR was formed in 1923.

Let us now talk about how Mussolini came to power in Italy in 1922. For somebody who literally created the concept of Fascism, it is interesting that Mussolini started out as a socialist. While the many twists in his life until the end of WW1 are too numerous to document here, the relevant part is that he became a well-known populist leader towards end of WW1. It certainly helped that the previous government and system in Italy had lost public support because of its many failures during WW1, even though they came out on the “winning” side.

Long story short, Mussolini correctly assessed the extent of public dissatisfaction with the existing system and took steps to gain power culminating in the March on Rome in 1922. And yes, the core supporters who stood behind him and helped him seize power were young men who had come back ‘home’ after fighting in WW1. As you will see, young men who fought in WW1 and came back to a displaced existence without a decent future somehow always ended up supporting a leader (almost always an outsider) who would promise them a better future.

Which brings us to the issue of how Hitler came to power in Germany. As some of you know, post-WW1 Germany was a hot mess. For one, terms of the Treaty of Versailles had caused a series of massive economic problems in Germany. The lack of perceived public authority and impotence of successive governments in the Wiemar republic combined with their inability to do help all those young men who returned ‘home’ after WW1 had created a huge population of young men who wanted to overthrow the current system.

Again, to make a long story short, the absolutely dismal reputation of the Wiemar republic along with the massive economic stresses caused by the great depression made a person like Hitler look like a reasonable option to the German public in 1933. Of course, the core and most loyal supporters of Hitler came from the ranks of soldiers who had fought in WW1. It is therefore no surprise that all the organisations which enabled Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, such as the Sturmabteilung, Nazi Party, Schutzstaffel and their precursors such as the Freikorps, were almost exclusively made up of young veterans of WW1.

Will write more about how all this relates to the current status quo in the next part of this series. Here is a hint.. history may not repeat, but if often rhymes.

What do you think? Comments?

Thoughts on ‘Incels’ and Alleged Public Reactions Towards Them: 3

May 15, 2018 47 comments

In my previous and graph-heavy post in this series, I made a few inter-related points. Firstly, there has indeed been an unusually large increase in the percentage of young single men who report having no sexual partners each year within the last decade. Perhaps more importantly, this increase in incel-dom is largely confined to young single men, which leads us to the inevitable conclusion that young single women in same age group are likely sharing male partners (single or otherwise). It is also hard to overlook that this peculiar increase in rates of male incel-dom started at around the same time as the mainstreaming of internet dating and introduction of smartphones (starting mid- to late- 2000s).

Secondly, there is something interesting going on with the effect of race on rate of male incel-dom in USA. For starters, the rates of incel-dom in young non-white non-black (‘other’) men are almost twice those seen in their white or black counterparts. We do not see a similar pattern when comparing white, black and non-white non-black women. Why not? Also, do almost 40% of young non-white non-black single men have no sexual partner each year? Who are their female counterparts having sex with? Perhaps, it is therefore not surprising that the two poster boys of the so-called ‘incel’ rebellion (Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian) were neither white nor black?

Some of you might want to believe that this general and sustained increase in incel-dom among young men is a consequence of the decade-long financial crisis which started in 2008.. and there is some merit to the idea that young men with poorly paid and unstable jobs might not be seen as good candidates for marriage or long-term relationships. This should, however, theoretically not affect their suitability as sexual partners in casual or transient relationships. And yet it seems to! Curiously, the ongoing great financial crisis has not exhibited any worthwhile negative impact on the ability of young women to get laid. And this in an era where the percentage of young men and women in the workforce are almost identical.

The point I am trying to make is that the real rates of incel-dom in young men (living in North America) are significantly higher than those of women in their age group- in addition to being markedly higher that recent historical norms. While there is clearly a racial element in that non-white non-black men seem to be the most affected by this trend, there is clearly enough male sexlessness to go around. So.. what is going on? It is not as if society has suddenly become sexually conservative or number of venues for meeting potential sexual partners has gone down. In fact, the opposite is true and society today is less sexually conservative than before and number of venues (especially online) for meeting potential sexual partners has increased over previous ten years.

In the first part of this series, I made the point that conventional “common sense” attempts to address or solve this problem were guaranteed to be dangerous and highly counterproductive. I hope you are beginning to see why that would be so. For starters, the number and percentage of functionally incel young men in the population of USA is high enough that any attempt to identify or crack down on such men might be problematic.. to put it lightly. Making enemies out of over ten million young men is never a smart idea. But it gets worse.. much worse.

Many of you might have come across a number of articles, videos and podcasts (since Alex Minassian’s ride) which purport to highlight the “rampant misogyny”, “blatant sexism” and “open racism” prevalent in online ‘incel’ communities. Some of you might have also come across idiots.. I mean “experts” who suggest that we should “do something” about these incel “terrorists”. Well.. here is a newsflash for them. The aggregate of all online incel communities constitute an almost infinitesimally small percentage of young men who are functionally incel. Yes, you heard that right! Self identified incels account for less than 2% of those who are in that situation.

And this leads to two major problems with any attempts to address that issue. To understand what I am talking about next, let me ask you a simple question: how are the 98-99% of incels who are not part of the online incel scene coping with their loneliness? The simple, if unpleasant answer, to that question is that a combination of hoping against hope, online porn and then a gradual disengagement from society as it exists. It is important to note that regardless of their initial levels of hope they will end up disengaging from current social status quo. To be clear, I am not talking about MGTOW- at least its more well-known forms. I am talking about a scenario where a significant minority of men have no desire to maintain, let alone defend, the status quo.

But why does that matter? Won’t the almighty apparatus of modern nation states just keep on working. Well.. not quite. Large dynamic systems, such as modern societies and nations, are far more susceptible to the cumulative effects of slow-motion collapse from internal discontent than external aggression. To make a long explanation short, the ability of modern nation states to weather a host of inevitable and periodic external and internal problems is heavily linked to the willingness of its population to be cohesive and sacrifice for the “common good”. Such systems can remain reasonably functional only as long as enough people have faith in the ability of system to deliver a better future. As I have previously pointed out, the incel problem is way bigger and more widespread than idiots attempting to address it can imagine. In other words, it is not fixable within the current status quo and will only get worse with the passage of time.

If enough people lose faith, the system starts hollowing out from the inside and becomes exquisitely sensitive to internal and external problems. Many former state-communist regimes of eastern Europe collapsed quickly in the late 1980s and early 1990s because it became obvious to its common members that the system could not deliver on most of its promises. Conversely, the communist part regime in China is still going strong because it could deliver on most of its promises. Never forget that most people care far more about the delivery of material benefits, goods and services than lofty philosophical bullshit. And this is the second issue with any attempt to solve the incel problem.. the status quo is simply unwilling to deliver the necessary goods or services.

But what does any of this have to do with incels in north american societies? Well.. a lot. As I previously showed you, the sheer numbers and percentages of such men are far larger than counting the aggregate membership in some online communities would suggest. Also, every incel or mostly incel guy past their mid-20s is one more person who has no desire to prop up, let alone sacrifice for, the status quo. There is a reason so many male-centric movements from MRA, MGTOW, ‘Game’ and Jordan Peterson fanboys to all those online communities which outwardly have nothing to with incel-dom have flourished in the past ten years.

It does not take a genius to figure out that any political or social movement which succeeds in tapping into the desire of this substantial category of men to ‘see the world burn’ would be very likely cause irreversible destabilization of current status quo. If you think I am exaggerating, read a bit about how people like Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler etc got their core supporters. Here is a hint.. WW1 created a whole generation of poor, angry, frustrated and underemployed ex-soldiers in many countries. History may not repeat, but it often rhymes.

What do you think? Comments?

Thoughts on ‘Incels’ and Alleged Public Reactions Towards Them: 2

May 11, 2018 13 comments

I was trying to write another 1000-word article to continue onwards from the previous one in this series, when I came across a set of interesting graphical representations about the extent of involuntary celibacy in the 22-35 age group (non-married) in USA. Well.. it seems that the rates of incel-dom are a bit higher than most people would like to imagine, even in an age group who should under ideal conditions have the lowest percentage of incels. But that is not the most interesting part of these graphical representations..

Well.. have a look at the first one below. Notice anything peculiar? So why is the percentage of male incels almost twice that of female incels? And why is so high at over 14%? And why did they diverge so much starting sometime around 2007-2008? Does it also not suggest that non-incel women are sharing guys? I mean.. how else do you account for the peculiar gap between percentages for men and women? BTW, here is the original link for that graph.

Anyway, let us move on the next set of graph (below) which shows an even more interesting piece of information. Did you notice that percentage of incel females of ‘other’ races has kept on going down over the year to reach levels seen in ‘white’ and ‘black’ group? But wait.. why has the percentage of male ‘incels’ of other races increased to over 30%? and why did that trend start around 2007-2008? Here is the link to original source.

This data got me thinking and digging even deeper to find similar data. Thankfully, I did not have to dig too far. Have a look at a set of graphs (below) containing a more detailed analysis of incel-dom by race. Once again, you can see that about 40% of single men in the 22-35 age group who are neither ‘white’ nor black’ are functionally incel. Their female counterparts have pretty low rates of incel-dom, and are comparable to ‘white’ and ‘black’ women. In other words, a lot of ‘non-white’ and ‘non-black’ women are getting it on with ‘white’ and ‘black’ men. And here is the link to original source.

To be fair, none of this should come as a surprise to anybody who has spent time in certain parts of the internet or has walked around the nicer urban areas of coastal USA. I mean.. what is the ratio of white male- asian female couple to asian male- white female or really any female couples? I am, however curious to see how the data will look if you extend age range upto say.. 50- because by that age, the rates of incel-dom in white men will almost certainly increase to fairly significant percentages.

FYI, I will post the next text-heavy post in this series sometime in the next couple of days.

What do you think? Comments?

Thoughts on ‘Incels’ and Alleged Public Reactions Towards Them: 1

May 9, 2018 37 comments

Ever since the now famous van ride by Alek Minassian on April 23, 2018, I have been meaning to write a short series on the core factors which ultimately led him to improve on the body count of the ‘Supreme Gentleman’ aka Elliot Rodger. While Elliot Rodger’s YT videos and long manifesto did ensure his online fame and digital immortality in certain corners of the internet, they did not catch the attention of normies to the same level as Alek Minassian’s solitary FaceBook post. So what changed between 2014 and 2018 that the contents of one FaceBook post become far more famous than one long manifesto in addition to multiple YT videos from four years ago?

The answer to that question is a bit complicated and requires us to appreciate some concurrent socio-cultural changes which made that outcome possible. Elliot Rodger, in 2014, was the first widely known and unambiguous example of a guy going on a lethal rampage because he could not get laid. Note the use of adjective ‘unambiguous’ to qualify ‘example’. But why is that qualification important? Well.. in case you have not noticed, the vast majority of rampage killers are single men with usually non-existent sex lives. It is, therefore, possible to make the case that almost every contemporary rampage killer is also functionally incel. Think about that the next time you read about the next lethal rampage.

Anyway.. at that time, Elliot Rodger’s rampage was widely perceived as a one-off incident by most people. Moreover, his rampage occurred in the era before the use of large vehicles to run over down dozens of people became somewhat common during rampage killings in western countries. You see, for a long time too many idiots in western countries held the belief that rampage killings could not be carried out without access to guns, especially scary looking “assault” weapons. The universe, unfortunately, does not care about the human beliefs. As they say- where there is a will, there is a way. Also, history has repeatedly shown that there is no effective way to deter people who are willing to die for something they believe in.

And this brings us to the question of who ‘incels’ are and what defines them as a group. As I briefly touched on in my two previous posts about this incident (link 1, link 2) – a whole cottage industry of experts had materialized, seemingly out of thin air, to help provide clueless normies “authoritative expertise” on topics such as incel internet forums and the meaning of terms such as Chad, Stacy and Roastie (link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6 and link 7). To be honest, there is a certain perverse pleasure in watching clueless greedy morons pretending to “educate” even more clueless naive morons about a topic which neither can comprehend. Having said that, stupid and profit-driven attempts to “educate” the masses have a known tendency to make problems worse.

But what does any of this have to do with the current public fascination with ‘incels’? And why does the title of this post talk about alleged ‘public’ reactions towards them?

Let us start by trying to answer the first part of that question. Not surprisingly, it comes down to a combination human stupidity, false consciousness and insatiable greed or as I like to call it- normies being normies. The sad fact about human beings is that, as a species, they love gawking at uncommon things especially if it also makes them feel better about themselves. That is why traffic accidents attract tons of rubberneckers and why freak shows used to be so popular in less enlightened eras. Now combine that with capitalism’s tendency to keep on producing more of something as long as it keeps on making ever more profit.

It is therefore no surprise that corporate media outlets as well at the allegedly non-corporate parts of the internet are now full of tons of articles, video clips, podcasts and anything else which can be monetized about ‘incels’. If you do not believe me just google ,or duckduckgo, articles about ‘incels’. Searching YT or podcasts (sort by upload date) for media on that topic will reveal the same pattern. The vast majority of them are full of the same talking points, which are as follows: society does not owe men sex, incels are white terrorists, incels are misogynists, incels are a hate group and so on. A minority who want to be seen as contrarian peddle another set of talking points, such as: incels are a sign of liberal failure, incels could benefit from old-fashioned conservatism and other assorted recycled conservative crap.

It goes without saying that the biggest casualty in this rat race to monetize content about ‘incels’ is, as usual, objective analysis. Let me explain that point in some detail. Anything approaching objective analysis of this topic would have recognized that lack of non-solitary outlets for male sexual desire is an increasingly common issue in late capitalist societies.. and yes, it is linked to the widespread internalization of capitalist thinking by the masses. To make a long story short, internalization of capitalist concepts such as monetization of anything and everything including all human interactions creates the same distribution patterns in sex as it has done with income.

The socio-economic changes of late capitalism has created a rapidly growing underclass of men who are either totally incel, functionally incel or frequently incel. This phenomena is prevalent in late capitalist societies as different as Japan and USA. Interestingly, it is still largely absent in societies which have not internalized capitalist thinking such as Brazil and other Latin American countries. It is worthwhile to point out that the percentage of men who are incel, largely incel (poor or living in male-heavy locations) of functionally incel (not that attractive or rich) in late capitalist societies is far higher than most people realize. In other words, it is a far bigger problem than most people can imagine.

In the next part of this series, I will write about why conventional “common sense” attempts to address and solve this problem are incredibly counterproductive in addition to being dangerous.

What do you think? Comments?

Some More Thoughts on Alex Minassian and the Toronto Van Attack

May 2, 2018 24 comments

In my previous post on this topic, written the day after that incident, I made a few points about Alex Minassian (based on what we knew about him at that time) and wondered about the precise combination of factors which finally triggered him to run over and kill all those people. Since then, we have come to come to know a lot more about this individual such as the fact that he was somewhat autistic but ended up becoming a reasonably competent software developer. There are, however, many important questions which still remain to be answered.

1] What drove him to finally rent that van and drive over all those people on that particular day? Why did he not do it a few weeks or even few months ago? Clearly, there must have been some incident or combination of events in the days or weeks preceding his rampage which made him go from being just another incel who frequented online boards to a guy who killed at least ten people. Also, why did he not plan his attack to cause even more casualties, since there are far busier streets and sidewalks in Toronto.

2] Given his background in computers and apparently good understanding of the online world, why is his known online presence so sparse? Or did he use multiple aliases and profiles? Also, did he ever avail himself of the rather plentiful and fairly inexpensive opportunities for paid sex in Toronto? It would be very interesting to know if that was the case, because it seems that he did not do so (as far as we know, right now). But why not? Clearly, he must have been aware of the thousands of escorts in the GTA who freely advertise their services online. So did he or not?

3] Alek claimed in his last (and only) FaceBook post that his being an ‘incel’ was the only reason behind him running over and killing all those people. This claim has, in turn, started a media circus- especially in its clueless corporate outlets. Overnight, a whole cottage industry of “experts” are being paraded by corporate media outlets whose median audience member is over 65 years old. It is funny to watch idiots with less than zero understanding of the online ‘incel’ community, let alone the whole disenfranchised male-o-sphere, spout their utterly ridiculous claims on that part of the internet.

4] There is the whole issue of every lame-stream corporate media outlet publishing their versions of the how “society does not owe men sex”- a topic that I had written about in the past. To make a long story short, it seems that every mainstream dumbfuck.. I mean ‘journalist’ is writing virtually identical posts populated by the same cast of “experts” tying themselves in rhetorical knots to push out the same sound-bites (example 1, example 2 and example 3). Of course, these pathetic opinion pieces and “investigative reports” do nothing other than expose the cultural illiteracy and general disconnect of its writers and cast of “experts” from reality.

5] And this brings me to the next category of idiots spouting bullshit about the cause of this incident, you know.. CONservatives. Yes, idiots professing that ideology are also out in full force publishing their pathetic screeds about how traditional CONservative “values” could have prevented this incident. I have come across multiple blog posts about how something like this would have never occurred in a society with 1950-era values and mores. The fact that such societies only existed in 1950-era TV shows and the minds of simpletons delusional enough to believe that such shows represented reality is largely lost on CONservatives.

6] The views of self-proclaimed feminists, their “male allies” and SJWs (in general) on this incident are also equally detached from reality. They appear to have used the same basic template, which goes something like this.. insert incident for outrage here, women are oppressed, patriarchy is bad, men are scum/ irrelevant/ pathetic, some international theory, future is women and some filler bullshit. I have seen more creativity and originality in the movies of Michael Bay. Is it too much to expect them to exhibit some novelty and creativity in their screeds? Then again, they are shouting inside their own echo chamber..

By now you must have noticed an interesting meta- pattern running through all these news stories, “investigative” reports and angry screeds about Alek Minassian and incels in general. In case you haven’t, let me point out the fucking obvious. All these opinions, reports and screeds go to considerable lengths to avoid addressing the central stated reason behind his decision to run over and kill all those people. So.. do you believe that “low status”, “poor” and “weird” men deserve to have sex with women?

Answering this question truthfully is key to predicting what happens next. If you honestly believe that “society does not owe men sex” then you have to ponder on the implications of its corollary- that men experiencing such deprivation are unlikely to care about the continued stability or even existence of your society. While each dysfunctional and decaying society throughout human history has been unique in its own way, they have all shared one feature- namely, that a significant minority of its members have a less-than-zero investment in its continued existence. Ignoring such systemic problem can, at best, push back the expiry date of that society by a little bit. It does not, however, change the eventual outcome.

What do you think? Comments?

Some Initial Thoughts on Alex Minassian and the Toronto Van Attack

April 24, 2018 32 comments

Yesterday a guy known as Alex Minassian drove a rented van on the sidewalk along Yonge Street in Toronto, killing at least 10 people and injuring about 15 more. He later tried to get killed by confronting the cops. However Canadian cops are nowhere as trigger happy as the american counterparts and in the end he was arrested without incident. Since incidents such as these are rather unusual in Canada, it is worth looking into why an otherwise nondescript guy studying computer science at a local community college decided to do something usually associated with religious-inspired terrorism.

1] Let us talk about the first and most obvious question that came into the mind of many people when they first heard about this incident- namely, was he a Muslim? Well.. given his surname, it is almost certain he is Armenian. As some of you might know, Armenians are unabashedly and almost exclusively Christian with most of them being of the Armenian Apostolic branch of the Church. While you do infrequently come across Armenians who converted to religions other than Christianity, it is rather uncommon. So.. ya, the guy almost certainly did not run over all those people because some Saudi-born mullah told him to do so.

2] One of the less publicized and “newsworthy” part of this story is that he was taking courses related to IT and programming at a well-known local community college. It seems that he was even listed as the developer in more than one app, including one to locate parking spots in Toronto– and yes, I can see the irony. To be clear, the guy may have issues with being shy and withdrawn when growing up- but he most certainly has a higher than average intelligence. Also a new report which showed the house he lived in suggests that the guy (or his parents) were reasonably well off.

3] And this brings us to some news reports, which I first saw late yesterday, claiming that he had posted on Facebook just before the rampage about being an ‘incel’ and being inspired by Elliot Roger’s 2014 killing spree around Santa Barbara. As I have said in older posts (link 1, link 2, link 3), the ‘supreme gentleman’ probably had a far bigger cultural impact than many people are willing to believe. While I did initially consider such a connection sketchy and likely a prank perpetrated by the good people on 4chan and 8chan, the evidence stacking up since yesterday suggests that it was the likely reason for his rampage.

4] Which brings me to an interesting question about his likely motivations. You see.. prostitution in Canada, though technically not legal, is very widespread (especially in large metros), openly advertised, relatively inexpensive and fairly safe. The guy could easily have easily chosen between thousands of escorts, paid somewhere between 200-350 Canadian dollars per hour, and had satisfying sex with some pretty hot women. The question, then, is whether he availed himself of these services or not. The guy was clearly not dead broke and wanted female sexual companionship. So did he or did he not?

5] Another important question is whether he was looking for something between sexual companionship by the hour. I suspect that he wanted something beyond casual paid sex, specifically attention from and adoration by at least one woman he was fucking. While I personally do not understand the insipid and worthless ego boosts that some men seem to get from such bullshit, it still seems to be an issue for some men. I have always wondered if men with borderline autism or similar neuro-atypical stuff are especially prone to seek such validation from women.

6] The lack of a manifesto or some sort of public explanation by him is also a bit peculiar, especially since the guy was fairly proficient with computers. I mean.. he could have easily posted a written or video manifesto in a manner that would ensure its automatic release to a large audience a few hours after his rampage. So did he write or make a video about his motivations? What about postings to forums frequented by tech-savvy NEETs? Also what drove him to go on that rampage yesterday, rather than say the day before that or the previous month or previous year? In other words, what was the specific trigger for this rampage.

Will write more on this topic based on further revelations and reader responses.

What do you think? Comments?